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Live in-person and virtual events from the LAist Live Programming & Events team.
  • PAST EVENT: One For The Books host Traci Thomas (she/her), creator and host of The Stacks podcast, is talking about our obsession with celebrity culture, especially what we expect of famous women with special guests Rachel Lindsay and Chelsea Devantez.
  • PAST EVENT: Join us for this fan favorite event and be the envy of your office’s Oscar pool when you correctly predict all the winners!
  • PAST EVENT: Culture Clash's Richard Montoya will talk with Retake host John Horn about how the filming of "Chavez Ravine: In Nine Innings" came to be and why this story continues to resonate almost twenty years after its premiere.
  • PAST EVENT: Hosts J. Keith van Straaten and Helen Hong will welcome celebrity guests, with Bruce Vilanch and Josefina López, and super-secret special experts to try to stump our guests in their self-proclaimed areas of expertise.
  • PAST EVENT: Join hosts Brian De Los Santos and Gab Chabrán who seek to uncover what it took to persevere and succeed with food in downtown Los Angeles.
  • PAST EVENT: M.G. Lord will take a look at how STEM education is readying the scientists and engineers of tomorrow and what’s on the horizon for new missions to outer space.
  • PAST EVENT: Join Traci Thomas, Kashana Cauley, and Michael Arceneaux for a great conversation on how books take on politics, both in fiction and nonfiction.
  • PAST EVENT: On Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 7 PM, Our Body Politic host, Farai Chideya (she/her) and tech expert Dr. Safiya Noble, will talk with author Julie Lythcott-Haims (she/her) on what adulthood looks like for millennials, Gen Zers, and all of us in these uncertain times. Artist and vocalist Monica Martin (she/her) joins with a solo performance.
  • PAST EVENT: Watch the archive video of a live taping of LAist Studios’ Retake podcast, a conversation with Retake host John Horn (he/him) and special guests for an insider look at this legendary party.
  • PAST EVENT: At 7 PM on Saturday, December 10, Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad come together to take you on a journey of insight, investigation, and humanity in a way that only they can.
  • PAST EVENT: Jocelyn Ramirez leads a discussion with women who in the food industry about the lessons they’ve learned through the pandemic and what they’re doing to put the focus on the sacred nature of food.
  • PAST EVENT: Watch the archive video. One For The Books is a new literary series like no other! Traci Thomas (she/her), creator and host of The Stacks podcast is the bookish best friend you’ve been looking for. Special guests include Sam Sanders and Danyel Smith.