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Jay Barmann

  • Uber may end up ruling our lives in a few years.
  • Dog-lovers across the state won a victory, or something, this week when Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that permits dogs in outdoor seating areas at restaurants.
  • Poor Marilyn Hartman, the lonely 62-year-old woman who's done this multiple times before, succeeded in boarding a plane to L.A. without a ticket, only to get arrested again.
  • Once again, the Daily Show sees fit to make fun of us, and this time it's the entire state of California that takes the brunt of their comedic reportage.
  • BP successfully stopped the gushing oil well from gushing just now, choking off the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico for the first time since April. About goddamn time, people. This is all part of an on-going test of the new "capping stack" that was put in place over the last few days, and which has been slowing the flow of oil one valve at a time, so as to avoid causing...
  • Photo: Art of Conscious Living San Francisco-based raw/vegan eatery Café Gratitude is spreading the love down to Los Angeles, with a new location scheduled to open this winter at Larchmont and Melrose, according to Grub Street LA and NBC. The often odorific (both in food and staff) restaurant will be bringing its gospel of organic, animal-free goodness to Los Angeles vegans, along with all of those crazy menu item names like the "I Am...
  • File under news that freaks us out: The enormous Chilean earthquake, like all big earthquakes apparently, had a minute affect on the speed of Earth's rotation. Our days just got 1.26 millionths of a second shorter because the mass of the Earth's plates shifted slightly toward further from (?) the equator (a comparison is made to figure skaters spinning faster when they hold their arms in). You science types might find this cool and/or...

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