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OC Supes Ask Why Needles Should Be Free When Residents Can't Even Get Plastic Bags

At a heated emergency meeting Friday, Orange County Supervisors rejected a needle exchange program intended by the state to stem the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C.

The Story Behind the Eye-Popping Votes in Koreatown's Neighborhood Council Election

A neighborhood council election this week in Koreatown on whether to break out a second council district tied to the “Little Bangladesh” area brought out an eye-popping number of voters. The more than 19,000 ballots cast make it far and away the biggest Neighborhood Council election to date.

How California Lawmakers Goosed Jackpots To Create Record-Setting Lottery Sales

The California Lottery is minting money after a 2010 change in state law lifted the cap on how much could go to prizes. The change was designed to boost the amount the lottery sends to schools, the agency's only beneficiary, but education dollars haven't kept pace.