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Airport Trains, Smart Parking, Biometric Boarding — LAX Improvements Will Make Traveling More Efficient

Giant L A and X letters along the road at the entrance to Los Angeles International Airport.
(Los Angeles World Airports)
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We’re used to smartphones and smart cars, and even smart appliances. But what about smart airports? LAX is becoming just that.

A multibillion-dollar modernization program will reduce traffic and create multi-level efficiencies that make traveling easier and more fun.

“Our investments at LAX are focused on creating a world-class passenger experience, growing our tourism and service economy, and creating arrival and departure infrastructure that improves the overall operation of this gateway to Los Angeles,” said Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass.

One of the key features of LAX’s future is a People Mover train, which will connect to the regional transportation system, a rental car facility, and parking. This 2.25-mile, six-station electrified train system will get passengers and employees to the Central Terminal Area in just minutes.

“The People Mover train system is coming to life before our eyes, and the sight of the nearly completed guideway helps Angelenos and our guests visualize just how this system will help transform LAX," said Justin Erbacci, Chief Executive Officer of Los Angeles World Airports. The system arrives in time for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will host about 15,000 athletes, along with their support teams and a global audience.


A computer graphic rendering shows an elevated train track running left to right with a train car pulling out of a station. On the ground level a street with cars and people walking. A parking lot is on the left of the image.
(Los Angeles World Airports)

Right now, most travelers through LAX begin or end their journeys in a vehicle – whether it be their personal car, rental car, taxi or ride app service. For those who want to park at the airport, new “smart parking” features take the stress out of finding a space or not knowing how much you’ll pay. This includes a new pre-booking option where travelers can reserve and prepay for parking. In addition, the brand new economy parking garage that opened earlier this year adds over 4,000 new spaces, hundreds of electric vehicle charging stalls, and short- and long-term parking options. A valet parking option has also recently launched in select central terminal garages.

Taking a long bus ride to pick up a rental car will become a relic from the past once the Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility is open, removing more than 3,200 daily shuttle trips in and around the airport. The approximately 6.4 million-square-foot site will house more than 18,000 vehicles and be accessible via the People Mover train, which will be opening at the same time as this new facility.


A rendering of a moving walkway illuminated in purple light. The walkway move from the bottom of the image to the distance. Images of the air traffic control in a golden sun set are on the wall between dark grey pillars.
(Los Angeles World Airports)

Travelers can now experience modern terminals that use biometric gates for faster boarding (no more fishing around for a boarding pass), efficient interactive kiosks, food deliveries to the gates, as well as other amenities that help improve the travel experience. Some projects have already been completed, such as the West Gates at Tom Bradley International Terminal, which features biometric boarding at every gate and the most state-of-the-art baggage handling system in the U.S.

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In a computer graphic rendering, a van drives into the distance on a road that passes underneath a double decked walkway leading into a building on the right. Vertical slats line this building's facade.
(Los Angeles World Airports)