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It's Not Just You, LA's Freeways Have Gotten Slower Since 2015

New data says rush hour drive speeds are, on average, worse than they were five years ago.

One Angeleno's Quest To Stop Junk Mail Forever

It took too many steps to get there.

A Giant Swarm Of Butterflies Has Arrived In SoCal

The rain might be a bummer, but at least it brought butterflies.

Here's What Happened The Last Time LAUSD Teachers Went On Strike

They say this time, there's a lot more at stake.

LA County Opens Another Parking Lot For Homeless People To Sleep Safely In Their Cars

And it comes with a restroom, a security guard and social services.

California Pet Stores Can Only Sell Rescued Animals Now

Even some pet store owners say it's about time.

4 New Sexual Harassment Laws Take Effect On Jan. 1. Here's What They Say

It just got a lot easier to sue for sexual harassment at work.

LA's Trees Need A Little More TLC ($50 Million Would Do The Trick)

Cities like New York and San Francisco allocate more than $70 per tree per year, while Los Angeles is shelling out less than $30.

Fire Victims Can Get Help Clearing Debris From Their Properties If They Act Now

There's no cost out-of-pocket, but you have to sign up for it first.

20,000 Houses Will Be Built Outside LA. Dangerous Urban Sprawl Or Answer To The Housing Crisis?

A massive community in pristine grasslands brings great views, but also high fire risk, more traffic and increased pollution.

LA City Council Could Force Venues To Sell Vegan Food

If the motion moves forward, it could go into effect as soon as February 2019.

More Than 70 Horses Displaced By The Woolsey Fire Are Still Homeless

The Ventura County Fairgrounds is still housing dozens of horses that don't have a stable to return to.

All The Things Being Done To Put Malibu Back Together Again After The Woolsey Fire

The biggest question after a wildfire: How do you rebuild? Here's the answer, from your water and electricity providers.

Why This House Is Still Standing Among The Ruins Of The Woolsey Fire

"If I could've I would've left, but you know I'm not gonna. The animals need me ... I was not gonna leave them. I know everyone's going to say I'm an idiot."

Steve Knight Concedes And This Simi Valley Starbucks Spills The Tea

We talked to voters about Katie Hill (and their peppermint lattes).

How To Put On An Election In 2018, LA County-Style

Hundreds of thousands of voters will take to the polls tomorrow. And that requires some advanced planning.

That Massive Concrete Box You're Driving By In Burbank Is About To Hold LA's Drinking Water

It's under construction until 2021. Here's an inside look at your water's future home.

Brown Water in Compton And Willowbrook Might Finally Get Fixed

L.A. County is taking over after Sativa Water District delivered unsafe water to residents for months.

Here's Why LA's Smog Has Been Extra Smoggy

A tale of fog, Santa Ana winds, climate change -- and why it's all bad for your lungs.

JPL Carves Better Pumpkins Than You Ever Will

Forget the basic jack-o'-lantern. Look for fighting spaceships, ET on his flying bike, animated moon discoveries and Cookie Monster.

This Man Knows How To Make Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air

His supporters call it alchemy. David Hertz calls it ingenuity.

This Company Is Betting On Animal Fat And French Fry Oil As The Jet Fuel Of The Future

In Paramount, one of the world's largest biofuel facilities is about to get bigger.

Hikers Celebrate LA's Famous Cougar P-22 By Following In His Pawprints

Follow their 50-mile journey tracking P-22 from the Santa Monica Mountains to Griffith Park on foot.

First Pines, Now Firs: California's Trees Are Still Dying

The drought might be over, but we're not out of the woods yet.

They're Out Of Jail, But Will They Ever Finish Serving Their Time?

A public awareness campaign called #TimeDone wants everyone to know how hard it is for those who paid their debt to society to move on.

How WeHo Residents Swung The City Council On Seismic Retrofitting

West Hollywood officials surprised everyone by voting with tenants -- and against landlords -- on the thorny issue of who pays to make buildings earthquake-safe.

Finally, A Suspect In The Malibu Creek Mystery

Anthony Rauda, 42, is suspected in a string of burglaries, and detectives are investigating whether he may also be linked to a series of shootings, one of which left a local camper dead.

Why Helicopters And Bloodhounds Swarmed Malibu Creek State Park This Weekend

A burglary suspect is on the run in the area. Deputies say it's possible he's linked to the fatal shooting ofr a camper in June.

A Homeless Couple In Mission Hills Was Attacked With Acid

It's the latest in a string of attacks on LA's homeless.

Joe Biden Rallies for SoCal Democratic Candidates -- And Speaks Of Anita Hill

The former vice president talked about the importance of voting, his concerns about President Trump and his role in the Anita Hill hearings.

Meet The Brilliant Chemist From Caltech Who Just Won The Nobel Prize

Frances Arnold just became the first woman at Caltech to win the award.

Photos: Surfers Stoked To Meet Tropical Storm Rosa

"This is the place to be," said one surfer in Malibu. "If you can get a big one you're pretty stoked. Surf's up."

How To Be The Best Stair Climber In The West

Thousands trek up the tallest set of stairs this side of the Mississippi. For charity.

Everytable Is The Next Restaurant Chain Trying To Make LA's 'Food Deserts' Bloom

The chain has opened its newest outpost in Compton. Can it succeed where so many others have failed?

This Malibu Camp Wants Juvenile Justice To Be More Like Rehab Than Prison

It's been overhauled to be less like a prison for its young residents. But it's having challenges.

Did You Know You Can Vote From Jail? County Inmates Didn't

LA County and the ACLU spent National Voter Registration Day educating some of its most forgotten voters. They brought Common along too.

Chanting, Honking, Marching And Dressed In Black: Scenes From Today's Kavanaugh Walkout

People walked out of their offices, homes, classrooms, or wherever on Monday at exactly 10 a.m.

Long Beach Police Have Been Using An App That Deletes Text Messages

After an Al Jazeera story, the department has suspended use of the app. An L.A. County deputy public defender plans to explore whether the practice affected the outcomes of homicide cases.

Inglewood's Multibillion-Dollar Football Stadium Is Taking Shape. We Got A Look Inside

Six million construction hours later, officials say the project is on schedule to be completed by 2020.

This Art In Hermosa Beach Shows You How Many Bottles And Cans You Use Each Year

The average American uses 839 bottles, cans and cartons every year (and recycles only 32 percent of them). Here's what that looks like.

3 Mice, 2 Chainsaws, 1 Rusty Mattress Spring: Those Are Just A Few Things Volunteers Found On LA's Beaches

They also found unused meds, wedding rings and urns amid the 35,000 pounds of trash they hauled away during Coastal Cleanup Day.

Snapshot: LA's Plan To Cut Smog 25 Percent By The 2028 Olympics (It's Electrifying)

City officials want to eliminate 25 percent of our smog before the world arrives for the 2028 Olympics.

The DMV Says Wait Times Are Shorter, So I Tested It Out. It Crushed My Soul

The DMV claims it's reduced the average time you'll spend in line by a half hour. That wasn't exactly how it panned out for us.

Canada's Super Scoopers Are Back In LA. But As Fire Season Gets Worse, Why Don't We Buy Our Own?

L.A. County spends $8 million for two of them and their crews to stay here from September through November

5 Things We Didn't Expect To Find At LA's Cannabis Convention

From CBD dog treats to hash-scented humidifiers, here are the latest ways marijuana can be monetized.

You May Not Have To Take The Laptop Out Of Your Bag At LAX For (Too) Much Longer

One-step ID checks and 3D scanning, currently being tested at LAX, could get you on your way faster.

The Water District Bringing Brown Water To Compton And Willowbrook Will Be Shut Down

A regional planning commission voted unanimously to dissolve the Sativa water district Wednesday morning. Customers of the low-income water district has complained for months about brown tap water.

'Firemen Aren't Supposed To Be Shot:' Son Remembers Fallen Long Beach Firefighter

In a moving memorial service packed with tradition as well as laughter, Capt. David Rosa of the Long Beach Fire Department was remembered by colleagues and family. Rosa was shot and killed early last week while responding to an explosion at an apartment building for low-income senior citizens.

Elderly Man Arrested in Connection With Fatal Shooting of Long Beach Firefighter

Authorities said they had one person in custody in connection to the shooting, but gave no further details.

8 Spots In LA To Watch The World Cup In All Of Its Glory

The U.S. might be out of the World Cup this year, but that doesn't mean people aren't watching. Here are some of the best places to keep up with the games this year.