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Did An Arts Teacher Make A Difference In Your Life? Tell Us About Them

Maybe they introduced you to music or dance or theater or crayons. We want to hear your story.

Road-Tripping With California's Poet Laureate (Who Helped Invent The Jello Jiggler!)

During Dana Gioia's tenure, he made it a point to visit every one of California's 58 counties.

What To Do -- And Not Do -- When You Get Home After A Wildfire

Some helpful suggestions on how to protect yourself from ash and particles from the fire. 

What A Smelly High School Band Uniform Has To Do With Burbank's Measure QS

We talked to the folks who put Measure QS on the ballot and are campaigning for it, to opponents - and to high school students who could be affected.

Can This Academy Requiring Arts Classes Get More Struggling LAUSD Students To Graduation?

At a new academy in South L.A., students are required to take eight hours of arts a week. At least some students who had been struggling say it's helping them focus.

Police At LA Schools Are Arresting And Citing Black Students At A Disproportionate Rate

One-quarter of L.A. School Police enforcement actions involved black students, even though African-Americans make up less than 10 percent of all LAUSD students, according to a new report.

The Art Of Becoming Sister Cities -- Why A Group Of LA Jazz Students Went On A Trip To Chengdu

We asked the musicians to keep audio diaries of their experiences abroad. Here's what they shared with us.

The Next Generation Of Mariachis Are Learning From A Legend At This LA Workshop

Mariachi master José Hernández wants young musicians to appreciate the music as a challenging and beautiful art form. He compares mariachi in Mexico to jazz in the U.S.

Cranston Fire: Alleged Arsonist Held on $3.5 Million Bail. New Evacuation Centers Open

On the day the Cranston Fire sparked, students at Idyllwild Arts Academy were eating lunch when flames appear in the sky. Would their campus survive the fire? They already knew fire was a danger for the remote mountain campus. When they arrived this summer for classes, staff searched bags to make sure they had nothing with them that could start a fire.

The LA Summer Interns Learning Filmmaking -- And Documenting Holocaust Survivors' Stories

Their stories will be available at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust later this year.

CalArts Is Going Back To High School This Summer

The school's summer arts program is spending four weeks teaching 190 kids in South LA.

This Iconic California License Plate Has A Very Creative History

It's not just a pretty picture. It means millions for the arts.

A Richer Picture Of Arts Education Funding In The State Of California

The state budget has over $50 million more for funding arts and arts education. Here's where it's going.

It's The Last Day Of School For The Head Of Arts Education At LAUSD

We talked arts, opportunity and data with Rory Pullens as he was packing up his office in his final days before retirement.

The Future Is Female For Young Classical Musicians Of Color In LA

The message is fortissimo and clear: representation and 'role-modeling' matter.

An Empty Classroom In Long Beach Is Now An In-Demand Art Studio

There's nothing quite like negative space to prod the imagination.

How 4 Teen Photographers Got Their Images Into The Getty

Remember these names because you'll be hearing them again.

The LA Theater Program Launching Careers For Young Actors With Autism

"I think that people with autism are the most extraordinary, sensitive, kind, wonderful human beings I've ever had the privilege to know." - Elaine Hall, founder of The Miracle Project

She's A Young LA Jazz Musician Who's Going Places (Carnegie Hall, To Be Exact)

In a male-dominated jazz world, this deeply accomplished young woman is making her mark — coast to coast.