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The Banditos And Other LA Sheriff's Deputy Groups Are Now Being Investigated By The FBI

The FBI is asking about the Bandito hierarchy and recruitment practices, whether the clique encourages criminal conduct, and whether Banditos have planted drugs on suspects. They have also asked whether the sheriff himself is a member.

LA Sheriff Villanueva Rehired A Deputy Who Is Now Being Called Unfit To Wear A Badge And Gun

We dive deep into the case of a deputy who was fired over allegations of domestic abuse, then rehired by Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

LA Sheriff Villanueva Toughens His Policy On Deputy Cliques. Will It Solve The Problem?

A new draft policy forbids membership in cliques that promote conduct that violates the rights of employees or the public. Meanwhile, an eighth sheriff's deputy accuses an East L.A. clique of harassment.

Ryan Twyman Was In A Moving Car When Deputies Killed Him. LA's Troubled History Of Police Shooting At Cars

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department and LAPD learned over the years that shooting at moving cars is a bad idea and have nearly prohibited the practice.

What We Know, And Don't Know, About The Fatal Costco Shooting By An Off-Duty LAPD Cop

Off-duty LAPD Officer Salvador Sanchez shot and killed a man and wounded the man's parents after an altercation at a Costco in Corona.

Frank Stoltze, Public Safety Reporter

Southern California has a long and troubled history when it comes to policing. I explore continuing tensions and efforts at reform.

LA Supes Approve Huge $7M Payout To Settle Suit Over Fatal Shooting By Deputies

The two deputies who shot and killed Donta Taylor in Compton said he had a gun, but no weapon was ever found.

This Leaked Autopsy Appears To Contradict The LA Sheriff's Department's Version Of A Fatal Shooting

Diagrams from the autopsy report indicate that Anthony Vargas was shot 13 times from behind.

Can LA's Sheriff Turn Over The Names Of 'Problem' Deputies To The DA? It's Now Up to CA's Supreme Court

This case started back when former Sheriff Jim McDonnell tried to provide the DA with the names of 300 deputies found to have engaged in misconduct that might raise questions about their credibility when testifying in court.

Typhoid Fever In The LAPD: What You Need to Know

We know you have questions about all of this. And we have answers.

An Arrest, A Strip Search, Then 5 Tasings. Jury Clears LAPD In Death Of Man Who Choked On Heroin

Alex Aguilar,a 42-year old father, was picked up for violating a gang injunction. Jurors never heard that the police chief and an oversight panel found that the officers use of the Taser was out of policy.

New Guy Gets Blame for Delayed Cleanup of Highly Contagious Bacteria at LAPD Station

Turns out citizens aren't the only ones who have trouble getting through to the right city officials.

LA County Agrees To Pay $3.75M To Family Of 16-Year-Old Fatally Shot By Sheriff's Deputy

Anthony Weber was killed on Super Bowl Sunday in 2018. Authorities said he had a gun. His family disputes it.

'Culture Of Corruption' Alleged At CHP's East LA Station; Officers Fight Back

CHP leaders say East L.A. officers got paid for work protecting Caltrans crews, even when they went home early. Some of those accused have hired former L.A. District Attorney Steve Cooley's firm to defend their jobs and reputations.

LA Sheriff Watchdog: The First Amendment Shouldn't Shield Deputy Cliques, Tattoos From Scrutiny

For years, the department has done almost nothing to rein in deputy gangs, largely because L.A. County's lawyers have argued that deputy cliques and tattoos are protected by the First Amendment.

Under Villanueva, The Sheriff's Department Is Ending More Ongoing Internal Misconduct Probes

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is ending ongoing administrative investigations at a much higher rate under Sheriff Alex Villanueva than his predecessor, according to a report by the county's inspector general.

A Controversial East LA Sheriff's Station Logo Was Banned. Sheriff Villanueva Just Brought It Back

Villanueva's move has drawn criticism from a community activist and a member of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission, who say the symbol sends an insensitive message to the community.

Third Deputy Fired by Former LA Sheriff And Rehired By Villanueva Is Named

Deputy Jason Goss was fired in March 2018 and reinstated in February through a settlement agreement. Details of his case were not immediately available.

New Battle Looms Over The Most Volatile Issue In Policing: When Should Cops Shoot?

A bill to curtail police officers' ability to legally use deadly force has been reintroduced in Sacramento. Police unions are fighting it while also backing a bill that would maintain the current force standard while increasing training.

Inspector General Finds Deputy Rehired By Sheriff Villanueva "Unfit" For Job

We dive deep into the case of a deputy who was fired over allegations of domestic abuse, then rehired by Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

LA Deputy Fired Over Domestic Abuse, And Then Rehired, Gets To Keep His Gun And Badge (For Now)

"I'm not sure the board has the authority to tell the sheriff not to rehire a deputy," said the judge, who also rejected the county's argument that he needed to act right away.

LA County Will Go To Court To Try To Force Re-Hired Deputy To Turn In Gun And Badge

The deputy at the center of the dispute served as a key aide to Villanueva during his campaign. The sheriff has said that had nothing to do with his rehiring.

LA's Sheriff Says Jail Reform Has Failed. We Went Inside To Find Out

L.A. Sheriff Alex Villanueva says attacks on guards are up and has argued his deputies need a freer hand to use force. Watchdogs say the sheriff is using faulty statistics. So what is really going on?

LA County Wants To Tear Down A Jail To Help Its Mentally Ill Inmates

There's general agreement that the aging Men's Central Jail in downtown L.A. needs to be torn down, but what should replace the 1963 concrete fortress?

Who's Right About Jail Violence: LA Sheriff Villanueva Or The Watchdogs?

Villanueva argues that reforms designed to limit deputies' use of force against inmates are a failed "social experiment" because violence is on the rise at the jails.

LA Sheriff Sets Date To Kick ICE Out Of Jails, But Will Keep Turning Over Immigrants

In an interview with LAist, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he is not ready to take steps that would reduce the number of people he hands over to ICE.

LA's Sheriff Wants To Kick ICE Out Of The Jails. What That Really Means

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told voters that, if elected, he'd kick ICE out of the jails and hand over fewer inmates for deportation. That's proving to be a complicated promise to keep.

Watchdogs Warn LA's New Sheriff: Don't Rehire 'Bad Apple' Deputies

The Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission grilled Alex Villanueva on his plan to bring back some deputies who were fired or temporarily relieved of their duties.

How Sheriff Villanueva's Election May Have Doomed LA's New Women's Jail

Sheriff Alex Villanueva's election "changed the landscape," and his opposition to the new jail gave county supervisors "political space" to back away from it, said one anti-jail activist.

Inglewood Settles Suit Over Controversial Police Shootings For $8.6M

Five officers had been fired for killing Kisha Michael and Marquintan Sandlin after finding them unconscious in their car. The settlement ends a wrongful death suit brought by Michael and Sandlin's families.

How LA's Sheriff Plans To Deploy Body Cameras For A Lot Less Money

We're starting to get some of the details of Sheriff Alex Villanueva's plan to deploy body cameras on thousands of deputies -- and how he aims to cut program costs compared to his predecessor.

Sheriff's Department Reverts To Less Stringent 2012 Deputy Disciplinary Rules, At Least For Now

Remember the L.A. County Sheriff's Department jail violence scandal? Some of these guidelines were instituted in response to a blue ribbon panel's recommendations on how to prevent another one.

Alex Villanueva Is The New Sheriff Of LA County. Here's Why He's Known As A Maverick

As a deputy he pushed for a smoking ban in the jails, started a separate union, sued the department claiming racial discrimination and got a doctorate in public administration.

LA Sheriff-Elect Starts To 'Clean House' Even Before He Takes Office

Alex Villanueva doesn't take office until next Monday, but on Wednesday his spokesman confirmed that he's removing the undersheriff, all four assistant sheriffs, eight of the 11 chiefs, and others.

Outgoing LA Sheriff Warns Against Backsliding On Reforms

In farewell remarks, outgoing L.A. Sheriff Jim McDonnell says he'll be a "vocal supporter" of Sheriff-elect Alex Villanueva, and "when necessary, a vocal critic." McDonnell refuses to rule out a future run for the job.

Alex Villanueva Says He Would Eliminate The LA Sheriff's Constitutional Policing Advisors

Villanueva, who appears poised to oust incumbent Sheriff Jim McDonnell, says the two advisors are "a dog and pony show." An ACLU policing expert says getting rid of them would be "a troubling step in the wrong direction."

Alex Villanueva Declares Victory Over Jim McDonnell In LA County Sheriff's Race

Retired L.A. County Sheriff's Lt. Alex Villanueva declared victory after the latest vote count showed him surging ahead by more than 87,000 votes.

Why A Retired Lieutenant Could Upset LA's Sheriff

Incumbent sheriffs rarely have trouble winning re-election. But as the results trickled in early Wednesday morning, challenger Alex Villanueva edged into a slight lead over L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

Meet The New LAPD Chief Michel Moore

He is a 37-year LAPD veteran who has held almost every top job in the department.

LA Explained: The Police

There's the LAPD. And the L.A. Sheriff's Department. And 45 smaller departments. And every Cal State has a department. Also UCLA. And CHP. And FBI. And DEA. And...

Bye Bye, Beck: LAPD Chief Retires

Before we cut the cake, let’s take a look back at the life and career of a man dubbed the “prince of the realm."

John Mack, LA's 'Dean Of Civil Rights,' Is Dead

The 81-year-old had served as head of the Urban League's L.A. chapter and as a member of the L.A. Police Commission. His "wisdom, integrity, and kindness helped transform Los Angeles," said Mayor Garcetti.

Here's The First Body Cam Video Released Under the LAPD's New Policy

The LAPD releases its first body cam video under a new policy. The edited video shows officers using nonlethal beanbag pellets and a Taser while arresting a man. After being handcuffed, the man stopped breathing and died.

Why Build A New Jail In Downtown LA?

Men's Central Jail is old. It's decrepit. It's not designed to treat people with mental illnesses. And the number of mentally ill inmates is growing.