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Do We Need Police To Curb LA's Traffic Violence? Some Cities Are Saving Lives Without Them

As the movement to defund armed policing and reinvest that money into care-based programs gains momentum, the long-held assumptions about law enforcement's roles in traffic safety are being challenged.

A 4.2 Magnitude Earthquake Jolted LA. Here's What We Know So Far

It was centered in the northern San Fernando Valley city of Pacoima -- just west of the 210 Freeway -- and struck at 4:29 a.m, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

LA Metro Will Explore Ways To Replace Armed Policing On Public Transit

The board committed Thursday to working with community leaders to "re-envision transit safety," in part by replacing armed police with social workers and mental health professionals.

LA's Slow Streets Program Is Growing And Could Become Permanent

The temporary program was launched in mid-May to give Angelenos more space to get fresh air and exercise in their neighborhoods amid stay-at-home orders. City Councilmember David Ryu says the city should allow neighborhoods to keep them in place.

LA Metro Leaders Want To Rethink Policing On The County's Transit System

An upcoming motion seeks to develop programs and policies that would shift resources from armed law enforcement in favor of unarmed, care-based approaches.

Why Are LA Metro Buses Taking People Arrested In Protests To Jail?

Metro says it's following state law to provide mutual aid in times of emergency. Some transit advocates say it's a misuse of resources.

LA Metro Projects Ridership Could Take 2 Years To Return To Pre-Pandemic Levels

Metro's leaders outlined which projects will move forward and which are being delayed as the agency works to weather an estimated $1.8 billion shortfall.

LA's Slow Streets Program Is Picking Up Speed (Despite Some Attacks On Signs)

The city has received more than 175 applications from residents and community groups that want to join the safety initiative.

'Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire': LA Leaders Weigh In (Or Don't) On Huizar's Future At City Hall

Here's a roundup of what fellow city council members, Mayor Eric Garcetti and other L.A. leaders have said about the corruption scandal -- and Council member Jose Huizar's possible role in it.

LA's 'Slow Streets' Will Limit Traffic To Promote Social Distancing. All Neighborhoods Can Apply

Slow Streets places signs and temporary barricades on residential streets -- but doesn't completely close them off to vehicles.

Cities Are Limiting Car Traffic To Give People More Space To Safely Walk. Why Was A Plan Postponed In LA?

A grassroots proposal was set to launch in a West L.A. neighborhood last week. Mayor Garcetti put the brakes on it.

What LA's Budget Cuts Mean For Street Safety Projects

Because of budget cuts related to COVID-19, L.A.'s Vision Zero street safety program will be cut 5% in the next fiscal year.

Vision Zero Was Already Far Behind Goals -- Now It Faces Millions In Cuts

In total, funding for infrastructure improvements will be reduced 10%, from $888 million down to $795 million.

Here's What The Coronavirus Crisis Is Doing To LA's Freeway Traffic

Traffic on some sections of freeway within the city of Los Angeles has effectively been cut in half, new data from Caltrans shows.

Higher Air Pollution Is Linked To A Higher COVID-19 Death Rate, A New Study Finds

Researchers from Harvard identified a link between long-term exposure to particulate matter and increased risk of death for coronavirus patients.

Vehicle Emissions Have Dropped (Duh), But The Effect On SoCal's Air Is Complicated

You may be tempted to call it a silver lining to the health crisis that's completely upended our lives. But the experts who study air pollution say there is no upside.

We Should All Wear Homemade Masks. Here's How To Make One From A T-Shirt

We're asking public health officials and experts to answer your questions about the COVID-19 pandemic.

LA Metro Is In 'Uncharted Territory' And Waiting For Federal Aid To Get Back On Track

Average weekday ridership on Metro's trains is down more than 80% and bus ridership is down nearly 70%. But that's just one part of the shortfall the agency faces.

LA Metro Ridership And Sales Tax Revenue Are Plummeting Because Of Coronavirus

The county's transit system is moving to a "hybrid service" schedule and has reached out for state and federal aid, CEO Phillip Washington said Friday.

How LA Metro And Other Public Transit Agencies Are Adapting To Our New Coronavirus Reality

If you can stay home, do so. But if you can't, public transit is still an option for healthy individuals (who take precautions and observe social distancing).

Deep Cleaning, Disinfectant And 'Death Stares': LA Public Transit In The Age Of Coronavirus

Are you at increased risk of getting coronavirus on public transit in L.A.? That largely depends on the behavior of people who may be infected -- and the response from transit agencies.

New Los Feliz Homeless Shelter Is Moving 'Full Steam Ahead'

It's taken about a year from proposal to ground breaking -- which is fairly fast, compared to other plans across the city. 

Would LAX Travelers Take Public Transit To Cut Security Lines? LA Leaders Want To Find Out

The intertwined goal is to reduce car traffic and greenhouse gas emissions by boosting transit ridership -- which has plummeted in recent years.

There's A New Push To Put The Brakes On LA's Rising Speed Limits

Speed kills, but speed limits in L.A. and across California keep rising because of a state law local leaders have called "absurd."

Here's What Hollywood Boulevard Could Look Like With Less Space For Cars And More Space For Humans

L.A. has a plan to turn the congested tourist trap into a safer, more accessible space for residents and visitors.

Metro Is Considering A Program To Let LA County's K-12 Students Ride For Free

The vote on the study was delayed after a long discussion about which students -- and districts -- would actually be studied.

Here's LA Metro's Plan To Get You Out Of Your Car And On A Bus

The transit agency says fast and frequent service is key to improving its system, which has lost roughly 25% of its ridership over the past decade.

Metro Train Delayed? Don't Rule Out Copper Bandits Stealing Wiring From The Tracks

The thieves are putting Metro riders, staff -- and themselves -- at risk.

LA Metro's New Train And Bus Names Are Official. There Is No F Line And You Know Exactly Why

Time to learn your regional transit ABCs (keep those D Line jokes to yourself).

Taxi Drivers Strike At LAX, Demanding To Be Allowed Back To Terminals For Pickups

Taxi pickup services made the move -- along with Uber and Lyft -- which one city leader called "the final nail in the coffin" for the industry.

'Car Accident' Or 'Traffic Violence'? The Way We Talk About Crashes Is Evolving

New research shows the effect police language and media narratives have on how we perceive who's to blame when a driver kills a pedestrian.

LA Welcomes The Winter Solstice With Wet Weekend Weather

O winter storm, o winter storm, please don't ruin our Christmas.

LA Libraries Will Stop Charging Late Fees And Forgive Your Past-Due Sins

Los Angeles joins a growing number of cities working to increase equitable access by removing a financial barrier.

Lancaster Is Considering Restrictions On Feeding The Homeless In Public Spaces

Residents and homeless advocates packed the city council chambers at a contentious meeting Tuesday night. The vote was postponed.

LA Metro Says 405 Freeway Toll Lanes Would Help With Congestion. Will Drivers Buy In?

Widening the 405 didn't fix the traffic nightmare through the Sepulveda Pass. Now Metro is working to expand a program that has proven to alleviate congestion.

Stalked, Cornered, Hit, Sexually Assaulted, Yelled At: These Are The Stories Of Women Riding LA Metro

"Men are taking advantage of the fact that women are basically trapped on the bus or train."

At A City Hall 'Die-In', Protesters Demand Safer Streets And Bold Action From LA Leaders

Demonstrators say Mayor Garcetti and other city leaders lack "the courage and the conviction" to push for swift, bold infrastructure changes to make streets safe for anyone not in a car.

Here's LA County's Vision For Saving The Air And Getting People To Drive Electric

There's a new plan with a number of new benchmarks. And while there's no force of law behind the plan, L.A. leaders hope it'll inspire pilot programs and policy.

How Santa Monica Established Order From Scooter Chaos (And What It Can Teach LA)

The city has released the clearest study yet that shows how scooters and other dockless vehicles could usher in the next era of urban mobility.

LA's Warm November Is Going From Record Highs To Rain

National Weather Service forecasters say about a quarter to ¾ of an inch will fall in L.A. County. Some of our taller local mountains could even get some snow.

Where Are You Going On Jump Scooters? Here's Why LA And Uber Are Fighting Over Who Gets That Data

Uber's permit to operate its Jump-brand electric scooters and bikes was technically suspended, but they're still in service on city streets.

The Expo Line Will Get More Green Lights At Intersections -- Cars, You'll Have To Wait

Traffic light signal changes could get train travelers where they're going 15% quicker.

What Does 'Containment' Of A Fire Mean, Exactly?

Important to know: Containment does not mean a fire is out -- or that the danger is over.

After 2 Pedestrian Deaths On Same Morning, Safety Advocates Ask LA Leaders: Where Is Vision Zero?

Despite a slate of street safety improvements, preliminary city data shows 2019 pedestrian deaths are keeping pace with last year's figures.

Two More LA Mountain Lions Have Died And Both Had Rat Poison In Their Systems

These deaths mark the fifth and possibly sixth cougars in a National Park Service study to be killed by rat poison.

LA Metro Says Its System Is Riskier And Harder For Women. We Want To Hear Your Stories

Metro says a recent study is "an important first step towards easing the disproportionate efforts women put in to making the transportation system work for them."

'Booms' And Smoke On Red Line Train Prompt Evacuation At Union Station

Witnesses at the scene reported hearing loud "booms" and video from the station showed people walking out of the tunnel and onto the platform.

This Crosswalk Signal Is Expected To Make LA Streets Safer For Pedestrians

Pedestrian deaths have exceeded motor vehicle deaths on L.A. city streets every year since 2010.

Ignore Those 'Line A' Signs. Metro's Blue Line Will Reopen As The 'A Line'

No one said renaming an entire transit system would be a smooth ride.

Will LA Metro Be Ready To Take The Heat Of Climate Change? It's 'Complicated'

Warped train tracks, sagging power cables and more bus breakdowns pose risks on public transit as SoCal heats up. Here's how Metro is preparing.

Dear LAist: The Arroyo Seco Bike Path Has Been Closed Since January. What Gives?

The short answer: a perfect storm of bureaucracy. The long answer might make your brain cry.

You're More Likely To Get A Parking Ticket In These LA Neighborhoods

Data-crunching from our friends at Crosstown shows the riskiest curbs in the city. Act accordingly, people.

LA's Remembering People Killed In Traffic Collisions With 'Rainbow Halos'

The most recent rainbow suncatcher went up in Sherman Oaks in honor of Conor Lynch, who was 16 when he was fatally struck by a driver while jogging in 2010.

John Lee Claims Victory In Special Election For LA City Council Seat

Lee and Lundquist ran to fill the council seat vacated by Mitch Englander, who stepped down last year to take a job with a sports entertainment company.

LA Metro Has An Innovation 'SWAT Team' And They're Fighting For The Future

They don't have a secret laboratory or jetpacks, but the small Metro squad is behind some of the transit agency's most ambitious projects.

You Can Now Pay For Your LA Metro Trip With A Flick Of The Wrist

Leave your TAP card at home. All you need are these wristbands.

These Sidewalk Stencils Aim To Curb LA Scooter Scofflaws' Bad Riding

With more than 20,000 scooters and e-bikes dotting L.A.'s streets and sidewalks, awareness only goes so far without enforcement.

LA Metro Has Updated Its Sepulveda Pass Rail Plan. Expect Some Sticker Shock

Metro now estimates it could cost up to $13.8 billion to build the rail line -- and that doesn't include a planned segment to connect to LAX.

Is LA's Flag Good Or Garbage?

Did you even know L.A. had a city flag? Today is its 88th birthday.

A Field Guide To SoCal's Iconic Wildlife (And Where To Find Them)

We can't think of many places you could see wild bears, parrots, mountain lions, whales and buffalo (yup!) all in the same day, but this is Southern California -- and you totally could.

LA Metro's Rapid Bus Plan Is Tearing Eagle Rock Apart

Fault lines over SoCal's transit future were on full display at a heated public meeting over the weekend, which drew hundreds of residents and business owners.

This Morning's 4.9 Earthquake Near Ridgecrest May Have Jolted You, But It's Completely Normal

This latest temblor is part of a normal pattern of activity following last week's major earthquakes, according to seismologists.

Photos: A Look Back At LA's Hollyhock House, Now A World-Class Architectural Landmark

In total, eight works by Frank Lloyd Wright made the esteemed World Heritage List, the first in the U.S. recognized for architecture. 

Traffic Data Now Supports Our Suspicions. There Are Best And Worst Days To Drive On LA Freeways

Turns out a case of the Mondays isn't always a bad thing when it comes to your commute.

Metro's Plan For Bus-Only Lanes Is LA's Latest Existential Battleground

The projects will replace car lanes with dedicated bus lanes to clear the way for faster public transit. But does that mean more Angelenos will take the bus?

New LA Mountain Lion Alert! Say Hi To P-75

The young female puma was spotted Monday morning up a tree in a Pacific Palisades mobile home park.

These Already Threatened Frogs Were Nearly 'Annihilated' By Last Year's Fire And Rain

It's not easy being green (and red-legged) in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Ryan Fonseca, News Producer

Despite all the talk about what needs fixing in L.A., what's actually being done? And what's actually working?

Metro Is Digging The Purple Line Under Beverly Hills. That's A Job For Harriet and Ruth

L.A. Metro announced the names for the two Tunnel Boring Machines the agency will use to drill the second section of the $9.8-billion, nine-mile Purple Line rail extension project.

'The Herpes Of Urban Transit' And Other Scooter Feelings You Shared With Us

Some of you genuinely love the dockless electric vehicles strewn about Los Angeles sidewalks. Some of you really do not.

LA Might Make It Illegal To Keep Your Engine Running While Parked

Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz wants a ban on cars idling longer than 60 seconds.

LA's Newest City Councilmember Is... Being Decided In August

Tuesday's primary election was a close race between John Lee and Loraine Lundquist. They're set to face off again on August 13.

LA Leaders Pitched Emergency Homeless Shelters As Quick And Temporary. Here's The Reality

Mayor Garcetti's plan "to stand up emergency shelters fast" has struggled as city officials grapple with higher-than-expected construction costs -- and entrenched NIMBYism.

Scooters, Scooters Everywhere. Here's How LA's Grand Experiment Is Going

You've probably noticed more e-scooters taking up sidewalk space and zipping around neighborhoods. Prepare for even more.

LA Is Getting Two Homeless Shelters Made From Shipping Containers

Although city officials have marketed these and other bridge housing projects to residents with the understanding that they'll operate for no more than three years, a district official noted that it is possible the Lafayette Park shelter could remain in place longer.

24 LA Lifeguards Went For A Swim And Got Bacterial Infections. They're Blaming The City

Lifeguards say they told parks department officials the water was dangerous, but they were ordered to jump in anyway. Then came the parasites.

2 LAPD Officers Infected With MRSA At West Valley Station

An official familiar with the situation says an officer and a lieutenant were infected, and have received medical treatment.

It's May Day. Here's What To Expect In LA

Expect some democracy in action. Also traffic delays.

Dear LAist: Why Does It Seem Every Elevator In LA Has An Expired Safety Permit?

Nearly half of the elevators in the city are past due for a yearly inspection. But statistically, elevators are exceptionally safe.

LA Metro Is Offering Free Rides On Earth Day

Metrolink is also offering free rides on its trains Monday.

It's Been Quite A Week, So Please Enjoy These Adorable, Angry Bobcat Kittens

The four kittens and their mom made a den in a backyard in Westlake Village.

Griffith Observatory Is Closing For 15 Days (Plus Some Roads And Hiking Trails)

The city has four big construction and repair projects scheduled in and around the L.A. landmark. Plan accordingly.

Suspect In Nipsey Hussle Killing Arrested By LAPD

Mayor Eric Garcetti said the rapper and community activist was one of 11 people killed in Los Angeles in the past week alone.

LA Is Launching A Program To Post Memorial Signs For Cyclists Killed On City Streets

Bicycling safety advocates say it's "a positive step" as the city works to reduce traffic deaths.

LA Estimates 240 People Died In Traffic Collisions Last Year. What's Happening With Vision Zero?

LADOT has released new numbers, but its street safety website has been dark for months. What's going on?

It's Time For Dodger Baseball, LA. Here Are A Few Things To Know For Opening Day

Whether you check out during the off-season, or spend the months feverishly following the news, here's a refresher on today's game, some changes at the stadium and how the Dodgers are looking.

The 2019 LA Marathon Is Sunday, So Plan Your Detours Accordingly (Or Sleep In)

Portions of major L.A.-area thoroughfares will be shut down in the morning hours, including stretches of Sunset, Hollywood and Santa Monica boulevards, so plan accordingly.

That Flaming 'Meteor' Over Downtown LA Was Just A Publicity Stunt, Because 2019

A widespread advance announcement about the stunt would have been nice, but scaring and confusing people -- and trending on Twitter -- probably gets more attention.

Lake Elsinore Is Again Overrun With Super Bloom Traffic After Closing (Then Reopening) Its Poppy Fields

The super bloom may be a coveted photo op, but it also brought trampled flowers, torturous traffic and full porta-potties.

Why Are Coyotes Coming To LA Neighborhoods And What Can Be Done? Poop Holds Some Answers

Urban coyotes are still a mystery in many ways, but local biologists are unlocking their secrets by scanning their scat (and whiskers).

USC, UCLA Athletic Officials Among 50 Charged In Alleged College Admissions Bribery Scheme

Authorities allege that parents paid about $25 million in bribes between 2011 and last month for coaches and administrators to "designate their children as purported recruited athletes," among other actions.

Yo: The Guerrilla Parking Signs In Angelino Heights Were Removed, But The Creator Hopes To Inspire Others

Derek Boonstra said it was the kind of idea a lot of Angelenos have probably had before, but he "just happened to follow through on it first."

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