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'We Had Fantastic Grapes And No One To Eat Them': How A Venice Middle School Is Helping Its Neighbors

With students stuck at home, a school garden is shifting gears to provide for families in need.

California Lawmakers Extend Eviction Protections and Launch Program To Help With Unpaid Rent

The legislation meant to stop a tide of evictions comes just days before California's previous eviction protections were set to expire. 

LA County Extends Eviction Moratorium To End Of February And Boosts Protections For Renters

County leaders say more relief is needed to stop a "tsunami of evictions." 

Motel Dwellers Say They Were Forced Into Homelessness--So The Motel Could House Homeless People

LA County has delayed the purchase of its 10th 'HomeKey' to deal with the claims of displacement at the Studio 6 motel. 

ACLU Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Harassment And Unsafe Conditions At Emergency Homeless Shelters in OC

The list of allegations includes unsanitary living conditions, coercive policies and abuse by homeless shelter employees.

Occupations, Forced Removals, Arrests in El Sereno: The Fight Over 'Reclaiming' Vacant Homes

Over the past few days, California Highway Patrol officers removed activists occupying empty Caltrans-owned homes in El Sereno. The actions were part of a larger effort to "reclaim" vacant properties for the region's homeless population.

Where Unhoused People Saw Freedom, Their Venice Neighbors Saw A 'War Zone'

After months of pressure from homeowners, the city decided to offer motel vouchers to about 100 unhoused angelenos camped in tents along Penmar Golf Course. But it's unclear if this will be a long-term solution for anyone.

What's It Like To Watch The World Series From Dodger Stadium's Parking Lot?

Attendees say it's the closest thing to the ballpark experience that COVID-19 will allow.

Photos: In A Different Kind of Protest, Hundreds Clean Up South LA Streets 

"I asked everyone what group they were with and they said 'We're here with L.A., volunteering.'"

Meet The NASA Engineer Fighting For His Uighur Homeland In China

As Coronavirus spreads across the globe, Uighur exiles worry about family and friends inside Xinjiang's detention camps.

Here's How LA's Armenian Community Is Remembering The Genocide During Coronavirus 

Instead of attending marches and public events, Armenian Americans will mark the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by donating to charity and tuning in to virtual commemorations. 

California Churches Sue State And Counties Over Social-Distancing Orders

Three Southern California churches argue that social-distancing orders violate their First Amendment right to freedom of religion and assembly.

La Luz Del Mundo's 'Apostle' Leads His Church From Inside A Jail Cell

The Light of the World Church is the largest non-Catholic religious group in Mexico. But its leader has spent much of his life right here in Southern California, where he's currently behind bars.

Why The Criminal Case Against La Luz Del Mundo's Leader Got Dismissed (For Now)

A California appeals court tossed out the case on a technicality. It doesn't mean he's innocent, and it doesn't mean he's getting out. 

Former La Luz Del Mundo Member Alleges The Church Ran Child Sex Slavery Ring

The new case was filed on day of 'Holy Supper' celebration. Sochil Martin says she was groomed as a child, beaten, forced to work for no pay and raped hundreds of times over two decades.

Some Of LA's Filipino Catholics Call For An End To Duterte's Brutal Drug War

Despite his brutal drug war and attacks on Catholic Church leaders, 78 percent of Filipinos remain satisfied with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's performance. In L.A., Filipino American Catholics are divided.

Alhambra Revokes Approval For Condo Project At Worship Site After Outcry From Sikh Community

When the city's planning commission approved the project this summer, staff reports said the Sikh gurdwara was vacant. But it's actually a vibrant temple that has served Alhambra's Sikh community for 43 years.

A Hollywood Woman Is Suing LA's Catholic Archdiocese Under A New Child Abuse Law

The suit is thought to be the first filed against the archdiocese using California's recently passed Child Victims Act.

LA Archbishop Jose Gomez Elected As First Latino President Of US Bishops' Conference

Gomez is seen as a bridge between conservative and liberal factions within the U.S. Catholic Church. 

SoCal's Kurds Rally To Save Their Radical Democratic Enclave in Northern Syria

Rojava is a radical attempt at stateless democracy, considered by its supporters as an alternative to global capitalism, and held up by some as an extraordinary example of self-governance.

Nazi Salutes, Beer Cup Swastikas. How OC Schools Are Responding To Hate On Campus

Orange County high schools keep making headlines for hate. This month, it was racist taunts at a San Clemente High School football game. Last month, it was Nazi salutes by students from Pacifica High in Garden Grove. And in March, it was a swastika formed out of red plastic cups and Nazi salutes at a party attended by Newport Harbor High School students.

More OC High Schoolers Caught On Video Doing Nazi Salutes

Students at Pacifica High School in Garden Grove shared disturbing footage on social media last year of students doing a Nazi salute and singing an old Nazi song. But school officials did not address the incident publicly until The Daily Beast published the video this week.

From 6-Year-Old Gunshot Victim To Activist: Remembering LA's Jewish Community Center Shooting

A white supremacist fired 70 rounds at the North Valley Jewish Community Center on Aug. 10, 1999. Twenty years later, as mass shootings have escalated, survivors and their families are at the forefront of the gun violence prevention movement.

Who's Visiting Immigrant Detainees At The Adelanto Detention Center?

Many detainees have no one here to turn to, so some are signing up for visits from volunteers -- just so they have someone to talk to.

Photos: The Diversity Among Catholics In LA Was On Full Display This Weekend

Across the L.A. Archdiocese, immigrant communities hold regular services in more than 40 languages. That diversity was on full display Saturday at the Archdiocese of LA's annual Celebration of Cultures Mass.

Aaron Schrank, Religion Reporter

I help Angelenos understand the role religion plays in their daily lives and the lives of their neighbors.

La Luz Del Mundo's 'Apostle' Faces Sexual Abuse Charges. Here's Why That Has Rattled Many In LA

La Luz is the largest evangelical church in Mexico and the second largest religious body after the Roman Catholic Church. It has branches and followers here in L.A.

What Does It Mean To Be Armenian? Among LA's Diaspora, An Ongoing Search For Identity

Southern California has the largest Armenian population outside of Armenia or Moscow. But 'Armenian-ness' means different things to different generations.

Attorney General Launches Statewide Investigation Into Catholic Dioceses Handling of Sex Abuse Cases

The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the largest Catholic jurisdiction in the country, is among those that received letters this week.

On Remembrance Day, Holocaust Survivor In LA Says Anti-Semitism Today In US Is Frightening

This year's commemoration comes on the heels of two U.S. attacks on synagogues and an uptick in violence targeting religious communities around the world.

How People In LA Are Helping Elect A Prime Minister In India

Popular but polarizing Narendra Modi is up for reelection -- and thousands of Southern Californians want to make sure he wins.

Nation of Islam Leader Says Nipsey Hussle Was 'A Prophetic Voice'

It was an impassioned moment in the spotlight for Farrakhan, a controversial and complicated figure.

Indian Expats Are Leaving SoCal To Find A Better Life -- In India

Mani Karthik is helping expats on H-1B visas ditch their stalled California dreams for a life of less limbo.

Helping Asylum Seekers In LA Live Life After Torture

Coming to America can be a very disorienting journey. "It's almost like a Star Trek episode," said clinical director Carol Gomez. "You kind of beam yourself over to another country and all of the molecules settle."

Report Names 84 San Bernardino Priests Accused Of Sex Abuse

At a news conference in Ontario Thursday, attorneys demanded San Bernardino Bishop Gerald Barnes release the names of predatory priests and Church officials who hid their behavior.

Why One Small SoCal College Is At The Center Of The Israel Boycott Debate

Faculty at Pitzer College in Claremont want to suspend an Israel study abroad program, citing a concern over Palestinian rights.

LA Bishop Resigns After Accusations Of Misconduct With A Minor

The alleged actions took place in the 1990s, and the church has known about them since 2005.

Shrine To Vietnamese Lady of La Vang Is Coming To Orange County

It marks a milestone for the largest Vietnamese community outside of the homeland, including 100,000 Vietnamese Catholics.

LA Archdiocese Adds 54 Names To List Of Priests It Says Sexually Abused Children

As pressure grows for more disclosure, the archdiocese updates its list of abusive priests for the first time in 10 years.

Jewish Summer Camps Destroyed in Woolsey Fire

Kids and adults discovered their spiritual selves at camps in the Malibu mountains that burned over the weekend.

California's Attorney General Is Gathering Information From The Public On Catholic Church Sex Abuse

Under pressure to take action after his counterparts in other states moved ahead, Attorney General Xavier Becerra asked Californians who believe they've been victims of clergy abuse to submit complaints to his office.

Why Jews Are Targeted in 72 Percent Of Religious Hate Crimes In LA County

There were 101 religion-motivated hate crimes reported last year, 72 percent targeting the Jewish community.

How A SoCal Priest Preyed On Two Brothers And Destroyed An Immigrant Family

Legal advocates say local Catholic leaders routinely shuffled abusive priests into immigrant parishes around Los Angeles.

LA's Salvadoran Americans Celebrate St. Romero

Archbishop Oscar Romero has been the informal patron saint of El Salvador since his murder in 1980 -- but now it's official.

Camarillo Man Says A Priest Abused Him And He Wants California Catholic Bishops Held Accountable

A new lawsuit charges church leaders conspired to protect abusive priests, moving them around from church to church.

In LA, Muslims From China Watch And Worry As Homeland Crackdown Escalates

There are credible reports of mass detention, restrictions on religious expression, mass surveillance, DNA collection and control of movement and communication.

San Bernardino Diocese Will Release Name Of Every Priest Accused Of Sexual Abuse

San Bernardino's Catholic diocese plans to name names. A spokesman says of the victims: "Sometimes to see their abuser's name made public is beneficial in the healing process."

Why Some LA Jewish Millennials Are Walking Off Their 'Birthright Israel' Trips

Founded by an L.A. local, IfNotNow is a growing movement of young Jewish American progressives who want to end support for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.