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Sam Benson Smith stands in front of a yellow background wearing a grey turtleneck and panel patterned navy blue suit with white stripes. His blonde hair is cut and styled in a fade haircut. He has a mustache and wears brown glasses. He is smirking.

Sam Benson Smith

Associate Editor, The Brief (he/him)

I’m Sam, the Associate Editor of The Brief.

I’ve always loved flowery language, much to the chagrin of my former editors. I started in sportswriting, the land of beautiful hyperbole, and then ricocheted from genre to genre, covering Crockpot lasagna recipes, historic trials, and everything in between.

Community journalism, however, managed to stick with me like ricotta to a shag rug. (I really need to make that lasagna again soon.)

I joined LAist because I believe style, substance, and pace are not mutually exclusive in journalism. LAist is equipped with all three, and I believe that The Brief can help spearhead the charge toward the future of community coverage made for all Angelenos.

Outside of office hours, I’m a filmmaker, volleyball player, retired water park mascot, and comic. I added in the "Benson" to sound less like a Grammy-award-winning artist and more like a law firm.

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