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Pandemic's Economic Impact Hits LA Immigrants -- And Their Families Abroad

As more and more people lose their jobs, immigrants are faced with the challenge of paying their rent and buying food here in the U.S., or sending money back to their home countries. 

Community Health Clinics Are On The Frontlines, But The Pandemic Is Threatening To Wipe Them Out

Community health clinics have always provided health care to L.A.'s most vulnerable, but since the pandemic hit, they are facing financial struggles.

No One Is Safe From Getting COVID-19, But Will Everyone Get Equal Access To Care?

COVID-19 first showed up in L.A.'s wealthier communities, but lower-income communities may end up faring worse.

A Guide For Seniors On Coping In The Age Of Coronavirus

Here are some tips for surviving and thriving while stuck at home.

LA County Leaders Consider Alternatives To Jail For Sick, Vulnerable Inmates

Voters passed Measure R to change the criminal justice system. County leaders may beat them to it.

How Health Care Workers Are Meeting Homeless Patients Where They Live

USC healthcare workers hit the streets of L.A. County to meet patients where they live.

Controversial Immigration Policy Takes Effect; SoCal Community Health Clinics Are Ready

The updated public charge rule could scare away low-income immigrants from getting health care. But SoCal community clinics are prepping.

Newsom Pledges $250 Million To Combat Homelessness In LA

Homes that care for people who are mentally ill or otherwise at risk of becoming homeless are rapidly closing in L.A. County. Newsom says he'll invest to keep them open.

More Than Half Of LA County Inmates Who Are Mentally Ill Don't Need To Be in Jail, Study Finds

L.A.'s jails have become de facto mental health hospitals. But county leaders want to move more patients out.

Paying Out Of Pocket For Your LA Therapist? You're Not Alone

More and more insured Californians are having trouble getting mental health care, according to a new report.

From Prop 187 To Trump's 'Public Charge' Rule. Some Activists Worry History Is Repeating

Latino activists blamed the 1994 voter-passed initiative for the fate of a very sick boy in Orange County.

We Got The Snack Receipts For LA Rec And Park's After-School Programs -- It's Mostly Junk

Around half of L.A. Recreation and Parks snack purchases for aftercare don't meet federal nutrition guidelines or city standards, according to an LAist/KPCC investigation.

Why Californians With Severe Mental Illness Are Caught Cycling From Prison To The Streets

Our reporter spent ten months following the story of a young woman living with a severe mental illness.

Alyssa Jeong Perry, Community Health Reporter

I explore how Angelenos' well-being is affected by who they are and where they live. I report on health access and outcomes -- including environmental and mental health -- across L.A.'s diverse communities.

$13M Settlement Reached After Worker Is Injured At A Tesla Factory

The two sides came to a settlement late Friday. The injury occurred during a 2014 incident when the janitor was struck by a Tesla car at the Fremont plant, according to legal documents.

LAX Passenger Who Traveled With Measles Raises Concerns Of Possible Outbreak

The case of the LAX passenger, who was traveling from China, is the latest alarming development for a disease once thought to be eliminated in the U.S.

LA Immigrants Are Being Scared Away From The Health Care They Need

Fear and confusion over an update to an immigration policy has some residents thinking they need to drop their health coverage

Traditional Therapy Is Not How These Thomas Fire Survivors Are Dealing With Trauma

Wildfire victims can face psychological harm -- like PTSD and depression -- even if they didn't lose their home.

Where Traumatized Firefighters In The Field Go For Help

Fighting fires has been compared to the kind of stress that soldiers go through in warfare. A report found firefighters experience PTSD at rates similar to combat veterans.

Independent Investigation Ordered In Wake Of Scathing Report By State's Top Prison Psychiatrist

In one incident, a female psychiatric prisoner was neglected and pulled out her own eye. Then swallowed it.

LA County Gets More Power To Force Severely Mentally Ill Homeless Into Treatment

A new law will help force those with the most severe mental health issues to get treatment -- even if they don't want it.

More Expectant Moms Want An Alternative Birthing Experience. Hospitals Are Listening.

A new study found that more California women are thinking about delivery options that would get them out of a sterile hospital room.

Unaccompanied Minors Came To LA For Safety. Now They're Struggling For Peace Of Mind

Two Central American teenagers who journeyed to the U.S. alone share their mental health struggles after settling in Los Angeles.

How Healthy Is The Neighborhood You're Living In? This Website Helps You Find Out

Your health could depend a lot on where you live - at least in Los Angeles County.

These LA Pregnancy Centers Don't Have To Talk To You About Abortions

The greater Los Angeles area is home to 68 religious-based crisis pregnancy centers.

Why People On Food Stamps Won't Be Able To Use Their Benefits This Weekend

The state is shutting down operations for 24 hours starting 11 p.m. Saturday until 11 p.m. Sunday.