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Census Explained: Why The Census Matters In LA

This week a federal judge will decide whether to extend the 2020 Census. Here's the stakes of that decision in Los Angeles.

Amid Layoffs And Changing End Dates, Confusion Over When Census Work Will Wrap Up In LA

There are less than four weeks left until the end of the 2020 decennial count. Many Angelenos are still uncounted, and amid changing deadlines, there are mixed messages as to when the counting work will conclude.

An Already Shortened Census May End Some In-Person Counting Even Earlier

Census officials recently announced that in some parts of the country, in-person census work like door-knocking will end even earlier than the new Sept. 30 deadline.

Census Advocates Are Racing The Clock To Help Make Sure Angelenos Are Counted In Time

The push is on since the Trump administration moved up the deadline for the census count to Sept. 30.

LA City Council Raises Fines For Littering PPE

The motion targets potentially contaminated masks and gloves being discarded in public spaces, like streets and waterways

Asian Americans Face Disproportionate Economic Insecurity Amid Pandemic, And Racism Plays A Role

A new report from UCLA shows that more Asian Americans have lost jobs and businesses compared to white Americans in the COVID-19 crisis.

Southern California Could Lose Two Congressional Seats After 2020 Census

In addition to an L.A.-area district that could be lost, a second district on the boundary between Orange and San Diego counties is looking vulnerable, according to a new study from Claremont McKenna College.

Coronavirus-Related Census Delays Could Affect California's 2022 Primary Election

If 2020 census data is released too late, the state redistricting commission might not have enough time to redraw voting district boundaries.

Census Response Rates In Wealthy West LA Areas Are Weirdly Low -- And No One Knows Why

The region was expected to be very responsive to the census, with fewer language barriers and better internet access than other places in L.A.

There's Unequal Risk And More Than One Curve Suggested In COVID-19 Data

For many Angelenos, the curve is not flattening: Low-income communities in L.A. County are now seeing the most cases and deaths, while wealthier communities are still being tested more.

LA Could Lose A Congressional Seat -- Here's Why

The 2020 census could reshape L.A.'s congressional district lines. The slow-growing 27th District in the San Gabriel Valley -- where Asians make up a plurality of the population-- is looking particularly vulnerable.

Local Lawmakers Want Details Before Approving A Census Extension

U.S. Rep. Jimmy Gomez understands that COVID-19 is an unprecedented barrier to counting everyone, but says the Census Bureau's lack of communication is a whole different problem.

2020 Census: A New Campaign To Get Arab Americans To Check 'Other'

A decade later, the write-in campaign is underway again for the 2020 Census, but it's been rebranded. Now the slogan is, 'I am Arab, I am American, I Matter.'

Happy Census Day! Here's How LA is Responding So Far

As of this week, about one in three American households have completed the census. L.A. County is close behind but when we zoom in, we see a different picture. A Census Bureau map of individual tracts shows that participation is already starting to look segregated.

Coronavirus Has The Census Bureau Pushing Back Deadlines

Census Bureau leaders say the count is still meeting and exceeding goals. But recently hired enumerators are feeling uninformed and unprotected.

Why Chicharito's Home Debut Has LA Galaxy Fans Stoked

The player arrived to a fanfare in L.A., and now it's time for fans to see him in action.

Neighbors Have Mixed Feelings About New Venice Shelter

Some are looking to move out of the area. Others hope it'll get people off the sidewalks.

Newsom Wants Cities To Lease State Land To Fight Homelessness. Here's What Some Might Do

Some ideas involve permanent housing, but it's unclear whether that's an option.

Are Coronavirus Fears Keeping Diners From Chinese Restaurants? The Answer May Be Regional

It's a different tale at two acclaimed San Gabriel restaurants, and it's Chinese diners who are steering clear of the one specializing in Wuhan cuisine

That Weird Fireball Thing You Saw In The Sky Wednesday Night? We Have Answers

It's a meteor, it's a piece of space junk, it's Kobe's last goodbye! We solve the mystery (well, NASA did)

Endangered West Hollywood Rare Plant Nursery May Survive

Late last year XOTX Tropico owner Leon Massoth was told the property his business sits on had been sold and he had to leave. He thinks he's found a new space.