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Lenika Cruz

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  • In tonight's Extra, Extra, Ray Bradbury was investigated by the FBI, some pictures of Ingmar Bergman and why West Nile isn't the only scary virus. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports. You can also find us on Pinterest, Storify, Foursquare, and Instagram (laistpics).
  • We've decided to take a look at our own local representatives -- the L.A. City Councilmembers -- and size up their use, misuse and (in some cases) lack-of-use of social media. We found out who has left their Twitter accounts to rot, who gets in touch with their inner blogger on Wordpress and who has Facebook proof of being vetted by Pink's Hot Dogs.
  • Get out so you can see Placido Domingo and Gustavo Dudamel together, watch a baseball documentary and go to a vegan book-signing...inside a butcher shop.
  • The trope of the twenty-something living with his or her parents because of expensive rents and failed job searches: It's less a parody than a sad trend for millions in their mid to late 20s, especially in Southern California.
  • Beneath the freeway-lining billboards for gentlemen's clubs and vodka are a much more subtle kind of advertising: freeway signs. And they seem to be a particular favorite of small colleges. A recent Los Angeles Times article looks at the hoard of freeway signage promoting, in particular, for-profit colleges and vocational schools -- which jewels like the Hypnosis Motivation Institute -- along the US 101 in the west San Fernando Valley.
  • Sure we all love a good "Drive" or "21 Grams" now and again, but if you need a break from that sinking feeling in your gut at the end of dark or depressing film, North Hollywood may have an answer. From August 3 to 5, NoHo's Arts District will host the fifth annual Hollywood Feel Good Film Festival, which is dedicated solely to screening films with happy endings, plenty of laughs and a focus on the hopeful and beautiful- in case anyone was getting disillusioned with humanity.
  • It has finally happened: L.A. no longer has a monopoly on its beloved Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles. The O.C. Register's Fast Food Maven blog reported that the world famous and L.A.-venerated Roscoe's will be flying south to Orange County, with a new location opening up in three months or so.
  • Get out (we mean it in the best way, possible)! There's a street food fest, experimental classical music concert and lots of old Westerns screening.
  • At only 20 years old, Stephen Ira is lightyears ahead of his peers -- in terms of maturity, intelligence and perspective. The son of Hollywood icons Warren Beatty and Annette Bening made a video as part of WeHappyTrans' 7 Questions Project, in which he talked (or, rather, speed-talked) about his trans role models, his biggest supporters and what he's doing to change the world.

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