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Eric Appel

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    After missing the horror writers picket last week, I made sure to head over to the Paramount lot this afternoon to snap some shots of this week's awesome (ly nerdy) strike gimmick -- STAR TREK DAY! Sadly, I saw nary a Klingon, but I did manage to spot a few pairs of Spock ears, a phaser or two, and of course, one Mr. George Takei (oh my). Beam me up, solidarity! Lots of pictures...
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    Due to the recent writer's strike, the popular mockumentary TV series, "The Office," is now being produced as an actual documentary of a real office. "An Office" is just like the real show, only far more boring. This parody was created by my good friend, and Upright Citizens Brigade alum, Charlie Todd. You can check out more of his pranks and videos at Improv Everywhere, and here's the link to the original post. One...
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    Earlier today, GOD took the form of a crazy vagrant and helped us picket outside the Disney/ABC studios in Burbank. Shortly after signing in, he headed straight for the snack table, and with his giant Godly hand, slammed a fistful of Red Vines into his mouth. It looked as if he was eating a candy octopus -- its red tentacles dangling from his most holy hole -- and just when we thought his reign...
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    This is my first post on LAist, so I just want to start out by saying I'm thankful for Tony Pierce inviting me to contribute to the site based off of the WGA strike photos I've been sending him. Speaking of photos, I'm very thankful that the scary drugged out clown (pictured above) didn't attack me when I got "all up in his clowny grill" and snapped that picture at Tuesday's rally on Hollywood...

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