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Faculty, Students Brace For Financial Fallout From USC's $1 Billion Sexual Abuse Settlement

USC president: education will be protected. Expert: students will end up paying the university's sexual abuse settlement in the long run.

Community Colleges Have Lost A Lot Of Students During The Pandemic. Here's How One Campus Has Kept Theirs

As community college enrollment has dropped around California, one local campus has taken a 'customer service' approach to retaining students and encouraging new ones to enroll.

How Students Stuck In Domestic Abuse Can Get Help From University Advocates -- Even When Not On Campus

Outreach improves as universities shift sexual abuse and harassment support online, but other students fall through the cracks.

A 2014 State Audit Took Aim At Sexual Violence On College Campuses. Here's What's Changed And What Hasn't  

The State Auditor's recommendations included overhauls to employee and student training on sexual violence and more transparency on efforts to prevent incidents.

Broadband Relief Coming For Some College Students Under Federal Relief Plans

Low-income college students could get $50 broadband reimbursement from federal COVID relief bill.

'Not Just Numbers': Community College Students Share Their Struggles To Stay Enrolled

Some dropped classes after losing childcare support, others after rent hikes. Some say they'll re-enroll in college in the spring, others aren't so sure.

International Student Enrollment Drop Is A Big Financial Drain On Colleges And Universities

Southern California colleges and universities have come to rely on financially on international students.

New Cal State Chancellor Emphasizes Mexican American Heritage To Connect With Campus Communities

"Latino" is also an accurate description of Joseph Castro's heritage -- but it doesn't resonate as much for this son of the San Joaquin Valley.

Cal State University Picks Fresno State President As New System Chancellor

Fresno State President Joseph Castro will be the new CSU chancellor. He faces major financial and educational challenges at the university system.

Employees Say Cal State's COVID-19 Policies Are Falling Short

After outbreaks at Cal State campuses in Chico and San Diego, CSU employees say COVID-19 protocols aren't enough.

Thousands Of College Students Are Moving Into SoCal Dorms. Can Campuses Curb The COVID Risk?

Colleges are opening some of their dorms with lots of rules. But not all campuses are taking the same approach to keep COVID-19 from spreading.

Late Deciders, Late Withdrawals: The Headaches Of Predicting Fall College Enrollment

As college semesters begin, uncertainty about COVID-19 is leading some students to make last-minute college decisions.

Players Battle It Out To Shape Ethnic Studies In Cal State System

California's engaged in a struggle over ethnic studies, and the stakes are higher than you think.

Immigrant Advocates Say Federal Dismantling Of DACA Not A Done Deal

The Trump Administration has said it won't approve new DACA applications and makes the case for dismantling the program weeks after a Supreme Court ruling in DACA's favor.

Essay: Pop. Impact. Run. What Happened When Long Beach Police Shot Our Reporter With Foam Round

The projectile bullet hit the bottom of my throat, rattled my body, my mind, my family, and my sense of 'what now?'

With Big Budget Cuts At 4-Year Schools, Will Students Flock To Less Expensive Community Colleges?

Community college administrators are tapping into reserves to protect student services. They hope those measures will stabilize enrollment.

LA Diary: This Dance Major Watched Graduation On The Couch, But She's Staying On Her Toes

It was a couch commencement for this community college grad, and a time to honor those who helped her get to this moment.

In 'Incredible Step' UC Regents Suspend SAT And ACT Admissions Requirement -- Possibly Forever

The vote by the UC Regents to suspend the tests was unanimous.

These Private SoCal Colleges Are Trying To Figure Out How To Reopen Their Campuses In The Fall

Unlike California's big public universities and community colleges, these private colleges say their small size allows them to go back to campus in the fall.

State Audit Says Cal State University Hasn't Justified Ballooning Student Fees

The report finds that mandatory fees, which have increased sharply, have not been adequately justified.

As Emergency Relief Funds Arrive, California Community Colleges Sue To Include More Students

A federal lawsuit alleges that a U.S. Department of Education rule prohibiting undocumented students from receiving emergency coronavirus relief is unconstitutional.

COVID-19 Price Tag For California State University: $337 Million, And Rising

Financial hits to the 23-campus system include lost revenue from dorms, parking and bookstores, and extra costs for cleaning and online instruction.

Community Colleges In LA, Santa Monica Say Fall Classes Will Be Online 

Community colleges are weighing national health directives, state emergency announcements, and whether they can carry out social distancing in classrooms.

Asked To Leave Dorms, Housing Insecure Students Struggle To Stay Enrolled

Cal State University policies on allowing students to remain in dorms vary by campus.

In Lawsuits, UC and Cal State Students Demand Refunds Of Fees For On-Campus Services

The class-action lawsuits seek the refund of unused portions of fees for campus services such as student health and academic support.

Paid Leave, Free Wi-Fi: California College Students Form Coalition To Demand More Help

Among the coalition's demands: leniency in grading, paid leave for student workers until they return to work, free on-campus parking and use of campus wi-fi.

Community Colleges Brace For Surge In Student Mental Health Needs

A task force at L.A.'s nine community colleges is searching for better ways to serve students feeling the emotional effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

Black College Students And Staff Make Their Own Safety Net Against COVID-19 Crisis

African American students and staff at one college are responding to the COVID-19 crisis by doing more to support each other.

With Nothing To 'Fall Back On,' Santa Monica College Food Giveaway Helps Some Students Survive

Santa Monica College organized a drive-through pop up to give away hundreds of meals and more to its students.

The University of California Just Made It (Temporarily) Easier for Students To Enroll

UC drops C grade minimum for required 12th grade classes, and won't require standardized tests for next year's applicants.

Community College Leaders Worry COVID-19 Crisis Will Push Students To Drop Out

Community college leaders fear students will drop out because of the coronavirus crisis. As classes move online, they're trying to keep students engaged and provide support.

College Students: Here's Your Guide To Keeping The Financial Aid Tap Flowing

A significant part of financial aid is used by students for non-tuition costs such as rent, food, and transportation.

University Of California Withdraws Tuition Hike, Student Leaders Demand More Help

UC student leaders asked the university system to give student workers paid leave, emergency housing and other aid to ease coronavirus impacts.

Pepperdine Is Clearing Out Its Dorms, But Some Students Can Stay

The Malibu campus told it's 2,400 students to leave by 3 p.m. on Sunday as it moves its classes online on Monday.

More Colleges Shift To Online Classes As Coronavirus Spreads. Here's What's Happening Locally.

Here's a list of how local colleges are responding to the spreading coronavirus.

USC Is Moving To Online Classes. Here's How That Will Work

USC moves 7,000 classes online for three days this week, joining Columbia, Princeton, and others.

What Young Voters Are Talking About Going Into Election Day

Climate change, social issues, and housing costs are increasingly driving the 18-to-24 crowd to the polls.

College Students Bet On Pupusas And Raunchy Rap To Turn Out Voters

College students are getting creative in their effort to get more of their peers to register and turn out to vote this year.

This Is What A $4 Billion Maintenance Backlog Feels Like To A Cal State Worker

Money to upgrade and maintain old academic buildings has been slow to come but relief may be in sight.

To Get Into A Cal State, You Won't Need More High School Math -- Yet

How much high school math do you need to get into a Cal State? It's controversial.

Athletes' Pay Wasn't The Only Big Topic At The NCAA Convention. Here's What Else Came Up

Athletics leaders said there's work to be done to improve college student mental health and prevent student sexual assault.

Whittier College Hopes Tuition Freeze Will Draw More Students. But Can They Get Over The Sticker Shock?

Is freezing tuition at $49,000 a year enough to attract working-class high school graduates?

The NCAA Meets In Anaheim This Week. Shot Clock Starts On College Athlete Paychecks

California's college athletes bill will be the talk of the NCAA's annual convention, which begins today.

Billions Of Dollars Are Headed To UC And CSU. How Should They Spend It?

Employees, buildings, students -- where will it go?

'We Don't Want To Lose This Generation' -- The Push To Get Native American Students To SoCal Colleges

There are about 20,000 students at Cal State San Bernardino. Only 45 are Native American.

The UC System Is Being Sued To Stop Using SAT/ACT Over Discrimination Claims

Civil rights groups say the University of California is violating the equal protection clause of the state constitution by using SAT and ACT scores for admissions.

Rape, Stalking, Dating Violence Reports Are Up At Some SoCal Colleges

The yearly Clery reports tally the number of violent incidents reported at colleges and universities. Officials say some incidents, like rape, go underreported.

Native American Students Feel Invisible. A New SoCal College Hopes To Change That

California Indian Nations College is a new public college founded to serve Native Americans. Students say it's a big change from campuses where no one understands Native culture.

People Are Threatening To Sue The UC System If It Doesn't Ditch Its SAT And ACT Requirements

The University of California could be the first system to get rid of the SAT and ACT as a qualification for admissions.

When Fires Approach Schools, How Will Your District React? It Depends

State-required safety plans offer guidance, but the decision is largely up to the individual school.

Cal State's Chancellor Is Retiring. Here's A Look Back At His Tenure

Timothy P. White spurred graduation rates to all-time highs -- but there was criticism, too

SoCal Professors Push To Make College-Level Statistics Less Painful

Introductory statistics classes in college are going through a makeover.

How A House Near Cal State Fullerton Is Changing The Lives Of Former Prisoners

For students who spent time in prison, the transition to college can be tough. Cal State Fullerton officials say this off-campus housing for them is the only one of its kind in the nation.

Trump's Public Charge Rule Is Blocked, For Now

Federal judges in New York, California and Washington state have issued rulings that for now block President Trump's so-called public charge immigration rule, which would have taken effect Oct. 15.

USC's Carol Folt Says She'll Face Scandals 'With Urgency' As Faculty Waits For A Call Back On Proposals

A group of concerned professors wants to be consulted on the new president's reforms.

Cal State Scrapped 'Remedial' Math, And So Far Students Are Getting Along Fine

Major math reforms at Cal State University are showing results.

California Lawmakers Tried To Cut The Cost Of College. Here's What They Did And Didn't Accomplish

Most of the big efforts fizzled out. Supporters are hoping for success next year.

Math Is Dividing The Cal State Community. Here's What Happened At The Public Forum

Dozens of people spoke out about a proposal to increase the math skills requirement in the California State University application.

Cal State Wants Incoming Freshmen To Have More Math. Opponents Fear It Will Only Widen The Equity Divide 

Cal State trustees will hear critics and supporters of the suggested change at an organized a public forum

Cal State Is Offering Freshmen Who Didn't Pass Remedial Math A Second Chance

Failing remedial classes no longer means Cal State freshmen will be dropped from the rolls. Students who don't pass newly revised math classes their first year are now given a second chance.

For-Profit Colleges Close All The Time In California, But You Usually Only Hear About The Scandals

A-Technical College has a 40-year history, and it's not closing because it defrauded students or for any other scandal. Its story is instead about a small, immigrant-owned business that fell, like many others, to market forces.

Native American Enrollment In Community College Has Plummeted 60% In 20 Years. Here's Why

There are 114 community college campuses in California. Only a handful have support and academic programs for Native American students.

Cal State Has A $1.5B Surplus, And Fullerton Wants Some Of It Back

The City of Fullerton says the recently revealed $1.5 billion in Cal State reserves should be used to pay back a 30-year-old loan.

USC Has A New President. Here's What She Has To Deal With

New USC President Carol Folt's first actions will be closely watched: Will she take time to get a lay of the land or make changes right away?

Native Americans Are Almost Invisible On College Campuses, And It's Hurting Their Chances For Success

Native Americans face invisibility and lack of support on their way to college degrees

Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, Education Reporter

I focus on the stories of students trying to overcome academic and other challenges to stay in college -- with the goal of creating a path to a better life.

UCLA Gynecologist Charged With Sexual Abuse

UCLA says a former gynecologist who worked at the student health center has been charged with sexual abuse.

Homeless College Students Are Sleeping In Their Cars. What Should Schools Do About It?

Opponents of legislation to open community college parking lots to homeless students say bigger solutions are needed.

From Prison To Campus: These California Colleges Want To Ease The Culture Shock For Ex-Offenders

Programs target formerly incarcerated students at a critical time: their first year.

25 Years After His Tragic Death, Oscar Gomez Gets His College Degree

The Chicano activist influenced many fellow students before his life was cut short at age 21.

This Cal State Created A Game To Keep Students In School (And It Pays Top Players $1,000)

Players earn points, badges and actual cash for learning about how to adapt to college's academic, financial, and social challenges.

Nearly 1 In 3 Community College Students Is A Parent. Here's How To Keep Them In Class

Amber Angel's water broke during an 8 a.m. math class. Now the mother of two helps other students with kids stay in college.

1 In 5 Of California's Community College Students Are Homeless

A new study finds that half of California community college students struggle to pay for food, more than half have trouble paying their rent and nearly one in five are homeless.

UCLA Created A New Job To Recruit More Native American Students

They're one of several local universities recruiting Native Americans, opening campuses to tribes, appointing advisors and returning remains.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About USC's Many, Many Scandals

That's not one, not two, not three, but four major scandals in two years.

How California Wants To Help Ex-Offenders Get Jobs At Community Colleges

The head of California's community colleges calls on the state's 115 campuses to delay asking job applicants about criminal history until they're making a job offer.

More LA County Foster Kids Are Making It Into College Than Ever Before

About one-fourth of California's 60,000 foster youth are now enrolled at a community college. The state is spending millions of dollars a year on programs to help them make it to graduation.

California Has Money For Ex-Convicts To Go To School. Here's How LA Community Colleges Want To Spend It

Everything from assistance in getting housing, to advice on academics, to psychological help.

USC Students Say Sexual Abuse Hotline Was A Disappointment

USC created a telephone hotline for women to report abuse by the campus gynecologist, but some women say it failed to address their needs at a vulnerable time and left them feeling betrayed.

California's Still A Long Way From Tuition-Free Community College

A second year of free community college tuition in California? It's in the works. But a lot of students will be left out.

Many University Of California Students Are Still Going Hungry

Despite a multi-year effort, a significant portion of students at University of California campuses say they're eating less or skipping meals because of finances.

Students Demand USC Listen To Their Ideas After The Tyndall Scandal

"It's empowering to know that we can possibly do something to end this 30-year era of trauma," said one student.

Can Immigration Agents Arrest Students On College Campuses?

A lawyer briefed students in the U.S. illegally about immigration agents' ability to come onto campus and arrest them. It hasn't happened yet, but some people say it wouldn't surprise them.

This SoCal Christian College Supported Gay Relationships. Then It Abruptly Changed Its Mind.

Azusa Pacific University, an evangelical Christian school, expanded rights for LGBTQ students. The university's board of trustees decided to undo the changes.

No One Says 'Surf's Up' In Long Beach Anymore, But The Waves Might Return

Removing part of the breakwater may be the cure for the ecosystems in Long Beach Harbor. One of proposals to improve plant and animal life in the bay would remove a third of the wall.

Remedial Classes Aren't Working In Community Colleges -- And Now They're About To Be Canceled

Educators call it a huge change. How did it happen? When research showed the remedial classes were hurting instead of helping, campus administrators ultimately listened.

USC Gynecologist Accused Of Abuse Loses License To Practice

The California Medical Board has stripped former University of Southern California gynecologist George Tyndall of his ability to practice medicine in the state.

5 Things USC's New President Could Do To Stop Sexual Harassment

A sexual harassment report written by USC faculty, students and staff holds out the promise of reforms at the scandal-rocked university.

USC President Resigns After Scandal, On Scandal, On Scandal. Here's What Happened

A summary of the lawsuits, the investigations, and who's involved.

CSUN Is Using A Bot To Get Freshmen To Show Up For Class

Cal State Northridge says incoming students are more likely to talk to a chatbot, so they've created one to pick up students who'd otherwise fail to enroll in the fall.