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Pivot Or Die: How LA's Small Business Owners Survived 2020

The pandemic is devastating L.A.'s small businesses. One upside? Innovation is alive and well.

Measure J Appears To Pass As Part Of LA County's Criminal Justice Reform Wave

As of Wednesday night, approval of Measure J outnumbered opposition by more than 400,000 votes. A little more than half-a-million vote-by-mail ballots remain to be counted, but it's highly unlikely to change the outcome.

How To Survive: 5 Tips For Hikers Caught In A Wildfire

Hikers, please don't get trapped by a wildfire. But if you do, here are some tips to help you survive.

60 Years Of Deception And Land Sales In California City: 7 Takeaways From My Investigative Podcast

In a small town in the Mojave Desert, salespeople were making tens of millions of dollars hawking empty desert land to unsuspecting buyers by convincing them the area would boom one day -- and if they got in now, they could get rich.

'California City' Podcast Tells The Dark Side Of The American Dream

It's a story of money, power and deception in the Mojave Desert.

In LA County, Most Coronavirus Bailout Loans Went To Westside Businesses 

The areas that got the most loans are the wealthiest and whitest. They also have the most businesses.

How These LA Small Businesses Pivoted To Survive Coronavirus

For three months we've been following small businesses along a stretch of Lincoln Blvd. in Venice to document the pandemic shutdown. This month: entrepreneurial ingenuity.

Hollywood Executive Charged With Fraud For Misusing Federal Paycheck Protection Program

The former head of Aviron Pictures allegedly misused Paycheck Protection Program funds for personal expenses, including credit card and car loan bills.

Fear Of Shaming. The Need To Make A Living: Inside the Clandestine World of LA's Underground Haircuts

Let's face it, we all need a haircut. But what are you willing to risk to get one?

Curbside Pick-Up Could Soon Be Allowed For Many LA Businesses. But Some Say It Won't Help Much

Until big, public celebrations return, one flower shop owner doesn't see much improvement for her business.

10 SoCal Businesses Are Suing Big Banks Over Federal Coronavirus Loans

The suits claim the banks prioritized large companies for loans, violating the intent of the Paycheck Protection Program.

Kura Sushi Will Return Its $6 Million Federal Loan After Outrage

The Irvine-based restaurant chain has 25 locations, $24 million in cash on hand, and access to $20 million more.

Just 3% Of California's Small Businesses Got Federal Coronavirus Stimulus Loans

Using a small bank may be the secret to getting a loan.

LA Street Vendors Left Out Of Federal Aid 

At a time when billions of dollars in relief are being offered to more formal businesses, one vendor says he feels "anonymous."

Small Business Development Centers Answer Your Questions About Getting Coronavirus Help

Need assistance applying for a coronavirus small business loan? These webinars can help.

Federal Coronavirus Bailout Program Is 'Frustrating And Disappointing' For Some Small Business Owners

A number of small business owners said they had better luck applying for a Paycheck Protection Program loan through a community or regional bank.

Massive Federal Loan Program For Small Businesses Off To Rocky Start

The money might run out fast, leaving many business owners out.

Rent Is Due. And Lots Of Small Businesses In Southern California Can't Pay It

Here's what they're talking -- or not talking -- about with their landlords.

How A Federal Stimulus Could Help LA's Small Businesses During The Pandemic

Help for small business owners might be on the way in the form of a $349 billion stimulus package, which the House and President Trump are expected to approve today.

Cigarettes, Water And Weed: Some LA Businesses Are Slammed, While Others Are Closing Their Doors

Businesses not under orders to close down, here's the question: Do I stay or do I shutter?

Emily Guerin, Environment Reporter

As KPCC/LAist's environment reporter, I'm interested in contradictions.

Houses Built To Resist Wildfires Are Burning In Wildfires -- And Being Rebuilt In The Same Way

California's wildfire building codes weren't designed for the modern megafire era.

4 Inches Of Rain Is All LA Got Last Year

Get used to really dry, and really wet, and nothing in between.

Take A Deep Breath And Read About How Bad LA Smog Really Is

There's a reason they call it Smog City.

LA Metro Is Already Buying Electric Buses. Now Everyone Else Will Too.

All those non-Metro city buses you see around? Yeah, they're gonna go electric, too.

Words You Never Hear in LA: There's A Hurricane Heading Our Way

Hurricanes are so rare there's only been two in SoCal in 150 years.

LA Renters Have Been Shut Out Of Solar. That's About To Change

To qualify, you must be an LADWP customer, and you must live in a multi-family apartment building.

Jerry Brown Is Getting Heckled At His Own Climate Conference

Protesters want Jerry Brown to ban oil drilling in California. He says that's impractical.

It's Not Just You. The Mosquitoes Really Are Worse This Year.

An invasive mosquito is spreading throughout SoCal. And it thrives in hot weather.

This Heat Wave In LA Was So Bad, It Burned Leaves Off The Trees

Wilted marijuana plants, sunburned impatiens, dead leaves on avocado trees. What's gonna happen when heat waves get even worse?

Why Would Someone Deliberately Start A Wildfire?

They could be angry. Or out of work. Or a firefighter (seriously).

Living At The Beach No Longer Means No AC Needed

A recent UC San Diego study also found that people in coastal areas were much more sensitive to heat than people living inland.

These Two National Parks In California Have Air Just As Smoggy As LA

The air quality in some of California's national parks is as bad as it is in Los Angeles

Congrats, California. You Slashed Carbon Emissions By A Lot. Now The Hard Work Begins

We met our 2020 emissions reduction goals four years early. Now we have to crack down on cow farts and car exhaust.

In Future LA, Summerlong Heatwaves Could Be The New Normal

Here are a bunch of ways global warming is going to affect our power.

Here's Why The Power Grid Had An Epic Fail This Weekend

It's not because we didn't have enough electricity to meet demand.

LA Explained: The Los Angeles River

Is it a river? A sewer? A flood control channel? A place to film awesome drag racing scenes? A tool of gentrifiers to raise property values? What's the deal with the L.A. River, and why should I care about it? Let's find out.