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Eastern Medicine On The Western Frontier Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Chinese herbal remedies claiming to strengthen immunity or treat fever and sore throat symptoms are flying off the shelves.

LA's 'Wet Markets' Could Be On The Chopping Block

Also known as live animal markets, they fill a need for thousands of residents. City officials want to ban them -- but first, they need to figure out what "wet markets" are. 

LA's Seeing An Uptick In At-Home Deaths Among Asians

An LAist analysis of recent coroner data reveals some surprising numbers about Asian at-home deaths during the pandemic.

Disappearing Chinese Shoppers Cost LA's Economy Billions In Lost Revenue

Nicole Zhang, a U.S.-based personal shopper who supplies clients in China, said that since the pandemic hit, she's lost 60% to 70% of her customers.

A Grassroots Chinatown Group Looks Out For Its Seniors

This Chinatown nonprofit has delivered 490 packages of supplies -- everything from soap to rice -- to seniors in need.

Social Distancing? Not If You Live in A Chinese Immigrant 'Boarding House'

Chinese immigrant "boarding houses" or "family motels" are all over the San Gabriel Valley, especially in Monterey Park. And they're packed.

Why Chinese Fans Loved Kobe Bryant So Much

Bryant's work ethic inspired Chinese basketball players and fans. His shocking death hit the community hard in both in LA and in China.