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Elon Musk Gave Us A Test Ride Of His Futuristic Travel Tunnel In Hawthorne

Musk has alleged that people riding his transportation system will travel at over 100 miles per hour

Uber Wants To Be The Uber Of Scooters -- And They'll Be All Over LA Sidewalks Soon

The city has accepted applications from seven electric scooter and bicycle companies and has just started granting provisional permits for them to operate within L.A.

Mayor Garcetti Is Hoping This Program Will Create 50K Homeless Housing Units In Angelenos' Backyards

Bloomberg Philanthropies gave L.A. $1 million for a new program that will help L.A. homeowners convert their garages into housing.

These Tiny Electric 3-Wheelers Seat One, Don't Have Airbags And Are Now On LA Roads

Technically, the Solo is a fully enclosed motorcycle, and that's how it's registered and insured in California.

LA Wants To Make It Easier To Find Parking With Real-Time Data Sharing

The data's current form on the city's site is not user-friendly, but the goal is for app developers to take it and push out a more usable version to drivers.

SpaceX Has Booked Its First Private Passenger For A Moon Voyage, But He Won't Be Going Alone

The trip is planned for 2023 on board the SpaceX BFR launch vehicle. The crew will spend at least a week in space.

The High-Octane History Of SoCal's Ascot Park, Where 'The Fastest Of The Fast' Raced

"It was Southern California at its most dynamic self."

Happy 75 Years Of Smog, LA. We Don't Wear Gas Masks Anymore But The Air Is Still Terrible

It was July 8, 1943 when the first real smog rolled into town. It was mayhem.