Ryan Fonseca, News Producer

(Photo by Chava Sanchez/LAist)

Los Angeles likes to talk a lot about what we need to fix: crippling traffic, the worsening homelessness crisis, and our sometimes paradoxical relationship with nature. But despite all the talk, what's actually being done? And what's actually working? I explore how our civic leaders, experts and everyday citizens are addressing these problems and what that means for you.

I grew up all over Southern California, from the Ventura County coast to the High Desert to the San Fernando Valley. I earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from Cal State Northridge, where I now teach part-time. I interned for KPCC way back in 2012 and returned to help jumpstart LAist in 2018. I live in Pasadena with my wife and two incorrigible cats.

I love that I get to be curious for a living. Is there anything about life in SoCal that you're curious about? Ask me below.