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After That Stormy Week, How Much Rain Did LA Get?

Days of heavy rain was a good thing for our drought-stricken region in general, but it also caused flooding, mudslides, evacuations in recent fire burn zones and traffic chaos.

Sexual Harassment Complaints Against Sebastian Ridley-Thomas Substantiated In Investigation

Former lawmaker Sebastian Ridley-Thomas is the son of influential L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

The Lakers Are Playing Blisteringly Fast Basketball And We Have The Charts To Prove It

Your eyes are not deceiving you: the Los Angeles Lakers are playing basketball at a blisteringly fast pace.

Why It Just Got A Lot Harder To Get a Proposition On California's Ballot

The jump in signatures required to qualify a proposition for California's ballot is the highest percentage increase since 1914 when women first voted in California.

In America's 'Worst Bike City,' Laws To Protect Cyclists Are Rarely Enforced

Cycling in SoCal is hazardous. The state's so-called Three Foot Law was supposed to make bicyclists safer from at one danger: passing cars. So why are some big Southern California police agencies almost never issuing tickets?

How Much Rain Did LA Get This Week? Enough To Put Us On Track For A Normal Year

Storms caused chaos on the roads and the cancellation of at least one Hollywood meeting, but we at LAist wanted to know how much rain we really got. The answer: seven percent of a normal year's accumulation.

California Police Scanned More Than 1 Billion License Plates -- Rarely Finding Cars On 'Hot Lists'

California's law enforcement agencies scanned license plates more than a billion times in 2016 and 2017, compiling massive databases of people's movement across the state while rarely detecting cars on police watchlists.

Will Californians Turn Out To Vote In 'The Most Important Election Of Your Life'?

As we wait for the results to roll in, we set out to answer some commonly asked questions about voter turnout.

The L.A. Sheriff's Dept. Makes Up 17 Percent Of The County Workforce -- But Nearly Half Of Sexual Misconduct Legal Costs

In recent years, the Sheriff's Department has played an outsized role in sexual misconduct legal cases involving the L.A. County's massive workforce.

OC Supes Ask Why Needles Should Be Free When Residents Can't Even Get Plastic Bags

At a heated emergency meeting Friday, Orange County Supervisors rejected a needle exchange program intended by the state to stem the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C.

The Story Behind the Eye-Popping Votes in Koreatown's Neighborhood Council Election

A neighborhood council election this week in Koreatown on whether to break out a second council district tied to the “Little Bangladesh” area brought out an eye-popping number of voters. The more than 19,000 ballots cast make it far and away the biggest Neighborhood Council election to date.

How California Lawmakers Goosed Jackpots To Create Record-Setting Lottery Sales

The California Lottery is minting money after a 2010 change in state law lifted the cap on how much could go to prizes. The change was designed to boost the amount the lottery sends to schools, the agency's only beneficiary, but education dollars haven't kept pace.