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Elina Shatkin

Elina Shatkin

Food Editor & Freelance Editor (she/her)

I'm lucky. I have the most delicious job in the LAist/KPCC newsroom. For me, food journalism has always been about so much more than restaurant openings, trendy chefs and droolworthy food pix. My goal is to use food as a lens to tell deeper stories — about culture, history, neighborhoods, art, justice, sustainability, immigration and anything else encompassed by that electric word "life."

As Southern Californians, we're all lucky. We can find so many of the world's cuisines here, often in taco form. So let's break bread. Or injera. Or bolillos. Or naan. Or focaccia. Or gluten-free bagels. Okay, not that last one, because I have yet to find a decent gluten-free bagel, but I stand by the rest of it.

Got a tip or a story you want to pitch me? Email me!

You can also find me on Twitter @elinashatkin and Instagram @elinashatkin.

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