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Could Paying To Drive Improve Your Commute? LA Metro Is Looking Into It

LA's transit agency is studying ideas to improve traffic by making the road more expensive. We'll try to wrap your mind around it.

LA Metro Is Offering Car Rides For The Price Of A Bus Ticket

Right now you can only get a ride to or from three transit stops in LA: El Monte, Artesia and North Hollywood, but the pilot could expand in the future.

LA Metro's Idea Of Solving Traffic: Making You Pay For It

Experts agree congestion pricing is pretty much the only proven way to reduce traffic. But good luck convincing people to pay for something they now get for free.

LA County Cities Could Have Funds Withheld Under Newsom's New Housing Plan

Gov. Gavin Newsom's has proposed to withhold gas tax-funded transportation funds from localities that don't meet their housing goals. The reaction?

Are LA Drivers Really That Bad At Driving In The Rain?

Do Los Angeles motorists really deserve the oft-repeated rap that they can't drive in the rain? We take a look at the data.

How The 'Initiatives' Process Got Controlled By The Very Forces It Was Trying To Avoid

From "power to the people" to a big money game in less than 100 years.

California's Proposition System May Be Rooted In This Man's 'Daddy Issues'

How California came to have one of the most powerful and least flexible initiative processes in the world.

Here Are LA's New Rules For Scooter Companies Like Bird And Lime

New regulations include a cap on the number of devices like scooters that companies like Bird and Lime could operate.

How Cheaper Metro Passes And Scooters (Yes, Really) Can Help Prevent Homelessness

Discounted transit fares and subsidies for new shared mobility tech, like scooters and ride-share, could help low-income people stay on their feet.

Report: Rowena 'Road Diet' In Silver Lake Worked, But...

It's been five years since the city reduced the four lane road to two lanes and added a center turn lane and two bicycle lanes along the corridor. The project's goal was to reduce fatalities and injuries. A new study looks at what has and has not worked.

Who Desires A Streetcar In Downtown LA? Mostly Developers, But They Won't Get It Anytime Soon

Given the current funding and tax measure restrictions, the project wouldn't even break ground until 2053.

Nothing Can Fix LA Traffic, So Deal With It

Not new trains. Not freeways. Not flying cars. Not Elon Musk. It's unfixable.

Finally. LA Metro Bikes Cost The Same As The Bus And The Train

Riders no longer have to shell out double the cost of a transit fare for the pleasure of pedaling around town on a Metro bike.

Lakewood To Santa Monica: What You Lose When Extreme Commuting Is 'Literally Like A Part-Time Job'

On good days it takes an hour and a half each way. On the worst days it's two and a half hours each way.

The Infamous Sepulveda Pass Could Get A Rail Line

It's the latest in a long line of attempts to ease travel through the notorious choke point.