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Analysis: Why The Golden Globes Don't Matter (And Why Hollywood Still Plays Along)

Everyone in Hollywood who's even remotely truthful knows that the Golden Globes --and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- are a joke. But they're a lucrative one.

Netflix Needs More People Of Color And Women To Write, Produce And Direct Its Shows -- According To Its Own Diversity Study

In some ways, Netflix is doing better than most studios and broadcast networks. In other ways, it's well behind its rivals.

Edgar Wright Made This Documentary So He Could Stop Explaining Why Sparks Are LA's Underground Rock Royalty

The director of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Baby Driver" told us he was tired of explaining who the best British band to come out of America really are and why he loves them.

A Redesigned LACMA Is Years Away... But We Have Photos

Lots of glass, not a lot of hierarchy.

Little Has Changed When It Comes To Who Is Making -- And Starring -- In Hollywood Films

After more than a decade of halfhearted efforts, the entertainment industry has made "paltry progress," according to a long-running USC study.

Dramatic Step By Academy Comes After Years Of Concern About Hollywood's Lack Of Diversity

The move follows a series of academy efforts to modernize its voter rank

US Movie Theater Chains Open On The Heels Of Modest Canadian Success

Canadian theaters blaze the trail for U.S. reopening.

Disney Staff Unhappy About Happiest Place on Earth

Unions that represent some 17,000 Disneyland employees have written to Gov. Gavin Newsom expressing their concerns, saying the state should not give Disney approval to reopen its Anaheim parks, hotels and outdoor mall.

LACMA To Reopen In July, Thanks To A $6.7M PPP Loan

The pandemic has forced some leading cultural institutions -- such as the Center Theatre Group and the Los Angeles Philharmonic -- to cancel entire seasons and lay off or furlough scores of employees. But the Los Angeles County Museum of Art says it will reopen next month with its entire staff intact, thanks to a $6.7 million government loan.

Ahmanson, Taper To Remain Dark Until April 2021

As Center Theatre Group struggles with its financial situation caused by the coronavirus, management recently received an anonymous letter from a group of "Black, Indigenous, and People of Color" who say they have yet to see CTG realize its mission "to reflect the community we serve."

Academy Makes Changes Aimed At Making Oscar Less White

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science said today it is amending its rules to help make Oscar eligibility more inclusive. One way is through a new mandate that 10 movies be nominated for best picture every year, starting with the 2022 ceremony. The idea is that by casting a guaranteed wider net, smaller movies might have a better chance of being shortlisted. This year, for example, nine films were nominated for best picture, and several movies with Black themes were excluded.

Movie Theaters Can Reopen... As Long As Crowds Don't Come

The state says theaters can begin showing movies as soon as this Friday -- but with much lower capacities than before the coronavirus pandemic.

Hollywood Gets Green Light from Newsom, But Hurdles Remain

Film and television production can restart in California as soon as June 12. But Hollywood may still have to wait.

Studios, Guilds Release Guidelines To Resume Production

A task force composed of representatives from production companies and unions said on Monday that it is sending its preliminary recommendations for resuming production to Gov. Gavin Newsom, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Nerwsom is set to unveil California's delayed guidelines on Tuesday.

Quibi Makes Moves To Counter Its Shortcomings

In what is becoming 2020's rival to New Coke, Google Glass and the Facebook phone, the heavily-funded Quibi is struggling on multiple fronts: deficient subscriptions, poorly reviewed content, technical complaints, and unhappy advertisers.

'Criminal Minds' Allegedly Had A Serial Sexual Harasser On Its Crew

The producers of the long-running CBS series are accused of covering up sexual harassment by the show's cinematographer of many years.

Lights, Camera... But No Action? LA Film Production Still Stalled

Gov. Gavin Newsom says the state will introduce guidelines for resuming filming on Monday, but Los Angeles may still have to wait.

Disney Earnings Plunge 93% Amid Shuttered Theme Parks And Movie Theaters

One of the most successful media companies on the planet has a big problem in the COVID-19 era: Most of its business depends on large crowds.

Pulitzer Prizes Honor LA Times Art Critic And A Composer Championed By Long Beach Opera

L.A. Times art critic Christopher Knight won the Pulitzer Prize for criticism and Long Beach Opera was cited for having premiered music prize-winner Anthony Davis' "The Central Park Five."

How An Animated Musical Sparked A Show Business Civil War

After Universal released the new "Trolls" film on-demand, exhibitors have fired an industry-wide warning shot at Hollywood moguls: abandon us now, and pay the price later.

Judge To Writers Guild: No, Agents Aren't Like The Mob

U.S. District Court Judge André Birotte on Monday dismissed eight of the WGA's 14 claims, including the guild's charge that talent agents were engaged in kickbacks and racketeering as defined by a federal law that was created to prosecute organized crime operations.

No Surprise, But Film/TV Production In LA Has Disappeared

By some estimates, at least 120,000 Hollywood crew members have lost their jobs, and more than 100,000 actors are out of work.

Not A Pretty Picture: Artists Struggling During Pandemic

A national survey paints a bleak picture for the nation's creative community. In L.A., the city's cultural affairs department has launched a relief fund.

The Real Horror Movie Could Be Georgia Opening Up Its Theaters

The governor of Georgia wants to reopen the state's movie theaters as early as next week. But Hollywood has no plans to reopen any time soon.

'Tiger King,' Coronavirus Boost Netflix Earnings

The company added nearly 16 million new global subscribers this past quarter -- more than double what they had expected.

Disney Cuts Nearly Half Its Workforce

In addition to all of its theme parks being chained up, Disney has been unable to release its feature films, its four massive cruise ships are deserted, no one can buy tickets to the company's live stage musicals, and its toy stores are closed. 

Michael Jordan Relives The Bulls' 'Last Dance'

The 10-part ESPN documentary could help the cable network regain some audience.

Cannes Can't: What the Cancellation of Festivals Means for Hollywood

With Cannes now postponed indefinitely and the prospects for other fall festivals uncertain, Hollywood sales agents are scrambling to find new ways to auction their films and bring them to audiences hungry for new content.

What Exactly Are We Doing At Home? Not Just Streaming

What exactly are we doing with our unstructured free time?

A Sad Day At The Mouse House: 30,000 Disney Workers Furloughed in SoCal

Those affected work at Disneyland, California Adventure, three Disney hotels and Downtown Disney.

Is Universal Trolling Theater Owners With 'Trolls'?

In response theater closures caused by Covid, the animated film is the first major studio release to bypass a theatrical release in favor of video-on-demand.

In Hollywood, Unemployment Is Rampant

Studios, unions and guilds have all created relief funds for their employees and members.

Pandemic Playlist: 6 Killer Crime Novels To Listen To While You're Quarantined

While you can't hit hiking trails anymore, and long commutes are a thing of the past, there are still plenty of opportunities to listen to a good audiobook. May we suggest crime novels?

Has Quibi Bitten Off More Than It Can Chew?

The new short-form video site raised $1.8 billion but launching during a pandemic is a major gamble.

Harvey Weinstein Convicted In Sexual Assault Trial

The Hollywood movie mogul was convicted of third degree rape and a criminal sex act but acquitted on the more serious charges of predatory sexual assault, in what has been the most prominent trial to come out of the #MeToo movement.

92nd Academy Awards: 'Parasite' Gets A Hollywood Ending With Best Picture Win

While Parasite's victories for best picture and director were surprising, very few of the other top winners were unexpected, particularly in the acting races.

The 2020 Oscar Nominations Are Basically An #OscarsSoWhite Sequel

Overall, the nominations for the 92nd Oscars favored a variety of older white men -- like directors Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino -- while largely ignoring some of the most acclaimed and diverse productions.

LA's Wormhole To The Heavens Is High In The Angeles Forest -- And Open To The Public

The Mount Wilson Observatory recently opened its doors -- and its 100-inch telescope -- to the public. 

Essay: How I Got My Kid Into College -- Without Cheating

We did not cheat. And yet it's no surprise at all that other parents did.

2019 Oscars Recap: Olivia Colman Delights, 'Green Book' Divides

For all of the polarizing films and divisive winners at the ceremony, there were some movies that Oscar voters were united and happy to see win.

Netflix Goes Against The Stream With Its First Best Picture Oscar Nomination

What Netflix gained meant that other studios and their films lost.

LACMA's Solar Reserve Shows You The Future While You Selfie

Solar Reserve's mission: to highlight how environmental protection is at the mercy of giant corporations -- and to give the world a glimpse at what the future of power generation could and should look like.

Boots Riley Gets Real About America's Problems With 'Sorry To Bother You's' Magical Realism

We get painted a picture of how the world works. But there's somebody painting the world for us.

Natalie Portman Made A Documentary About Cow Mucus, Swine Feces And Other Reasons You Shouldn't Eat Meat

Portman said she read the book her new movie "Eating Animals" is based on and it made her a vegan.

I Went To A Secret, Silent 'PLAY' In DTLA And It Was Kind Of Amazing

At PLAY, you can paint on a wall. You can type out a story on an old typewriter. You can put on makeup, or put it on someone else; throw on a costume and pose for a photo, collapse in a room filled with hundreds of stuffed animals, or challenge some stranger to a game of Twister.