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Volunteer Vaccine Navigators Are Helping Seniors Through The Scheduling Maze

People around Southern California are stepping up to help seniors and other eligible people find and secure COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

How To Get The Second Dose Of The COVID Vaccine In Southern California

If you managed to get the first dose, here's your guide to making sure you complete the series.

My New Job Is Reporting About You (So Here's A Little About Me)

The role is part of 'engagement journalism.' To clarify: that means 'engaged' with the public during reporting, not posts about your cousin getting 'engaged' to that dude.

Meet Crenshaw High's Kamarie Brown, LAUSD's Newest Student Board Member

Brown will serve while dealing with distance learning and taking multiple AP classes (calculus is her favorite). She wants to focus on the Student Bill of Rights and equity among schools.

What You Need To Know About LAUSD Restarting Some In-Person Tutoring, Assessments

Participation is voluntary, and employees and students will have to get tested for COVID-19 first.

Here's How LA County Schools Can Be Considered For A Coveted Reopening Waiver

The waivers are limited to TK-2, and only 30 schools will get one each week.

These Parents Are Suing Los Angeles Unified Over Its Approach To Distance Learning

A group of Black and Latino parents, parents of English language learners, and parents of students with special needs claim the district is violating their children's right to an education.

Why Grab-And-Go Meals Around SoCal Could Change This School Year

The answer lies in the complicated rules governing school nutrition.

Who's Applying For School Reopening Waivers in Southern California?

Here's what we know so far -- from public records requests and with your help.

LA County Health Officials Won't Grant School Reopening Waivers Until COVID Rate Drops

But for now, health officials in Los Angeles County will not consider these requests.

Facing New School Year, Officials Ponder Waiver Process For Elementary Schools

The waivers are only available for schools that get approval from local health officers.

Under Newsom's Order, There's No Telling How Long K-12 Campuses In Southern California Will Stay Shut

Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties are all on the state's coronavirus monitoring list. No in-person learning will be allowed in K-12 schools until their cleared.

LA Teachers' Union Overwhelmingly Votes Against Reopening Schools

With coronavirus cases rising, UTLA wants LA Unified School District campuses to remain closed during the fall semester.

For Advocates, $25 Million Cut To LAUSD Police Is Just The First Step. For Others, It's Already Too Much.

It's been an eventful week at the Los Angeles Unified School District.

LAUSD Board Considered Three Resolutions To Reform School Police. None Of Them Passed

One of the resolutions would have drastically reduced funding to the district's police department.

Why Advocates Want Police Out Of LAUSD Schools

The school board will vote on resolutions reexamining the role of the district's police force on Tuesday.

LAUSD Superintendent Wants School Police Ban On Pepper Spray And Controversial Neck Hold

The district will also review the budget -- including the allocation for school police -- over the summer.

In Their Own Words: Students Share Lessons Learned From Organizing And Protesting

"This isn't new to us." Students have been on the front lines, but their voices haven't often been heard in the media coverage of this week's demonstrations.

What Could Schools Look Like When They Reopen? Here's What LA County Education Officials Say

Less sharing, smaller classes, way more handwashing, and masks for everyone.

Covina-Valley Schools Superintendent Is Under Police Investigation For Alleged Misconduct Involving Students

The misconduct allegations against Covina-Valley USD Superintendent Richard Sheehan involved three current and former students, police say.

We Have Some Tips For Students Taking The Always Stressful AP Exams Remotely

The challenges include alleged cheating rings and technical difficulties submitting answers online.

How LAUSD Handed Out 13 Million Free Meals In 6 Weeks

Since March 18, nearly 3,000 workers and volunteers have distributed hundreds of thousands of meals each day.

LAUSD Campuses Will Remain Closed Through End of School Year, Summer Session

The rest of the school year and summer school will continue "in the current, remote fashion."

Maps: LA & OC Families In Need Can Get Free Food At These Places While Schools Are Closed

We are updating this list as we hear more - and we want to hear from you.

Here's What Happened The First Day LAUSD Handed Out Free Meals

There are 60 spots around the district where kids can pick up breakfast and lunch while schools are closed.

Here Are Places That Will Provide Food To Families In Need While Schools Are Closed

We are updating this list as we hear more - and we want to hear from you.

LAUSD Will Team Up With Public TV To Teach Kids If Schools Close

The Los Angeles Unified School District will partner with local public television stations to provide educational programming in the event schools close.

How LAUSD Is Responding To Coronavirus Worries

The superintendent can take "any and all actions necessary" to keep schools running. What exactly does that mean?

Facing The Music: The Uncertain Future of the Orange County School of the Arts

As the Orange County School of the Arts and Santa Ana Unified clash over admissions, diversity and fundraising, the school's future hangs in the balance.

Orange County School Of The Arts Is Trying To Get Its Charter Renewed -- But There's Drama

We're continuing to report on this story, and we want to hear from you.

SuperShuttle Is Driving Out Of LAX -- For Good

You won't see any of the blue vans cruising around the airport after Dec. 31.

Before Netflix And Stand-Up Specials, Gabriel Iglesias Was A Student In This Long Beach Teacher's Class

Iglesias dedicated the show to his teacher, June Garner, writing: "Thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself."

3 Murals Inside A Juvenile Hall In Boyle Heights Give Youth A Space To Express And Aspire

An arts program at Central Juvenile Hall in Boyle Heights is helping incarcerated teens learn to connect and collaborate. For some, one contributing artist said, it's "maybe even their first time collaborating in any form."

Child Care Workers Finally Win Long Battle For The Right To Bargain For Better Pay

Similar bills have been vetoed by previous governors, but it's in Governor Gavin Newsom's hands now.

Why This Entire 11th Grade Class Is Getting Free LA Metro Passes

Will it help the environment? Could it reduce poverty?

Real Bathrooms, Easier To Climb Stairs, And Food: Here's What's New At The Music Center Plaza

After 20 months and $41 million of renovations, the Music Center's "fifth venue" has reopened.

He Graduated In '91 And Still Hangs Out With The Art Teacher Who 'Changed My Path'

Before Rhode Montijo co-created the web show "Happy Tree Friends" and illustrated children's books, he was Floyd Nordwick's student.

What Would You Put In A Time Capsule To Capture What LA Was Like In 2019?

The Department of Arts and Culture just sealed a time capsule in downtown L.A. The county has disclosed some, but not all, of its contents -- they still want future Angelenos to be surprised.

Feminist Rock Musician Reunites With The LAUSD Teacher Who Changed Her Life

She felt like a misfit and was grieving the loss of her mother when she took his class at Hamilton High School.

Carla Javier, Arts Education Reporter

I explore what's being done to address the disparity and who does and does not get to learn about and make art.

LAUSD Is Asking For Public Input One Last Time Before Modifying That Controversial Koreatown Mural

The district is soliciting input that "speaks to the diverse and vibrant cultural fabric of the area."

This School District Got An Unexpected $2.4 Million This Year. Here's How They Spent It

Beaumont Unified got the second highest amount in the state.

A Bunch of Artists Just Turned This South LA High School Into An Outdoor Mural Gallery

Over two dozen new works decorate the campus of Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School.

Your Art Teacher Deserves Some Love. Nominate Them For A Story

We may feature them on the radio or on our website!

Teen Girls' Scripts Are Getting The Star Treatment In Hollywood

Watch Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Keiko Agena, Seth Rogen, and Wayne Brady perform scenes written by the next generation of women writers.

Did An Arts Teacher Make A Difference In Your Life? Tell Us About Them

Maybe they introduced you to music or dance or theater or crayons. We want to hear your story.

Road-Tripping With California's Poet Laureate (Who Helped Invent The Jello Jiggler!)

During Dana Gioia's tenure, he made it a point to visit every one of California's 58 counties.

What To Do -- And Not Do -- When You Get Home After A Wildfire

Some helpful suggestions on how to protect yourself from ash and particles from the fire. 

What A Smelly High School Band Uniform Has To Do With Burbank's Measure QS

We talked to the folks who put Measure QS on the ballot and are campaigning for it, to opponents - and to high school students who could be affected.

Can This Academy Requiring Arts Classes Get More Struggling LAUSD Students To Graduation?

At a new academy in South L.A., students are required to take eight hours of arts a week. At least some students who had been struggling say it's helping them focus.

Police At LA Schools Are Arresting And Citing Black Students At A Disproportionate Rate

One-quarter of L.A. School Police enforcement actions involved black students, even though African-Americans make up less than 10 percent of all LAUSD students, according to a new report.

The Art Of Becoming Sister Cities -- Why A Group Of LA Jazz Students Went On A Trip To Chengdu

We asked the musicians to keep audio diaries of their experiences abroad. Here's what they shared with us.

The Next Generation Of Mariachis Are Learning From A Legend At This LA Workshop

Mariachi master José Hernández wants young musicians to appreciate the music as a challenging and beautiful art form. He compares mariachi in Mexico to jazz in the U.S.

Cranston Fire: Alleged Arsonist Held on $3.5 Million Bail. New Evacuation Centers Open

On the day the Cranston Fire sparked, students at Idyllwild Arts Academy were eating lunch when flames appear in the sky. Would their campus survive the fire? They already knew fire was a danger for the remote mountain campus. When they arrived this summer for classes, staff searched bags to make sure they had nothing with them that could start a fire.

The LA Summer Interns Learning Filmmaking -- And Documenting Holocaust Survivors' Stories

Their stories will be available at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust later this year.

CalArts Is Going Back To High School This Summer

The school's summer arts program is spending four weeks teaching 190 kids in South LA.

This Iconic California License Plate Has A Very Creative History

It's not just a pretty picture. It means millions for the arts.

A Richer Picture Of Arts Education Funding In The State Of California

The state budget has over $50 million more for funding arts and arts education. Here's where it's going.

It's The Last Day Of School For The Head Of Arts Education At LAUSD

We talked arts, opportunity and data with Rory Pullens as he was packing up his office in his final days before retirement.

The Future Is Female For Young Classical Musicians Of Color In LA

The message is fortissimo and clear: representation and 'role-modeling' matter.

An Empty Classroom In Long Beach Is Now An In-Demand Art Studio

There's nothing quite like negative space to prod the imagination.

How 4 Teen Photographers Got Their Images Into The Getty

Remember these names because you'll be hearing them again.

The LA Theater Program Launching Careers For Young Actors With Autism

"I think that people with autism are the most extraordinary, sensitive, kind, wonderful human beings I've ever had the privilege to know." - Elaine Hall, founder of The Miracle Project

She's A Young LA Jazz Musician Who's Going Places (Carnegie Hall, To Be Exact)

In a male-dominated jazz world, this deeply accomplished young woman is making her mark — coast to coast.