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Podcasts The Academy Museum Podcast
Introducing The Academy Museum Podcast, from LAist Studios

Academy Awards soundbites 0:00

Harrison Ford: And the Oscar goes to...

Constance Wu: And the Oscar goes to...

Denzel Washington: And the Oscar goes to...

Halle Berry 0:05

I remember the overwhelming feeling that I knew I wouldn't win.

(Academy Awards soundbite)0:10

Russel Crowe: Halle Berry in Monster's Ball! (cheering and applause)

(Theme Music)

Jacqueline Stewart 0:15

The Academy Museum podcast is pulling back the curtain on the Academy Awards. Each episode will dive deep into the stories behind one noteworthy night at the Oscars.

Whoopi Goldberg 0:25

Ego wise, I would have liked to have been the first. I would have liked to have broken that ceiling.

Halle Berry 0:31

I have nothing else to do but joke about it, when the script truck didn't back up to my house and dump off all these great roles. For now, the Oscar winner.

(Academy Awards soundbite) 0:37

Liv Ullmann: Marlon Brando in The Godfather! (applause)

(Academy Awards soundbite) 0:39

Sacheen Littlefeather: ...the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry...Excuse me... - (sparse booing and cheers from audience)

Jacqueline Stewart 0:48

We'll be hearing from the people who lived it, and those who saw it all unfold.

Mo'Nique 0:52

The performance is on the screen. Y'all are making this now personal.

(Academy Awards sound bite). 0:57

Harrison Ford: ...Shakespeare in Love. (cheering and applause)

Scott Feinberg 1:02

Well, I think it goes back to the summer of '98 when Saving Private Ryan, really just was the talk of the world.

(Academy Awards soundbite) 1:10

Deborah Kerr: The Brave One, Robert Rich! (applause)

Randy Haberkamp 1:12

This is really good work. We should be giving these awards to these people and we should be crediting people accordingly. Dalton Trumbo clearly was involved.

America Ferrera 1:22

We reinforce with awards, acknowledgement, recognition, celebration - what is valuable and what is worthy.

Jacqueline Stewart 1:32

I'm Jacqueline Stewart, the host of the Academy Museum podcast. Season 1, "And the Oscar goes to..." is coming to your podcast feeds on March 25th.