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Coronavirus Tips: How (And Why) To Make Easy DIY Face Masks

Our reporter Sharon McNary takes you on a step-by-step of how to make a homemade mask and tells you why it's important to wear one.

Long Beach Wedding Chapel Offering $14 Marriage Ceremonies On Valentine's Day

Or you can have a same-day ceremony at county offices in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

LeBron Breaks Silence, New Murals, Lakers Lights: The Most LA Tributes To Kobe Bryant

As Los Angeles mourns the death of Kobe Bryant, memorials have taken on many shapes and forms. 

Fans Pay Tribute To Kobe Bryant Across Los Angeles In Wake Of Lakers Legend's Death

Photos capture the grief and shock of fans who came together to mourn the shocking death of the basketball legend in a helicopter crash Sunday morning.

More Than 40 SoCal Museums Are Offering Free Admission This Weekend. Here's A List

This Saturday marks the 15th annual "Museums Free-For-All," a day when venues you'd normally have to pay to see are open to the public, free of charge (it also serves as a reminder of the many places that are free year-round).

LA's First Sunset Of 2020 Was Beautiful, And Here Are The Photos To Prove It

If you were inside trying not to breathe in the polluted air, you may have missed it.

Stroll Down Memory Lane With Old-Timey Photos Of Rose Parades Past 

The roses! The fanfare! The beauty queens! And Kenny G playing saxophone on a float.

Here Are The Hottest, Coldest And Rainiest Christmases In Los Angeles History

This Christmas weather leaves a lot to be desired, but it could be (and has been) sooo much worse.

Winning Design Chosen For Reimagined, Revamped La Brea Tar Pits

Museum officials announced the plan they've chosen to give Los Angeles' La Brea Tar Pits a mammoth makeover.

Is It OK To Take Avocados And Other Fruits From Your Neighbor's Tree? LA's Favorite Question, Revisited

One of our colleagues asked if she should take avocados from her neighbor's tree. We decided to ask all of Los Angeles for the answer. 

A New Shuttle At Griffith Park Will Take You From The Zoo To The Observatory For Free

A new bus service traveling between attraction at Griffith Park is part of city officials' goal of providing car-free access to the massive park.

It Rained In L.A., And Everyone Reacted Exactly As You'd Expect 

We'll soon be saying goodbye to the first rainfall of the season. It was beautiful and frightening. Let's review the reactions. 

Fried Chicken, Traffic And 'Absolutely Nothing.' Here Are The Things Worth Waiting In Line For In LA, According To Readers

It started with a photo of a swing. And ended with 100-plus responses from some passionate people. 

Here's A List Of The Results From Yesterday's Elections In LA County

Sales tax, minimum wage, and city council seats were decided in some Southern California cities.

What You Need To Know For Tuesday's Elections in LA County

Sales tax, minimum wages, and more will be on the ballot. 

Is There Anything In LA That's Actually Worth Waiting In Line For?

Are lines an indication of something good to come, or are they all overrated? We want to hear your thoughts. 

Blue Line Loyalists Will Have A Chance To Own A Piece Of LA History For As Little As $5

Metro will auction its retired Blue Line signs so you can put a dollar value on your love of L.A. transportation.

Proposition 187 Made Immigration A Key Issue In California Politics. Tell Us What You Remember

It sparked protests, school walkouts, and changed California politics as we know it. 

Happy National Taco Day! Here's Your Guide To Finding The Most Interesting Tacos In Los Angeles

There are so many taco spots in L.A., but these places have caught our eye.

Here's What Your Fellow Angelenos Are Doing About Climate Change On A Scale Of NBD To Whoaaaa

Here are some neighbors taking climate change personally -- and taking healthy, manageable steps to do what they can.

You Don't Have To Personally Install Wind Turbines To Fight Climate Change. Tell Us About The Small Things You Do

Thinking about climate change is overwhelming, but what you personally do about it doesn't have to be.

If A Restaurant Adds A Surcharge, Do I Still Have To Tip?

A practice gaining traction at restaurants and businesses across Los Angeles is triggering discomfort, discord, and discussion among Angelenos.

7 Ways To Survive The First Day Of School, According To Los Angeles Teachers

Because we know the first day of school can be crazy.

Hey, LA Teachers: What Do You Wish Parents Knew Before The First Day Of School?

We just want to help you help others start the 2019-2020 school year as smoothly as possible.

How Are You Feeling After The Mass Shootings This Weekend? 

Over the weekend, two mass shootings resulted in the deaths of at least 31 people. We want to know how it's affected you.