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Garth Johnston

  • Jack Klugman, the prolific character actor who was known for his role as the messy half of TV's The Odd Couple and the crime-fighting coroner in Quincy, M.E. died in his Los Angeles home on Monday, his son said. The 90-year-old had been in declining health for the last year. Beyond being arguably the most famous Oscar to take on the role of a slob with a penchent for gambling, cigars and women (opposite...
  • With each passing day, the similarities between the Boy Scouts of America and the Catholic Church seem to grow and grow, at least in terms of their handling of allegations of sexual abuse over the years.
  • Starbucks, that inescapable coffee giant, is really getting gung-ho about opening up non-'bucks branded spots. First they started opening "stealth" Starbucks, which sell the companies wares but without all the signage, and now they're set to open their first teashop.
  • Pixar's latest movie Brave hasn't even come out yet (two more days till the 1,500 red curls come out!) and already the CGI wizards at Disney have gone and gotten us excited for their next next big thing—the Monsters Inc. prequel Monsters University (out next summer).
  • While once upon a time summer TV meant a dearth of original programming, that is increasingly not the case. Don't believe us? Just check out these 11 shows this summer we're excited for.
  • The passing of disco legend Donna Summer is as good an excuse as any to go and revisit her many, many classic tracks and live performances. But did you know that one of her most famous songs was directly inspired by one of the singer's experiences in Los Angeles?
  • 500 Days of Seymour? The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that former 3rd Rock From The Sun actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is developing a remake of Little Shop of Horrors.
  • In the days before 9/11, the biggest hassle in airport travel was having to turn down the pleas of the old women in nurses costumes standing by the escalators. Now, after 9/11, the fake nurses are still there, but they move down the long security lines that line the curbs. In this age of strict airport regulation, it's surprising that airport solicitors and proselytizers didn't get the steel-toed boot a long time ago. Instead,...
  • As anyone who's seen Doc Hollywood knows, Los Angeles has a fairly secure footing in the medical community, or at least the cosmetical medical community. The city is also home to one of the world's premiere research hospitals, the UCLA Medical Center, which recently benefited from a $200 million donation by David Geffen. Last year, the hospital suffered a PR blow when one of the workers in its morgue was arrested for selling body...
  • Cynics of the world will not be surprised to find out that divorce became a whole lot easier thanks to a Los Angeles case. Citizens of this city of exes have a bad rap for treating marriage like, well, a bad wrap - chucking it easily into the nearest trash can. Yet, the legal decision that makes divorce doable evinces nothing but the highest respect for institution of marriage. It's a case worth revisiting,...

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