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Anaheim Police Officer Fired For Involvement in Fatal Shooting

Two officers fired their weapons at the suspect's car a total of 76 times, according to the Orange County district attorney's report.

Long Beach Has Alarmingly High Rates Of HIV And Other STDs

The rate of new HIV infections in Long Beach is twice as high as in California. Here's what the city is planning to do about it.

Why Some LA County Social Workers Don't Want People To Know Where They Work

A new HBO documentary about foster care is telling their stories.

LA's First Two-Way Bike Lane Arrives Downtown

The lane runs downtown along Spring Street, between 3rd and 9th.

An (Instagram) Field Guide to LA's Trees

Los Angeles is home to one of the most diverse urban forests in the world.

Metro Admits To Painting Over Historic LA Mural

They said it was part of a freeway beautification program...

Here's What Happened Inside Nipsey Hussle's Memorial At Staples Center

The official service is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 12 p.m at Staples Center.

LACMA's New Building Design Has Some People Mad -- But Not Brad Pitt Or Diane Keaton

The $650 million dollar design has been called a travesty and compared to a cartoon antler.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Is Over, But West Covina Lives On

West Covina is moving on from its Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

LA Is Getting A New Music Festival With An All-Female Lineup

Because the other music festivals can't get it together.

Randy's Donuts Is About To Get A Hole Lot Bigger

A casino mogul snagged the iconic donut shop for a mere $2 million -- and he's turning it into an international donut empire.

LA's Uber and Lyft Drivers Are Striking For Livable Wages

They're urging the public to use public transportation until 1 a.m.

Michael Avenatti, AKA Stormy Daniels' (Former) LA Lawyer, Is Arrested On Fraud And Extortion Charges

The charges involve college basketball, a failing coffee chain and good old tax fraud.

Dear LAist: Why Aren't There More One-Way Streets In LA?

We can blame the streetcars...and ourselves.

'The World Is A Swamp': Your Reactions To The College Admissions Scandal

After reading all of the think pieces, memes, and profiles, we still couldn't stop thinking about this story. And turns out, neither could you.

Are You A Rideshare Driver In LA? Tell Us Where You Eat

Are you an Uber or Lyft driver based in the L.A. area? If so, where do you eat?

Every Influencer In LA Took The Same Photo With Wildflowers This Weekend

We looked at all the super bloom photos on Instagram so you don't have to.