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Beyond Silicon Beach: How LA County Is Banking On The Ocean For New Jobs

A new report says ocean jobs could generate more than $80 billion by 2023.

California May Finally Apologize For Japanese Internment Camps

State lawmakers are expected to approve a resolution that would atone for California's involvement in a dark chapter in American history.

Wind And Cold To Continue This Week In LA

Temperatures in some parts of the county could dip below freezing.

Say Meow To P-77, SoCal's Newest Mountain Lion

The two year-old female is in good health and is now one of 11 living mountain lions currently being tracked across SoCal.

Activist And Journalist Raul Ruiz Dies At 78. Remembering A Hero Of LA's Chicano Movement

Ruiz took iconic photos that captured the moments L.A. County Sheriff's deputies fired tear gas into the Silver Dollar Bar and Cafe in East L.A., killing L.A. Times journalist Ruben Salazar.

Long Beach's Coast Is Polluted. This Pile Of Gnarly Rocks Is Part Of The Reason

It's a wall! It's a reef! It's a wave killer! It's a trash magnet! It's about to (maybe) change.

You Asked Us How To Not Have Babies. We Have Some Answers

Everything you need to know about staying baby-free.

When You See A Shark Off SoCal's Coast... Who Ya Gonna Call?

Scientists need your help to track these big, goofy-looking fish.

Why The Watts Towers Are A Time Capsule For SoCal's Oceans

The landmark also doubles as a natural museum for marine life.

You Asked, We Answered: What Menstrual Product Should I Use?

Call them feminine hygiene products, collection methods or period protection, here are your options for menstrual management.

Dear LADYist: Are You There, God? It's Me, Menopause.

The only time you'll hear us say it's better to be late than early.

Your Guide To Finding An LGBTQ-Friendly Doctor In LA

Homophobia, and the fear of homophobia, can keep people from getting medical attention. Let us help you find an LGBTQ-affirming doctor.

Newport Beach Police Deploy A Podcast In The Hunt For A Suspected Killer

"We're not trying to do a trial by podcast," the host told us. "We're trying to run a manhunt."

LA Surfers Are Covered In Germs And Scientists Are Stoked To Study Them

Watch out surfers. The scientists are coming for ya.