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TV Junkie: SAG Awards TV Picks

We've come up with our list of picks for tonight's Screen Actors Guild Awards which begin at 5pm on TNT/TBS/ Pick your own and compare - we're particularly weak on the mini-series categories, if you've got insight on those shows, please share it here.

LAist Interview: John Mulaney - 'New In Town' Premieres Tonight

"Saturday Night Live" writer John Mulaney is an excellent standup comedian and Comedy Central is premiering his new hour-long special tonight at 10pm. It's a must-watch, definitely the best hour of TV tonight. We ask the man how it came about in this interview.

TV Junkie: HBO's 'Luck' Requires Investment for a Big Payoff

HBO's "Luck" officially premieres on Sunday. Strap in for the long haul to get the most out of the show - be patient. --- "Chuck" celebrates its season finale tonight but poor "Fringe" seems to be on the ropes. --- Don't miss Sundays season finale of "After Lalely."

TV Junkie: Showtime Premieres 'Inside Comedy' Tonight

Tonight Showtime launches another great series that examines comedy, "Inside Comedy," as, hopefully, a supplement to the brilliant series "The Green Room With Paul Provenza." --- "The Office" has a spinoff next year. --- TV news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Kiefer Sutherland Returns To TV With 'Touch'

Kiefer Sutherland returns to primetime TV with "Touch" tonight on Fox, are you going to be watching? --- Bill Lawrence, creator of "Cougar Town," has at least 1 new series coming to TV sometimes soon. --- More TV news + Danny McBride vid + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan

TV Junkie: Lucy Liu A Big Part of 'SouthLAnd'; SF Sketchfest on Podcast

Lucy Liu is a big part of "SouthLAnd" on TNT - check it out tonight at 10pm. --- Hear our conversation with SF Sketchfest co-founders Janet Varney and Cole Stratton on the Channel Zero Podcast. --- TV news + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan in the full post.

TV Junkie: New 'Mortified Sessions'; Hoping That We Get More 'After Lately'

Alanis Morissette is featured in tonight's "Mortified Sessions" on Sundance, don't miss this great show. --- Here's to hoping that "Chelsea Lately"'s move to new production studios mean we get more "After Lately." --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

LAist Interview: Janet Varney & Cole Stratton - The LA Connection to SF Sketchfest

A chat with SF Sketchfest's LA-based co-founders Janet Varney and Cole Stratton. SF Sketchfest started last night and runs for 2 weeks. Check out the schedule, there is guaranteed to be a show or performer you will want to see - make the trip to comedy Babylon!

TV Junkie: Hulu's New Shows + Weekend Edition

Hulu unveiled a slate of new shows and a new season of Morgan Spurlock's "A Day In The Life" last weekend. Will these shows help keep Hulu relevant or do they need to keep negotiating to get more TV reruns? --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan weekend edition.

TV Junkie: FX at the TCAs - The Russell Brand Experience

Tonight FX brings us "Archer" and "Unsupervised" but check out my summary of the final day of the TCAs with FX's panels. Russell Brand was mind-blowing despite the extreme resistance to even the idea of his new show (we're gonna watch). --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'SouthLAnd' Inside Scoop Coming; Greg Fitzsimmons Preview Tonight at Laugh Factory

Michael Cudlitz of "SouthLAnd" responds to our remarks yesterday and an interview is on the way! --- TV and comedy fans need to check out Greg Fitzsimmons hour-long showcase at the Laugh Factory tonight. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Justified' Season 3 Premiere - Interviews!

We've got interviews with almost the entire cast of FX's "Justified" in advance of tonight's season premiere at 10pm. --- Letterman's comedian booker Eddie Brill was officially fired this AM. --- Check out the interviews and tonight's TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: At The Golden Globes

Here's our summary of our experiences at the 2012 Golden Globes complete with videos of people we spoke with. --- We look at our scorecard of winning picks (6 out of 11) as well as the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Golden Globes TV Picks

So we made some picks for the TV nominees. Why no movies? Because we're too busy watching TV. Hopefully the HFPA doesn't go out of their minds with Zooey Deschanel list and award a "show with potential" vs. "shows that have arrived."

TV Junkie: Golden Globes Weekend; Bill Maher Returns

This weekend the focus is on the Golden Globes but don't forget great new episodes of "Portlandia," "Todd Margaret," and "Shameless," as well as the season premiere of "Real Time With Bill Maher" and the season finale of "Hell On Wheels." -- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: '2 Broke Girls' Fiasco; The Letterman Comedy Bookings Donnybrook

People's Choice awards "2 Broke Girls" despite showrunner spreading ignorance and racism. --- Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel host Critics' Choice tonight on VH1. --- Eddie Brill needs to book more female comics on Letterman: fact. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Are You There, Chelsea?' Premieres Tonight; The PaleyFest2012 Lineup

Tonight NBC premieres "Are You There, Chelsea?" a new series co-produced by Chelsea Handler and based on one of her memoirs. --- The Paley Center has unveiled the full lineup of shows to be featured at PaleyFest2012. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: The 'Cougar Town' Question(s) ABC Needs To Answer

The "Cougar Town" showrunners pulled some guerilla marketing by hosting a free bar with food at the TCAs last night in order for TV critics and journalists to echo the question: Why isn't "Cougar Town" on the schedule? --- Also check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Interviews from 'Portlandia' Premiere

We've included some of our interview video clips from last week's "Portlandia" premiere party. Didn't get much time with Armisen but co-creators Carrie Brownstein & Jonathan Krisel gave us some tidbits. --- Check tonight's schedule and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

LAist Interview: Radio Producer Jesse Thorn & 'Bullseye'

Jesse Thorn has been producing his public radio show "The Sound of Young America" out of LA for several years and this week relaunched the show as "Bullseye" with a clearer mission and philosophy. Find out why and who his dream guests are.

TV Junkie: Premieres of 'Portlandia' & 'Todd Margaret' Tonight; Showtime on Sunday

Tonight we have the much-awaited premieres of "Portlandia" & "Todd Margaret" on IFC; Sunday is owned by Showtime's "Shameless," "House of Lies," & "Californication" --- Like Foo Fighters? Dave Grohl will be on "After Lately." --- + My report from the "Portlandia" premiere.

TV Junkie: Premieres Take A Break; Our Coverage of 'Portlandia' Premiere

A lull in notable premieres tonight, other than "The Vampire Diaries," means it's time for documentaries to fill your time until some good late night TV comes one. --- There are some local live shows for you to check out and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for inspiration.

TV Junkie: Lack of Women in Comedy Central Lineup; Hallmark Cancels 'Martha'

There's a Joe Bodolai tribute at Canter's tonight. --- Comedy Central disses the 51% in its 2012 show lineup, WTF? --- Hallmark cancels "The Martha Stewart Show" --- "Game of Thrones" teases. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: IFC Preps Us for Friday Premieres of 'Portlandia' & 'Todd Margaret'

NBC is back with new episodes tonight and all the late night shows seem to be up and running again. --- IFC is prepping us for their Friday season premieres of "Portlandia" and "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret". --- All this + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: CBS is Back With New Episodes; Podcast 'Best of' List

CBS is back with new episodes of shows tonight, breaking the holiday drought. --- The AV Club posted their "Best Podcasts" list and we have a bone to pick with them because there's some radio shows on there, stay true to the medium please! --- + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan

TV Junkie: New Year's Weekend Options

We've got some highlights for you this weekend - there are actually some new TV episodes and good movies available for a change! --- Versus turns into the NBC Sports Network on Monday and we're convinced it will be the same old crap from NBC Sports.

TV Junkie: Mitt Wants to Defund PBS; We Look at Golden Globes TV Noms

Finally a handful of new show episodes tonight including a new "Chelsea Lately"! --- We run down the list of Golden Globe noms and voice a coupe educated opinions, check them out and voice your own.

TV Junkie: Highlights of the Year aka 'There is nothing on TV tonight'

With 90+% repeats on TV we're rehashing another glorious year of TV coverage here at LAist. Check out our favorite moments/stories of the year, thank you for your support. --- Tonight we suggest you check out comedian Felipe Esparza's special on Showtime.

TV Junkie: Farewell Joe Bodolai - Comedy Owes You A Debt

Joe Bodolai committed suicide in an LA hotel sometime over the weekend and I'd like to challenge the vast comedy and entertainment community to step up and honor the man that gave so many chances to so many people who are now successful in LA today.

TV Junkie: 2011 Reader-Powered Honorable Mentions List

Check out our 2011 Honorable Mentions list powered by reader submissions here on LAist and via Twitter. Thank you for your contributions! There were so many good shows, you can appreciate the difficulty in even attempting a "Top Ten."

TV Junkie: Submit Your Fave Comedy & Drama for Reader's Choice

Please submit _your_ favorite TV comedy and drama for our Reader's Choice list!! There are some late night options tonight and then things peter out over the weekend. We've got podcasts and more for you to listen to over your holiday weekend.

TV Junkie: The Top Ten TV Dramas of 2011

Today we unveil our Top Ten TV Dramas of 2011 and not a single broadcast network show among them! Weigh in with your own opinion and we'll consider it for our Honorable Mentions list. --- Be sure to tune in to "The League" season finale _hour_ tonight.

TV Junkie: The Top 10 TV Comedies of 2011

It's time for our annual Top Ten lists and we're starting off with Comedies. Check out our scientifically-derived list (not) and voice your own opinion. --- Also check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight: Louis C.K. is on Jimmy Fallon and Marc Maron is on Conan!!

TV Junkie: HBO Cancels 'Bored To Death'; Tintin 3-D Movie Is Great

HBO has canceled "Bored To Death" & more but has renewed "Enlightened." --- Louis C.K. to host next White House Correspondents dinner. --- Tintin the 3-D movie is great! See it _and_ get the '90s TV series on DVD. --- The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan is also here.

TV Junkie: NFL Deal May Kill Scripted TV on Broadcast; Fallon 'SNL' FTW

The new decade-long NFL deal might be the death knell for scripted TV on broadcast networks. --- Jimmy Fallon hosted one of the best "SNL" episodes in ages. We've got it embedded here. --- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan in the full post.

TV Junkie: Fallon Hosts SNL / 'Homeland' Season Finale / 'After Lately' Hijinks

Must-watch hot list: Jimmy Fallon hosts SNL this weekend! "Dexter" and "Homeland" season finales! "After Lately" hijinks! --- We also have a podcast of our interview with "The League" and "NTSF" star Paul Scheer! --- All this and the listings + Must-Watch Plan inside.

TV Junkie: The Comedy-Heavy Video Gift Guide

Not much in prime time tonight but be sure to check out "Always Sunny" and "The League" tonight on the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan --- We've compiled a comedy-heavy list of suggested video gifts for fans of TV and comedy, check it out!

TV Junkie: Good News on Renewals / Bad News in the SAG Nominations

We've got some good news on TV show renewals - we've got a fairly horrific list of TV noms at the SAG awards. --- Check out our addendum to yesterday's very popular TV Junkie Audio Gift Guide. --- Also check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Audio Gift Guide for Holidays - Keep the Funny Going

Yes, there's new episodes of "New Girl" & "Raising Hope" tonight but we're heading to holiday hiatus for many shows. Check out our audio gift picks to keep the funny going over the holidays. --- The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan is also in the full post.

TV Junkie: Double Dose of Anthony Bourdain Tonight

Anthony Bourdain visits Miami in "The Layover" and takes apart the holidays in "No Reservations." --- Check out the weekend wrap up as well as our pointers to Louis C.K.'s new special, Greg Proops, and the SF Sketchfest which will have.... almost everyone in comedy.

TV Junkie: HBO Premieres Pilot of Star-Studded 'Luck' on Sunday + New 'After Lately'

HBO is showing the pilot of their star-studded series, "Luck," this Sunday. It's about horse racing, gambling, it stars Dustin Hoffman, we're there. --- Katy Perry hosts "SNL" this weekend but we're there to see Robyn. --- All new/awesome ep of "After Lately" on Sunday. Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: More Holiday-Themed Comedies Tonight; PaleyFest Snags 'Sons of Anarchy'

It's NBC's turn to unveil a holiday-themed comedies for us tonight. --- PaleyFest2012 adds 3 more TV shows to their roster including "Sons of Anarchy" --- Bill Burr begins his run at the Brea Improv tonight, a must-see. --- More TV news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: RIP Harry Morgan, NerdMelt, & "Happy Endings"

Harry Morgan, the Emmy winning actor best known for his role as Colonel Sherman Potter in "M*A*S*H" died today at the age of 96. Plus, NerdMelt tomorrow, and new episodes of "Modern Family" and "Happy Endings" are among the what to watch picks.

TV Junkie: 'Sons of Anarchy' Season Finale; Paley Center Events

"Sons of Anarchy" season finale features many hints about next season. --- The Paley Center has events this week for fans of classic TV. --- David Wain's show on MyDamnChannel has a new season. --- More TV news & the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Adventure Time' Holiday Special! Bourdain on WTFpod!

"Adventure Time" launches a holiday special tonight - must watch! --- New "Layover" from Anthony Bourdain and he's on today's WTFpod. --- Pre-order Patrice O'Neal's album, all proceeds go to his family. --- Jimmy Fallon on tonight's "Rock Center".

TV Junkie: Double Shot of Steve Buscemi This Weekend

We get a double dose of the fantastic Steve Buscemi this weekend: hosting "Saturday Night Live" and doing his regular gig as Nucky Thompson on "Boardwalk Empire." --- Sneak clip of "After Lately" + TV news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for your weekend.

TV Junkie: Great Guests on NBC Shows Tonight from Primetime to Late Night

Albert Brooks cracks a timely joke. --- We don't watch the Grammys but we're hoping for a certain winner. --- It's an NBC Universal night on the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan and we explain why. --- #SOA soundtrack is beating "Glee" on Amazon! --- Eddie Pepitone album release party at Improv Lab tonight!

LAist Interview: Leeza Gibbons

Leeza Gibbons is co-host of "America Now," a daily newsmagazine that will inevitably be on air in Los Angeles. We had the chance to talk to Gibbons about this new show as well as her considerable career in entertainment news reporting.

TV Junkie: Media Coverage of Occupy LA; 'The Soup' Moves to Wednesdays Tonight

We eagerly followed last night's developments at Occupy LA and while the event was resolved through mostly peaceful arrests the implied threats from police and curtailment of media access was troubling. --- E!'s "The Soup" moves to Wednesdays. --- The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Sons of Anarchy' Finale Begins Tonight; Nick Kroll Show Is Tonight

Kurt Sutter's "Sons of Anarchy" begins its season finale wind-down tonight and it's a lot different than last year's finale: whether that's good or bad, you make the call. Hopefully #SOA will get the recognition it deserves in '12. --- More news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Bored To Death' Season Finale Tonight! 'Walking Dead' on Hiatus 'til Feb. '12

Tonight will be the "Bored To Death" season finale - please watch and pray that HBO brings this gem back again for another season. --- Why, why, why is AMC putting "The Walking Dead" on hiatus until Feb.? Makes no sense. --- All this and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'After Lately' Season Two Premieres on Sunday; Megyn Kelly Should Eat Pepper Spray

A handful of programs tonight, virtually nothing on Saturday, and an avalanche of shows on Sunday - thanks TV programmers! --- Wrapping up Sunday's programming is the season premiere of "After Lately" which is excellent! --- More news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: TV Options for Thanksgiving - Thank You Punkin Chunkin!

We've got the lowdown on your TV options tonight and tomorrow. --- We have our Channel Zero podcast with comedy genius Maria Bamford. --- Check out Illeana Douglas' web series "Easy To Assemble" and more!

TV Junkie: Tintin on DVD; Lyin' Ass Bachmann on Fallon

"Adventures of Tintin" available on DVD today for the first time in the USA. --- The Roots play Fishbone's "Lyin' Ass Bitch" as intro music for Michelle Bachmann. --- Sarah Silverman on NBC.... hmmm. --- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

LAist Interview: Maria Bamford of 'Adventure Time'

Comedy genius, voice artist, and chameleon Maria Bamford is a contributor to one of our favorite shows: Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time" (Mondays at 8pm - that's tonight folks!). She gave us some insight into the show in this interview + you can see her perform tomorrow night!

TV Junkie: Bourdain Premieres 'The Layover'; 'Cougar Town' Missing From ABC Schedule

Brian Williams' show is back tonight but for how long? --- ABC put out its midseason schedule and "Cougar Town" is nowhere to be seen. --- Joy Behar's HLN show will be pulled off the air in December. --- All this + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: PaleyFest Announces Dates; Get Your AMA Red Carpet Here

PaleyFest announces 2012 dates. --- AMA is this Sunday and we have the Red Carpet embed hosted here. --- Sarah Silverman and Jeff Goldblum deserve Emmy nods for their appearances on "The League" last night. --- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: @NeverNotFunny on @TeamCoco Tonight; Jeff Goldblum & Sarah Silverman on 'The League'

Podcaster extraordinaire, supreme warm-up man and outstanding comic in his own standing, Jimmy Pardo is a guest on "Conan" tonight. --- "The League" has Sarah Silverman & Jeff Goldblum guesting on their Thanksgiving episode tonight.

TV Junkie: @MichaelIanBlack is in Town Tonight!

TV comedy superstar Michael Ian Black is playing at the Largo tonight - we've included our podcast interview with the man, have a listen and go to his show. --- Zach Woods of "The Office" is doing a web series. --- More news & the TV Junkie Must Watch Plan in the full post.

TV Junkie: NBC's Cynical Sandusky 'Interview' & Mid-Season Schedule

Jonathan Ames gives us the lowdown on last night's "Bored To Death." --- NBC cynically "interviewed" Jerry Sandusky last night and yesterday they released their midseason schedule that _does't_ include "Community" #fail #fail. --- We've got the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan also.

TV Junkie: Weekend Wrap-Up; 'SNL' Drops, 'Dexter' Off The Rails?

Emma Stone's 2nd turn at hosting "SNL" had a bright moment or two but it left us wanting more. --- "Dexter" may have lost us with recent developments, how about you, are you die-hard to the end? --- More Weekend Wrap-Up + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Sponsor Pulls Plug on Penn State Games; Veterans/Armistice Day has pulled the plug on sponsoring Penn State games on ESPN and they won't be the last. --- It's Veterans Day and there's plenty of TV about it but it used to be Armistice Day, let's have more of that. --- More news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

Temporary Comedian Exodus Explained: The NY Comedy Festival

The New York Comedy Festival is full of top-tier comedic talent, many of whom have flown out from their LA homesteads to perform at a wide variety of venues across the city. We talk to a founder of the festival, a comedian/curator, and make some comparisons to LA Comedy Fest.

TV Junkie: Thursday Is Wall To Wall Comedy from 8:00pm-1:30am

From "Community" to "Dave's Old Porn" to "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson," there's a winning lineup of comedy on TV tonight. --- News items include: an amazing post from "Conan" writer Todd Levin & Billy Crystal back as Oscar host. --- + TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: KCET Announced 5 New Programs; 'Vietnam in HD' is Veteran's Week Pick

KCET has announced 5 new shows that they will be producing and all have ties to Hollywood, makes sense, right? --- This week ends with Veteran's Day so you should check out History Channel's "Vietnam in HD." --- The listings + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan inside.

TV Junkie: Chuck Hughes Heads To Mexico; Maria Bamford on 'Conan'

The very popular and energetic chef Chuck Hughes heads to Mexico tonight on the Cooking Channel with "Chuck's Week Off: Mexico." --- Hilarious chameleon-comedian Maria Bamford performs on "Conan" --- News items, vid clips & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan in the full post.

TV Junkie: #SonsOfAnarchy Season Extended; 'At The Movies' Might Disappear

Had a love/hate TV experience this weekend? Please comment here. --- Anthony Bourdain will be on Letterman talking up his new Travel Channel show "The Layover." --- #SOA fans will get an extra episode! More news items and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: AMC Rolls Into the West(ern) With 'Hell On Wheels'

"Deadwood" fans who aren't too bitter about the unfortunate demise of that show should give AMC's "Hell On Wheels" a chance this Sunday. --- Charlie Day of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" plays Host on #SNL and we'll be watching. --- Check out the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: The #ConanNYC Experience - Impressive & Entertaining

TBS' "Conan" was an impressive experience at #ConanNYC - see our notes from the inside. --- All new NBC and FX comedy episodes tonight. --- Late night is jammed with goodies, please check out the listings and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'American Horror Story' Continues Halloween Tonight

"American Horror Story" has Part 2 of its Halloween episode tonight. --- A lot of people have been sniping at Colin Quinn regarding his Twitter jokes about Will Ferrell so.... don't follow him on Twitter. --- The listings + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan in the full post.

TV Junkie: DirecTV & Fox Cut an 11th Hour Deal

DirecTV & Fox make a deal, tonight's "Sons of Anarchy" is saved but what happens next year? --- "Rock Center" debuts but could be better. --- Podcast roundup includes new Channel Zero episode with Josh Malina. --- News items + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: @TeamCoco Broadcasts from NYC Starting Tonight

Lots of Halloween treats tonight - check out our summary and listings. --- "Conan" starts broadcasting in NYC tonight. --- Bill Burr on Fallon tonight. --- We found an hourlong interview with Matt Weiner vid. --- All this + more & the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: FX 'wins' Charlie Sheen Series; Cast of 'The Wire' In Livestream Tomorrow

Of course there's tons of Halloween stuff this weekend ("Walking Dead", FEARnet, etc.) but you can see the cast of HBO's "The Wire" interviewed live online tomorrow. --- A widely acclaimed stage production of "I Love Lucy" is in town. --- All this plus The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Vampire Mob' Continues to Rock the Genre(s); Pan Am Tips from NBC + More

In the mood for more Halloween hijinks than TV can provide? Check out the independent web series "Vampire Mob". --- Don't want to dress up like a vampire slut? Dress up like a Pan Am slut. --- Jim Gaffigan gets a series! --- News items + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Happy Endings' & 'American Horror Story' Get Halloween-y Tonight

Comedian/actor Patrice O'Neal has suffered a stroke. --- "Happy Endings" & "American Horror Story" get Halloween-y tonight. --- Showtime renews "Homeland" --- More proof that Leno's an asshole. --- More TV news clips + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: Epic Release of 'Barney Miller'; #SOA's Kurt Sutter Wants Action Against DirecTV

The complete collection of "Barney Miller" was made available on DVD today - classic great TV. --- Kurt Sutter of "Sons of Anarchy" is asking fans to take action against DirecTV. --- Tons of news items & the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Dick Cavett on Tonight's 'Bored To Death'; #Boardwalk's Thompson Brothers

National treasure Dick Cavett guest stars on tonight's excellent episode of "Bored To Death" (HBO @ 9pm). --- Last night's "Boardwalk Empire" focused on the Thompson brothers, we have insight. --- Lots of news items + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Boss' Premieres on Starz Tonight; A Podcast w/Marc Maron of @WTFpod

Kelsey Grammer stars in "Boss" which premieres tonight on Starz. --- We've posted our podcast with WTFpod creator and comedian Marc Maron. --- News items include DirecTV in fight with Fox, "Conan" vid clips, and more + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan. Saturday is a wasteland.

TV Junkie: Dave Attell's @oldp0rn Premieres on Showtime Tonight

Tonight Showtime premieres comedy genius Dave Attell's new show "Dave's Old Porn" at 11:30pm. --- Primetime dominated by FX's #IASIP & #TheLeague. --- Tons of news items to check out as well as the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: Halloween Programming Ramps Up; Sarah Colonna of 'Chelsea Lately' Gets Her Own Show

Watch last night's "Sons of Anarchy" before someone spoils it for you and don't miss tonight's episode of "American Horror Story" for more psychosis/horror/weirdness. --- Sarah Colonna of "Chelsea Lately" to get her own show. --- More news + the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Conan' To NYC; Podcast Roundup

In a bit over a week "Conan" heads to NYC and we'll be there too. --- We've found a ton of TV/comedy podcasts that you should check out. --- People's Choice Awards nominations start today. --- We have a very simple TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan tonight.

TV Junkie: 'The Walking Dead' Scores Big; #SOA Gets 5th Season; #SNL Disappoints

Last night's "Walking Dead" premiere broke basic cable records all but ensuring a 3rd season. --- #SNL disappointed for a 2nd week in a row. --- "Sons of Anarchy" gets a 5th season. --- "After Lately" back in Nov. --- More news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

Marc Maron's 'This Has To Be Funny' & More

Sure, you could see Marc Maron perform tonight at the Ice House in Pasadena or at a couple other local venues this month but to get the full Maron experience, you should check out his most recent recording, "This Has To Be Funny."

TV Junkie: Season 2 of 'The Walking Dead' To Premiere on Sunday

"The Walking Dead" returns on Sunday - will we miss the influence of former show co-creator later this season? Will the public tire of zombies or will the human drama hold our interest? --- All this and the complete TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for your weekend.

Comedian Bill Burr Gives Us a Tour of Boston

Comedian and L.A. resident Bill Burr gives us a two-part tour of his old hometown of Boston. Readers complained about Burr's attitude about L.A., but you'll see that he holds nothing back when talking about the town where he got his start.

TV Junkie: Great Ep of 'Parks & Rec' Tonight; Also 'The League' & More

"Parks & Rec" and "The League" promise to have great episodes tonight - let's see if they deliver. --- Late night's been on a roll, we've got some clips. --- Alec Baldwin to produce a podcast starting 10/24. --- More TV news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: 'American Horror Story' & 'Psych' Tonight

"American Horror Story" is king tonight but we're also eager to see the season premiere of USA's "Psych" which will have Malcolm McDowell as a guest star. --- We've got more news items as well as the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight in the full post.

TV Junkie: Conan Gets Ready To Visit NYC; #SOA To Kick Butt Tonight

After last week's set-up episode tonight's "Sons of Anarchy" promises to be over the top. --- Funny things are happening on "Conan" and he's bringing the funny back to NYC for a week in November. --- Check out our Podcast Roundup and the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: 'Bored To Death' Season Premiere; 'Enlightened' Series Premiere Tonight

No lowest common denominator TV for us tonight, we'll be checking out the season 3 premiere of HBO's "Bored To Death" at 9pm followed by Laura Dern's debut series "Enlightened." We've got TV news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight in the full post.

TV Junkie: Interview with Betsy Brandt of AMC's 'Breaking Bad' - Season Finale Tonight

Check out our interview with Betsy Brandt aka Marie Schrader from AMC's "Breaking Bad" which will have its season finale tonight at 10 p.m. — a must-watch! This show is sure to be among the top pics for next year's awards season, don't miss it.

TV Junkie: Must-Watch 'Breaking Bad' Finale on Sunday

You gotta watch Sunday's "Breaking Bad" finale but at least that will free up future Sundays to catch "Homeland" & "Hung." --- Ryan Murphy to produce sitcom? This and more news items + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for your weekend.

Interview with Brandon Johnson of Adult Swim's 'NTSF:SD:SUV::'

Tonight at 12:15am is the season finale of Adult Swim's "NTSF:SD:SUV::" and we got the chance to speak with one of the series' stars, Brandon Johnson, who plays the very stern and very procedural Alphonse.

TV Junkie: 'The League' Premieres Tonight; 'American Horror Story' Scores Big Audience

"The League" is back and better than ever - Seth Rogen guest stars tonight (10:30pm FX). --- Any feedback on "American Horror Story"? It debuted to more than 5 million viewers. --- Lots of news items + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: 'American Horror Story' Premieres

On the funny side we've got "South Park" & "Nick Swardson's Pretend Time" premiering but check out our write up of FX's "American Horror Story." --- We've got several news items as well as the TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

TV Junkie: The Onion News Network Returns; Hank Williams Jr Booted; 'Playboy Club' Axed

The Onion News Network returns to IFC tonight --- Ron Howard speaks about the possible return of "Arrested Development" --- Hank Williams Jr. finally gets booted from Monday Night Football --- All this plus more news & The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan

TV Junkie: Showtime's Premieres Set Records; Kurt Sutter on KCRW & More

Horror fans have to check out the premiere of AMC's "A Night At The Movies" hosted by non-other than Stephen King / Also "Warehouse 13," superstrong guest list on "Tonight Show" and Chris Franjola on "Chelsea Lately" / Tons of news items & vid clips in full post.

TV Junkie: Sunday Gets Complicated with 'Dexter'/'Homeland' Premieres

Showtime's "Homeland" and "Dexter" premiere on Sunday, jamming up our schedule, but here's to more great TV! --- We bitch about laugh tracks. --- KCET's "SoCal Connected" returns. --- More news items + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for your weekend.

TV Junkie: @SutterInk on Carson Daly Tonight; 'CSI' Creator on ABC

Ron Swanson is the focus in tonight's "Parks & Rec" --- Kurt Sutter featured on tonight's "Last Call With Carson Daly." --- THR finally does a story on podcasts after we write about them for 2 years. --- More news + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan.

TV Junkie: HBO Go To Arrive on Time-Warner (Finally); 'The League' To Appear at Paley

HBO subscribers who use Time-Warner will finally be able to use the excellent HBO Go service but it's another example of Time-Warner's interference in content distribution and access that's troubling. --- Tons of news items + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan in the full post.

TV Junkie: Tuesday = #SOA on the Menu; Give us Feedback on 'Terra Nova' & More

It's Tuesday which means it's #SOA day - our ode to the series. --- Give us your feedback on "Terra Nova" premiere. --- Mike Royce's new Fox TV project unveiled. --- "The Big C" finale bitch session. --- Tons of news items + The TV Junkie Must-Watch Plan for tonight.

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