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Episode 4
Help Me Post a Video
Episode 4: Sara, a pastor's daughter, considers risking her relationship with the people who are closest to her to pursue her dreams. Is it worth it? This is the story of a woman who cannot fully be herself because she feels an obligation to be the perfect Christian daughter. Snooze fans- go to and use code snooze16 for up to 16 free meals AND 3 free gifts! Support for this podcast is made possible by Gordon and Dona Crawford, who believe that quality journalism makes Los Angeles a better place to live.This program is made possible in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.

Megan Tan  00:01

So I have this dog. His name is Levi.

Megan Tan  00:05

[to Levi] Ohhh, don't sit down. [laughs] We're going for a walk. [door slams] [footsteps] One of his favorite things to do when we're going for a walk...

Megan Tan  00:14

[to her dog] What do you think? Any lizards?

Megan Tan  00:16 hunt for lizards. [Levi smelling] And the other day, we're out and about...

Megan Tan  00:22

[to Levi] Is that a lizard?

Megan Tan  00:24

...and a little lizard pops his little head out, sees Levi and then disappears. [Levi smelling] Levi, of course is a bit confused. He stared at this bush for a long...

Megan Tan  00:40

[to Levi] Come on.

Megan Tan  00:40


Megan Tan  00:40

[ding ding] Okay, are you recording on your end?

Marina Peña  00:45

Yes, I'm recording now.

Megan Tan  00:47

This little lizard moment made me think of a conversation that I had with Snooze squad producer, Marina Peña, who loves animals.

Marina Peña  00:57

[laughing] Sometimes even more than people, like I just look into their eyes. And I'm just like, Wow. Um, you and I are connecting right now. [laughing] [in background, Megan: Girl, that's special.]

Megan Tan  01:09

We talk about animals that camouflage, similar to this lizard that I saw with Levi, and how they do what humans do too.

Marina Peña  01:19

It's just easier to blend in with our environment, our surroundings. Try and, and make ourselves fit in.

Megan Tan  01:29

[theme music] Even when we're not supposed to. But what happens when blending in means you can't really be your truest self?

Sara Rosenbolt  01:42

[ringing] Hello?

Marina Peña  01:46

Hey, dude. How are you?

Sara Rosenbolt  01:47

Hey Marina. I'm good. Just got off work. [fade out]

Megan Tan  01:52

Well, that's when you give us a call!

Megan Tan  01:54

You're listening to Snooze, a show about things people put off, how they conquer them, but most importantly, how they conquer themselves. And I'm- Megan Tan. Let's go! [theme music out]

Megan Tan  02:24

[to Levi] Let's keep going. Come on! [kiss kiss] [break]

Marina Peña  02:31

Tell me what were you like as a kid? Uh, how would you describe yourself?

Sara Rosenbolt  02:36

I was a daddy's girl. So I would go to work with him every, all the time, and very funny. I would always be like the funny one in the family making everybody laugh and just be myself. My goofy self.

Megan Tan  02:49

Marina, tell me who this is.

Marina Peña 02:51

That right there is my friend Sara. She's one of the most kind hearted and selfless people I know. She's really close to her family, the oldest of four. And is always looking out for her siblings.

Megan Tan  03:04

When did you guys meet?

Marina Peña 03:05

I met Sara at the beginning of last year, and we've hung out a lot. We're both Argentinian. Sara and I really bonded over the fact that our dads are basically from the same place in Buenos Aires: Capital, as the portenos like to call it. But our dads are a little different. Mine is an accountant and Sara's is a restaurant owner and...

Marina Peña 03:30

[Sara's dad's church music, singing] [duck under] ...a pastor. He runs his own Christian church. Sara grew up attending her family's church every Sunday. She would hear her dad deliver sermons like these...

Marcelo  03:53

Hay una escritura muy conocida que nosotros la tenemos, pero en un momento estaba el profeta Elias con su, con su ayudante y estaban en guerra con Siria, Israel. [duck under]

Marina Peña 04:05 their entire congregation. [Marcelo continues speaking in background]

Megan Tan  04:12

And Marina, what's her dad like?

Marina Peña  04:14

He's very friendly and warm. Welcoming to everyone. Big personality. And very much someone who looks into your eyes and tries to understand you as a person. And Sara loves her dad and all the work that he does as a pastor. They're very close. So naturally, her faith became a huge part of who she is.

Sara Rosenbolt  04:36

I did go into that like teenage phase that I think everybody [laughs] goes through that, you know. You you're like start to question and you start talking back and all that, but after that, I realized that hey, you know, it's like, gotta get it together [Marina laughing] and snap out of it. But other than that, I mean, I always feel like church or the faith, what we grew up with, always kind of brought me back.

Marina Peña  05:02

It centered you?

Sara Rosenbolt  05:03

It centered me back to what I should be doing.

Marina Peña 05:06

[music: How Great is Our God (Sara and Dad)] Sara's dad provided a community for her through church. And he also introduced Sara to her love for music.

Sara Rosenbolt  05:16

And I remember, um my dad would play the guitar, and he'd be like, Sarita! and then I would come running up the stairs, it was like a bunch of stairs, and I would just stand there and start singing my heart out. That's always been like a big memory of mine. Him on the guitar, me singing and also, I remember this pretty vividly being in Argentina with my family. My dad got his guitar and he's like, Sarita! and everybody's like, Sarita, sing for us. So I started singing and I see my tias like crying and like things like that. Those are moments that I hold very close to my heart.

Marina Peña  05:56

So music brought Sara closer to her father, her community, and also memories from Argentina. It was a way for her to feel connected. And I totally get this because certain songs also bring me back to my family. [clip of Mercedes Sosa's Gracias A La Vida] Like the great Argentine folk singer, Mercedes Sosa, whose beautiful voice reminds me of the human rights protests my parents lived through. And my personal favorite... [clip of Luis Alberto Spinetta and Charly Garcia's Rezo Por Vos]

Marina Peña 06:52

Luis Alberto Spinetta y Charly Garcia, who many consider the founders of Argentine rock and remind me of the effervescent streets of Buenos Aires where my parents grew up. [music out]

Marina Peña 07:18

But despite Sara's closeness to her family, being an Argentine pastor's kid wasn't always easy.

Erick Galindo  07:25

[theme music] Snooze will be back after this commercial break. [break]

Erick Galindo  07:48

[theme music] Now, back to the show.

Sara Rosenbolt  07:52

I had to like be the example of others as well, which was a little tough, but

Marina Peña  07:56

The good kid.

Sara Rosenbolt  07:57

Yeah, I had to be the little holy kid. But [Marina and Sara laughing]

Marina Peña 08:01

All kidding aside, Sara easily puts others before herself. If she's on a tight deadline at work, and you call, she'll answer. She prays every morning before breakfast. And if you look at her bookshelf, it's full of Christian authors. Like Sara doesn't do anything wrong. But still, her dad wanted to protect her from bad influences. And sometimes, this made it difficult for Sara to be herself.

Sara Rosenbolt  08:30

He grew up in a very conservative church where there was like the girls wearing skirts, no makeup, no piercings, none of that. [piano music] As I was growing up, it was never an issue to wear jeans, and then it got to one point where um, I guess I was developing to a teenager you know, you start you start growing into a woman. I guess he started to feel a little insecure and he wanted to take away my jeans I remember, I remember this clear because it was like a tough time I was going through.

Marina Peña 08:58

Because jeans were shapely.

Sara Rosenbolt  09:01

Yeah, and you know guys, I guess it's like provoking, guys tend to look there. And I remember waking up and he had all my jeans like stacked up next to his bed. And I was just crying and like what are you doing? What what? Like it was like a radical change from one day to another. So I remember I had to wear skirts, and it was for a good while and I was like really sad. [music out] Eventually he he just gave 'em back but it was like things like that. Also like the worldly music he never wanted me to kind of like listen to it. He'd be okay like me watching Hannah Montana things like that, but

Marina  Peña 09:45

No Britney? [Britney Spears - Baby One More Time]

Sara Rosenbolt  09:51

Oh no. That's the devil. [Marina and Sara laughing] [piano music]

Sara Rosenbolt 09:59

Um, yeah, it was things like that growing up.

Marina Peña  10:02

Sara told me that as she was entering high school, her relationship with her dad got even more strained. So she found comfort in music. I think there's something in the lyrics of Adele's "All I Ask" that gave Sara the words to express the unhappiness she was feeling at the time. [Adele's "All I Ask"]

Sara Rosenbolt  10:24

This for all of you who are going through heartbreak. [laughs] [Adele: All I ask is... if this is my last night with you... hold me like you're more than just a friend...] [duck under]

Marina  Peña 10:36

Man, Adele will definitely help you get through hard times. Sara says that singing along to hits like these has served her well over the years. It's been her coping mechanism. It's been a way for her to channel her emotions into something beautiful. And for the longest time, she's always wanted to share that with others. [to Sara] You feel like you tap into another version of yourself when you're listening and singing uh non-Christian songs?

Sara Rosenbolt  11:08

In a sense, because when I'm listening to Christian music or singing it, you know, you're singing to God. And people, you know, the Christian people, they're not judging you, because that's what you're supposed to be singing. When I sing other music, I feel like I might be judged. But I feel like myself. [original music]

Marina Peña 11:33

Sara wants to be the good daughter, and set an example for her siblings, and church community. But she also wants to be a pop star. She wants to sing something other than a Christian song for her friends, for her family, and especially for her dad, so that they can get to know her, for her. [to Sara] First, you tell me what we're gonna do.

Sara Rosenbolt  12:01

Yeah, so it's very exciting, because it feels like we're finally getting stuff done with me. Something that I've been putting off for years. Um. Simply posting me singing. That's the goal.

Marina Peña 12:15

Of course, the first big step for anyone who wants to become a pop star is that first public performance. And Sara has decided to do hers on social media. [to Sara] It's not going to be a Christian song, right? It's gonna be a song that's of your liking that you choose.

Sara Rosenbolt  12:31

Yes, I feel like I can. Obviously I'm gonna sing Christian music as well, but um, I want it to be something that people can relate. And something that helped me push through and helped me to grow.

Marina  Peña 12:45

And so why have you not done it up until this point? What has been holding you back?

Sara Rosenbolt  12:51

Yeah, so obviously, the judgment factor. That's always been a big thing. What are they gonna say? [music out]

Marina Peña  12:59

I have a feeling that when Sara says, What are they gonna say? She's referring to the people in her church community, especially her dad.

Sara Rosenbolt  13:09

Yeah, of course, my dad too, because like I said, you're set to hold such an example. Like of a perfect child, that you're a little bit scared.

Marina  Peña 13:19

So what song are we going to sing? Do you have some ideas?

Sara Rosenbolt  13:24

Ah, my goodness.

Marina Peña  13:24

You're gonna sing. [laughing] I can't sing, so...

Sara Rosenbolt  13:26

You can help me! [more laughter] Um, I don't know, I want it, like I said, I want it to be something relatable. Uhhh, there's been so many songs that I just sing to and uh, I love but oh, my goodness. I can't I don't have like, a certain song yet.

Marina Peña  13:50

You haven't chosen it?

Sara Rosenbolt  13:51

Not yet. [music - Nightlife] I want to choose like the right one.

Marina  Peña 13:54

We're gonna work on that.

Sara Rosenbolt  13:55

Yeah, we're working on that. [laughing]

Marina Peña  13:56

It's time for Sara to stop with all the camouflaging and have her present herself on social media as Sara, just Sara. And the Snooze squad is going to be there for her every step of the way.

Marina Peña  14:11

[Zoom ring] Megan.

Megan Tan  14:14

Good morning, Sara.

Marina Peña  14:17


Erick Galindo  14:17


Marina Peña  14:20


Kyle Chang  14:21

Hey, Sara.

Marina Peña  14:22

We're going to help Sara record one of her favorite songs and post it on Instagram where the whole world can see, which might become a bit of an undertaking, because if you follow Sara, you know that she's never posted anything on IG before. [music out]

Erick Galindo  15:00

[theme music] Snooze will be back after this commercial break. [break]

Erick Galindo  15:06

[theme music] Now, back to the show.

Marina  Peña 15:19

When you type in Sara's handle into Instagram, you'll find a page that is blank. There are no posts. It's been blank for eight, long cobweb years. [to Sara] And you've never posted

Sara Rosenbolt  15:32


Marina Peña  15:33

anything on social media. [laughter from Marina and Sara] You're like one of my few friends who I see nothing.

Sara Rosenbolt  15:40

And I have great stuff to post. And you know!

Marina Peña  15:42

I know, you go all over the place like you went to Chicago

Sara Rosenbolt  15:45

I know!

Marina Peña  15:46

the other day. Yeah.

Sara Rosenbolt  15:47

It's so bad!

Marina Peña  15:48

So tell me like

Sara Rosenbolt  15:49

Oh my goodness!

Marina Peña  15:50

You never posted anything.

Sara Rosenbolt  15:51

No. I know.

Marina Peña  15:52

[laughs] But Sara's definitely on Instagram. She sends me reels and memes all the time. But she's more of a scroller and not a poster.

Sara Rosenbolt  16:02

Growing up obviously, we would look at Oh, who liked it, how many people liked it? Those kinds of things kind of like stayed.

Marina Peña  16:08

When I go to her page, above the emptiness are collections of stories, mainly from her gym life and travels. But there are no stories of her singing. Which reminds me that she's not showing her friends and family who she really is. [music: Sun Through the Clouds by Matthew D. Morgan] The plan is to have her record a video of her singing in a week's time. And we've decided that she's also going to post it. So not a lot of time. And the clock is definitely ticking. Which if you're a procrastinator, like me, you know how stressful that can be. [music out]

Sara Rosenbolt  16:53

[phone text ding] Hey, it's Sara Rosenbolt here. Today is November 9th, 2021. And it is 5:34pm. Um, I just finished doing some homework and I was just listening to some music right now. Um, Adele... [duck under]

Marina  Peña 17:12

So I want her to update me with as many voice memos as she wants.

Marina Peña  17:16

[to Sara] And so what song are you thinking will be the song that you sing?

Sara Rosenbolt  17:23

I was thinking... [music: Milliones by Camilo]

Marina  Peña 17:24

So I go over to her house. [to Sara] You you like the Camilo?

Sara Rosenbolt  17:25

Mi- milliones?

Marina Peña  17:29

Yeah. Do you like that one?

Sara Rosenbolt  17:33


Marina  Peña 17:34

And we practice songs like Millones by Camilo, which feels like part of Sara's personality because it makes you want to get up and dance. [music swell: Millones by Camilo]

Marina Peña  17:53

Gravity by Sara Bareilles. [music: Gravity by Sara Bareilles - Oh, you loved me because I'm fragile...] [duck under]

Marina  Peña 18:01

What do you like the most about that song?

Sara Rosenbolt  18:04

This is one of the songs that I was going through a hard time with my family. And I was just bawling my eyes out in the car driving to work and it's one of those songs that just got me through. [music: Billionaire by Travie+Bruno: I wanna be a billionaire so fucking bad...]

Marina Peña  18:25

And Billionaire by Travie McCoy, featuring Bruno Mars.

Sara Rosenbolt  18:30

I think I was walking out of middle school and everybody was talking about it. It was Bruno Mars. I want to be a billionaire. Oh, I can relate to this. [song continues: to Oprah and the Queen] And my dad popped into my head. [song slows down and ends]

Marina Peña  18:45

As I help her decide on a song, I realize that a lot of the ones we're singing are songs her dad will likely not approve of. They all lack a Christian message. After all, would God sing about wanting to be a billionaire? [song picks up again and ends abruptly]

Sara Rosenbolt  19:02

[phone text ding] Hey, it is November 13th, on a Saturday. Um, I started thinking about how close I am to recording and actually putting myself out there. [original music]

Marina Peña  19:26

To make putting herself out there easier, Sara tells me that she'd love it if her dad could also be a part of the video. But it may be tough to convince him.

Marina Peña  19:37

[to Sara] Why is it important to have your dad in the video?

Sara Rosenbolt  19:41

He's why I started singing in the first place. Um, he's always pushed me as well. When I didn't believe in myself, when I would doubt myself. I feel comfortable. I feel safe when he's around and it's just like home.

Marina Peña  20:05

As much as Sara would love for her dad to be in the video, I just can't see it happening.

Sara Rosenbolt  20:11

[singing] Set me free- let me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity...

Marina Peña  20:25

But for now, Sara's in her element, in her own world where she's center stage. And her eyes are beaming. She's excited about what's to come. And we're going to ride out that "ask for forgiveness, not permission" wave for a bit.

Sara Rosenbolt  20:41

[phone text ding] [music in slowly: Haunted] Hey, everybody! Today is a beautiful Sunday morning, November 14th. And I'm just sitting here thinking about what song to choose. You know, I'm a little bit indecisive, and just trying to figure out which one it is that will get my message across.

Sara Rosenbolt  21:07

[phone text ding] Hello, everybody. So today is actually Wednesday, November 17th, uh 2021. And I'm currently with my little sister Victoria. [Victoria: Hi.] Um. Yeah, I've just been practicing the song that I really loved as a child. And to this day, um you know, I had a hard time deciding what song to to pick.

Marina Peña  21:38

It's three days before Sara's scheduled to post her video. She's sending me all these voice memos, and I can sense her nerves. So I want to make sure she's feeling okay. [music out]

Marina Peña  21:52

[phone ringtone] I just wanted to check in with you because I know that it is nerve racking.

Sara Rosenbolt  22:00


Marina Peña  22:00

But I also, you know, want to encourage you to follow through with it.

Sara Rosenbolt  22:06

Thank you.

Marina Peña  22:07

And, and, you know, it doesn't have to be on anyone else's timeline but yours,

Sara Rosenbolt  22:14


Marina Peña  22:14

but I do want you know, I do want you to, you know, uh do what you've been wanting to do. You know?

Sara Rosenbolt  22:24

Yeah, yeah. No, that definitely has to happen. It's uh, it's not. I know, it's, it's gonna happen. It's just that like, I guess I kind of get into my head, you know?

Marina Peña  22:37

Yeah. But um like, you know, that the people that you'll be presenting it to, through your social media, are all people that love you, you know? They're not, they're not people that are, are there to say anything negative about you. You're not

Sara Rosenbolt  22:58

Yeah, yeah yeah.

Marina Peña  22:59

Um, and if there are those people then fuck them, [Sara laughs] because, you know [duck under]

Marina Peña  23:07

[laughing] I truly believe that. Except for Sara? I know her dad's opinion still matters to her. So she's still trying to get him on board.

Sara Rosenbolt  23:19

Basically, what I told my dad was, Hey Dad like, I want you to listen, hear me out. You know, this song talks about how I'm feeling at the moment and you know, I feel like I identify with it a lot. Yeah, I want to talk about God, but this song I think, is a good starting point to, like, get my message out there.

Marina Peña  23:46

After that conversation, Sara starts making progress again. She finally decides on the song she's going to sing and records it.

Marina Peña  23:55

Are you gonna do this with me? Is that the song?

Sara Rosenbolt  24:02

Yeah. Yeah, I think that's the one. [music: This is Me by Demi Lovato - This is real, this is me, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now - gonna let the light, shine on meeee... now I found who I am] [duct under] I was pretty sure. God when I when I heard it, it goes with my message, you know?

Marina Peña  24:20

Yeah. And I feel like the performance of it, you know, of just being like, this is me and

Sara Rosenbolt  24:32


Marina Peña  24:32

all of that that can be expressed through through your eyes through your performance.

Sara Rosenbolt  24:39

No, yeah.

Marina Peña  24:40

That'd be great.

Sara Rosenbolt  24:40

Don't you think it's great?

Marina Peña  24:42

No, yeah. I love it. [music swells: Demi sings - This is meeee.] [music out] [pause]

Marina Peña  24:45

[original music] But even though she's recorded the song, Sara's still hesitant about posting it on Instagram. I can feel her second guessing herself. I can feel her worries that this post may open the floodgates to judgment. I sense her striving for an unrealistic sense of perfection.

Sara Rosenbolt  25:23

I was thinking of sending it to you before posting?

Marina Peña  25:27

Yeah. And yeah, and I'll um, I'll hear it and I'll look at it. And I can't give you any approval dude, [Sara laughing] like anything you send me is going to be great. You know, I'll just, I'll just give you like my, you know, my thoughts. But

Sara Rosenbolt  25:46


Marina Peña  25:46

it's gonna be great regardless. Just believe in yourself, just

Sara Rosenbolt  25:49


Marina Peña  25:49

[phone alarm clock] It's 6:30am. And the day is finally here. I reach for my phone, and turn off that damn alarm. And then I go on Instagram. I type in Sara's handle. And I see-- nothing. I see nothing. The same, nothing that has been there for the last eight years. So naturally, I refresh. [tap, ding] And I refresh. [tap, ding] I check my email. [tap, ding] And I refresh. [tap, ding] I get out of bed. [tap] Brush my teeth. [tap] And I refresh. [tap] Make some coffee. [ding] I don't know if you guys know this, but Argentinians have the best coffee. And I refresh. [tap, ding] Every time I push refresh, [ding] it's almost like I'm trying to make Sara's video appear. [tap, tap] I even convinced myself that it may be too early in the morning [tap, ding] for her to post something. So I wait. And I refresh. [tap tap tap] And then 9am is here. [ding] And I can't refresh anymore.

Marina Peña  27:06

[phone ringtone] How can I help you?

Sara Rosenbolt  27:11

You have done more than enough Marina. Trust me, like, you do not have to do anything else. Like, the fact that you'll, you're here giving me your time is, always there for me. Like, I really appreciate that. And um, I'm not gonna let you down. And it's not because I'm feeling...

Marina Peña  27:32

As I'm talking on the phone with Sarah, I can tell she's facing something we all face. When we're scared, we have the instinct to either run, or fight the thing we fear. [original music] And there's a possibility she may be running away from posting her video, because she's run away before. When Sara was in high school, she decided to leave home. [to Sara] You didn't just want to be a pastor's kid.

Sara Rosenbolt  27:59

Yeah. I think yeah, exactly. Like I was just like, I am a person with my own thoughts and um, my own feelings. And that's not my identity. Like I wasn't born to just be that. Mine. I am Sara and I get to choose what I do. So I always felt like I was always being directed and told what to do. And you know, in a way um, I wasn't I wasn't in the driver's seat. I was a passenger, so I finally took control.

Marina Peña  28:32

Even though Sara says she took control of her own life, she didn't let anyone know. She didn't tell her father that she was running away from being his daughter, under his roof with his rules. But I want to tell Sara that battling this fear, posting this video, will give her the opportunity to run toward her dreams instead of away from them. [music out] [pause] But I've done everything I can and by this point, she might be tired or me. Who knows. [Zoom bell] So I call the Snooze squad.

Megan Tan  29:11

What's up, Sara?

Sara Rosenbolt  29:12

Hey! [laughing]

Megan Tan  29:14


Sara Rosenbolt  29:16

What's up? Oh my God. I'm sorry to let you guys down.

Megan Tan  29:19

Oh, wait, wait, wait. Nothing is happening yet. No one is being let down. [Sara laughs] D- do you know this phrase? I'm gonna give you a phrase.

Sara Rosenbolt  29:27


Megan Tan  29:28

Do you know this phrase? Uh, done is better than perfect? S- so done is better than perfect. That's because you can always tweak things. Always. But then you're going to spend all of your time tweaking

Sara Rosenbolt  29:50


Megan Tan  29:51

instead of making another song. You know?

Sara Rosenbolt  29:56

You're right.

Marina  Peña 29:56

When we hang up, I text Sara and let her know I'm still in her corner because I know that for Sara, just being there listening to her and encouraging her, goes a long way. [music out] [pause]

Marina Peña 30:25

[phone alarm clock] And the next day, [tap tap tap] I type in Sara's handle and I see

Sara Rosenbolt  30:37

[guitar playing] [singing Demi Lovato "This is Me"] I've always been the kind of girl that hid my face, So afraid to tell the world what I've got to say, But I have this dream, bright inside of me, I'm gonna let it show, it's time to let you know, To let you know, This is real, this is me, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now, Gonna let the light shine on me, Now I've found who I am, There's no way to hold it in, No more hiding who I wanna be, This is me, This is me [duct under]

Marina Peña  31:50

She finally posts her video! And the guitar you hear is being played by Sara's dad.

Sara Rosenbolt  31:57

[continuing to sing] This is me, Yeahhhhh, This is me, Now I've found who I am, There's no way to hold it in, No more hiding who I wanna be, This is me, Yeahhhhh, This is me... [duct under]

Marina Peña 32:28

On November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving, Sara's Instagram feed is no longer empty. There's a video of her doing what she loves, for the whole world to see. Her friends, her family and her father. [Sara singing] [music out]

Marina Peña  32:51

[original music] To be honest, I didn't know if this would happen. We had a lot of conversations. I collected a lot of tape. But at the end of the day, you can only do so much. Sara had to make things happen for herself. And I'm so happy she did. Sara and her dad have come such a long way. And this video is just a testament of that.

Sara Rosenbolt  33:26

[phone ringtone] Hello?

Marina Peña  33:30

Hey, dude, you did it!

Sara Rosenbolt  33:33

I know. [laughing] Thanks.

Marina Peña  33:36

Ahhh! I'm so excited.

Sara Rosenbolt  33:40

I know, I can't believe I can't believe I did it. Um, I was like I was like oh my God, I just need to do it. And my little sister kept telling me she's like, just post it already! Just post it! I was like okay fine. Um, I was a little nervous but- [Marina asks a question] No, I was home. I just went to sleep. [laughs] Yeah, but

Marina Peña  34:03

What did your family say?

Sara Rosenbolt  34:05

Oh well my parents, my mom, my dad liked it. Um, we recorded a few before I decided on that one.

Marina Peña  34:13

So what are you thinking? Are you thinking like, you're gonna keep on singing and posting?

Sara Rosenbolt  34:19

Yeah, and I wanna and now I want to post like my pictures too. So I'm looking forward

Sara Rosenbolt  34:25

to all that. [laughs] Yeah. [laughs] [music swell] [music out]

Marina Peña  34:26


Megan Tan  34:26

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Megan Tan  37:08

[original music] On the next episode of Snooze, I speak to a music legend. [to Big Boi] How would you introduce yourself?

Big Boi  37:20

To the party?

Megan Tan  37:20


Big Boi  37:21

Ah shit, get on the dance floor and start goin' off. [Megan laughing] Start gyrating, thrusting my hips, like frantically. They'll notice.

Megan Tan  37:26

The one and only Big Boi from OutKast! He tells me about the woman who taught him to be kind and gives advice to the next generation of musicians. I'm Megan Tan, and thanks for listening. [airhorn]