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How Will A Biden Administration Tackle Immigration After Four Years Of Trump?

Will President-elect Joe Biden go beyond rolling back the Trump administration's controversial immigration policies, and commit to pushing immigration reform legislation?

Paola Ramos Wants You To Pay Attention To The Latino Vote

Repeat after us: The Latino voting block is not a monolith.

'No Soy De Aquí, Ni Soy De Allá' (I'm Not From Here, Or From There)

Assimilation as an immigrant is hard. How do you fit in and stay rooted in the country and culture you're so proud to be a part of? For one Argentine girl, it was a new friend, tastes of home and a whole lot of Harry Potter.

What Anti-Racism Efforts Could Look Like On Cal State Campuses

The union representing faculty at the state's largest university system wants to see changes that include requiring students to take an ethnic studies course, defunding campus police, and offering free tuition to Black and Indigenous students.

In Their Own Words: The Class Of 2020 Reflects On Senior Year

Prom, final hugs with friends and teachers and even graduation itself have been taken away or morphed into experiences which don't resemble the usual rites of passage for the Class of 2020. We wanted to hear from high schoolers -- in their own words and through their own creative works -- about their upended senior year.

An ICU Nurse On Treating Coronavirus Patients: 'Some Of Them Are Dying And They're Dying Alone'

She told us she is often FaceTiming with a patient's relatives, as they take their last breath. She's going to a therapist to cope with the anxiety.