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Isolation, Impostor Syndrome, Snail Mail: Why Fewer High School Seniors Are Applying For College Financial Aid

And the problem is worst among low-income students and students of color.

Frontline Jobs With A Living Wage In LA? Yep. Here Are 10

A recent report from the Center for a Competitive Workforce identified 10 promising jobs in the Los Angeles area that require more than a high school diploma but not necessarily a bachelor's degree.

Incarcerated Californians Can Soon Get Federal Aid For College. But Students Beware

The move to restore prisoners' eligibility for federal Pell Grants has been widely applauded. But some prison education advocates worry about a flood of low-quality programs.

Students Affected By The Pandemic May Face Extra Hurdles For Financial Aid. Here's What They Should Know

Students can appeal their financial awards. But first they have to know they can.

With UC Application Deadlines Looming, Students Face A Holiday Weekend Writing College Admission Essays

Essays are just one of many factors considered on a college application. But learning to write them can be a skill for life.

SAT Scores? Out. Pandemic Essays? In. How To Apply For College In 2020

Like everything else, a LOT has changed about applying to college during the pandemic.

Jill Replogle, College Pathways Reporter

I cover pathways to higher education and the obstacles students face along the way.

The Story of The Mysterious (Pet) Rat Infestation At An Orange County Homeless Encampment

The head of OC Vector Control confirmed that the rats were pets, not vermin. "Someone had set them there, had deployed them for whatever reason."

Homeless In San Clemente? The City Has A Campsite For You

City officials hope that by designating a lot where people can sleep, they'll be able to clear out illegal encampments.

State Legislator From OC Speaks Up About Her Homeless Brother's Death

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva says we can't stop trying to get people off the streets: "The numbers are going to continue to rise and there'll be a point where we can't solve it."

Joshua Tree National Park Just Got 4,500 Acres Bigger, And The Flowers Are Poppin'

Official reminder while visiting this public treasure: "It's not a 'Sound of Music' moment ... resist the temptation to run out and twirl."

Is OC Really Turning Blue? Today's Special Election May Take Pulse For 2020

Voters in Orange County's third district will elect a representative to fill a vacant seat on the Board of Supervisors. The outcome could give an indication of whether the so-called "blue wave" is here to stay.

Homelessness In North Orange County Is Significantly Higher Than Last Official Estimate

A group of Orange County cities commissioned an extensive survey of homelessness in their area. Then they didn't share it with the public.

South OC Cities Sued Over Lack Of Homeless Shelters

There's currently just one emergency shelter for homeless individuals in south Orange County, in Laguna Beach. Hundreds live on the streets.

Orange County Is About To Go From 1,200 Places To Vote To 188. Why That Could Be A Good Thing

An Orange County Board of Supervisors vote Tuesday clears the path for dramatic changes to the way OC residents will cast their ballots starting in 2020.

California Could Be First State To Phase Out Single-Use Plastics

Less than 15 percent of single-use plastic is recycled in California, according to environmental advocates. Now a group of state lawmakers want to end such use by 2030.

A Genealogy Website Helped Police Solve The 1973 Killing Of A Newport Beach Girl

Linda Ann O'Keefe was 11 when she disappeared on her way home from summer school. Her body was found the next day. Authorities now credit new technology and old DNA to a break in the long cold case.

12 Ways Your Fellow Angelenos Are Reducing Their Plastic Waste

We asked people for their tips on decreasing plastic waste. Here's what they said.

My So-Called Plastic-Free Life. I Tried For A Month. Here's What Happened

My family of four pledged to ditch single-use plastic for a month. Behold this diary of anguish, joy and plasticized stickers.

You, Cash-Strapped Californian, Are Entitled To A Beach Vacation. Here's How That Could Happen

The state Coastal Conservancy is working on a plan to increase affordable lodging near the beach. And they want your input.

My Family Is Going Plastic-Free In January. At Least, We're Going To Try

I have no time to make my own crackers, nor space to grow vegetables, nor money to burn at the farmer's market. Can my family really go plastic-free? We're going to try.

How California Is Doing A Year Into The Legal Weed Biz

We spoke with three players in California's cannabis industry to get their take a year into legalization.

'Dear NIMBYs' -- An Open Letter From A Homeless Woman In LA

Keanakay Scott cried when she read a man's suggestion that homeless people like her and her 6-year-old daughter be put on a "reservation." Then she decided to speak up.

Beyond 'Feliz Navidad': Great Holiday Songs En Español

Same ole Christmas music got you tuning out? Try another language.

5 Ways Democrats Pulled Down The Orange Curtain

Even California's Republican national committeeman was awed by Democrats' army of campaigners.

Orange County Is Looking More Purple Today

So are several other parts of Southern California. But the blue wave hasn't crested... yet.

Disney Wants A Company-Friendly City Council, And They're Spending Big To Make It Happen

The election will tell if Disney will again have a City Council that's friendly toward its interests.

OC Is About To Start Making Radical Changes To Help Its Homeless

Nearly 10 months since a lawsuit pushed Orange County officials to move hundreds of homeless people into motels from an encampment along the Santa Ana riverbed, a settlement is close. It would bring fundamental changes.

NIMBY Or Not -- A Community Implodes Over Whether (And Where) To House Homeless People

This is the story of a battle over a housing development for the homeless. But it's not just about this one battle -- it's a snapshot of NIMBY showdowns all over SoCal.

In This Congressional Race, A Surfing Climate Change Skeptic Faces An Ex-Republican Turned Liberal

A surfer is the GOP incumbent in the district that covers the Orange County coast, and he's up against a Democrat who's a former Republican. One issue that divides them is climate change.

The Court Case That Forced OC To Stop Ignoring Its Homeless

An encampment was cleared. A lawsuit was filed. Is OC now better equipped to help those experiencing homelessness?

Do You Live Near A Homeless Shelter? Tell Us About Your Experiences

If there's a housing project for the homeless near you, how has it affected you? And if one was proposed in your neighborhood, what questions would you have?

From Inferno To Hope, But It's Too Early To Declare Victory Over Holy Fire

The Holy Fire has burned more than 18,137 acres since Monday afternoon. It remains only 5 percent contained.

This OC Couple Is Clawing Their Way Out Of Homelessness, And Texting Us Along The Way

The county moved them from the Santa Ana riverbed into a motel -- and now they have less than a week before they'll be forced to move again.

OC's Dana Rohrabacher Keeps Cheerleading For Russia. Will Republican Voters Care?

Dana Rohrabacher, a pro-marijuana, climate-change-doubting, Libertarian surfer, is no stranger to controversy. He's locked in a tough reelection fight. Will recent controversies hurt his chances to hold onto his seat in Congress?

Dear LAist: How Big A Problem Is Opioid Abuse In SoCal?

It depends on how you look at the numbers.

Can These Brain Scans Make High School Football Safer?

JSerra High in Orange County is testing the brain health of its football players in hopes of making better decisions about how bad a head injury is, and when it's ok to send the athlete back out on the field.

'Exiled Elected Official, Shadow Government': Josh Newman Talks About Life After Being Booted From The State Senate

We asked: "How do you identify yourself these days?" He chuckled: "That's a good question. Josh Newman, exiled elected official, shadow government. I don't know. Yeah."

It's Official: This Is The Democrat Who Will Try To Flip A US House Seat In Orange County

Democrat Harley Rouda has emerged as the candidate who will face GOP incumbent Dana Rohrabacher in the general election battle over the congressional seat representing coastal Orange County.