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How LA County Will Treat More People With Mental Illness Outside Of Jail

The money will mean 200 additional beds for a county program that diverts people facing felony charges out of jail and into 'community based settings.'

'It Was Murder' -- Family Of East L.A. Man Killed By Sheriff's Deputies Plans To Sue

The Sheriff's Department said deputies shot and killed David Ordaz, Jr. as he charged at them with a knife. A bystander's video does not clearly show that's what happened.

Fatal Deputy Shooting Highlights The Need To Stop Using Police For Mental Health Crises

Deputies opened fire when a man charged at them with the knife.

This South LA Man Committed A Small-Time Street Robbery. 36 Years Later, He's Still In Prison

Reginald Wheeler was charged with kidnapping because he forced a man to walk about 100 feet before robbing him of his watch and $14. That got Wheeler a sentence of eight years to life. Now he's hoping to qualify for DA George Gascón's review of past sentences.

LA Makes (Slow) Progress On Getting Police Out Of The Mental Health Business

The city and county have several pilot projects running or in the works, dealing with everything from using medics and crisis workers -- no cops -- to respond to mental health crises to diverting calls from 911 to private crisis counselors.

The Sheriff Vs. The Judge: The Fight Over COVID-19 Conditions in OC's Jails

The ACLU sued over "abysmal" conditions in the jails. A judge told Sheriff Don Barnes to come up with a plan to release several hundred more inmates to fight the virus. The sheriff said he can't without putting the community at "substantial risk."

For The First Time In Over A Year, Villanueva Appears At Sheriff Watchdog Meeting

The sheriff testified after a judge ruled he had to honor a subpoena to appear.

We Don't Know Enough About Veteran Suicide. LA County Is Looking To Fix That.

In L.A. County there's a push to get a better understanding of not just the number of veterans who are lost to suicide, but more information on the individuals behind the numbers.

A Devastating Fire Underscores The Crisis Of Veteran Homelessness

Dozens of low-income vets were slated to move into the Nuevo Amanecer complex by the end of the year. L.A. County's latest count found about 3,900 unhoused vets.

LA County Wants To Move From Locking Up Juveniles To A 'Care-First' Approach

Instead of holding young offenders in the county's two juvenile halls and six probation camps, the board agreed to explore how it could place them in "more of a home-like setting."

As Decision Nears, Palmdale Competes With Dozens Of Communities To Host Space Command Headquarters

Some call the Antelope Valley "Aerospace Valley," and Palmdale boasts a rich history with air and spacecraft.

A 95-Year-Old Veteran Remembers Fighting WWII In The Pacific -- And Racism At Home

President Roosevelt opened all branches of the military to Black troops in 1941, but for African-American service members like Luther Hendricks, racism still was prevalent.

Hit Financially By COVID-19, American Legion Posts Innovate To Survive

American Legion posts across the country serve as a community hub for veterans and their families. But the pandemic has put the future of many posts in jeopardy.

Even With Video, Experts Disagree On The Shooting Of Anthony McClain

We asked three use-of-force experts to review the video of McClain's shooting. Two said it seemed justified; one felt it may not have been.

'This Place Is Just Peace': Finding A Mental Health Respite Through Peer Support

With peer support, people who have lived with mental illness help others with their psychiatric condition.

Sheriff's Watchdog Commission: LA Jails Need To Do More To Control Spread Of Coronavirus

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department needs to do more to control the spread of coronavirus in the jail population, according to a new report from the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission.

Video Shows Pasadena Officer Shoot Anthony McClain In The Back. Police Claim He Had A Gun

The videos leave unanswered questions about why an officer shot McClain about four seconds after he started running away.

There's No Video Of The Andres Guardado Shooting -- Here's The Sheriff's Explanation

A Sheriff's Commander says detectives had removed the surveillance cameras' digital recorder for the investigation into another shooting at the same location 11 days earlier.

Residents Of LA's Ritzy Hillside Neighborhoods Say 'Party Houses' Proliferate During Coronavirus

District 4 Councilman David Ryu introduced a motion Wednesday that aims to "crack down" on rowdy COVID-19 parties in Los Angeles. 

'They're Only Going To Cause More Harm': The Push To Remove Police From Mental Health Crisis Calls

Several activists and lawmakers want to remove the police from most mental health crisis situations. Some in law enforcement feel the same way.

'It's Heartbreaking': Waiting Out Coronavirus From Inside A Locked Psychiatric Facility

It's not just families with loved ones in nursing homes who haven't been able to visit during the pandemic.

Researchers Sound The Alarm About Rising Suicide Rate Among Black Youth

"We can no longer afford for the face of suicide to be that of older White men," a leading researcher said.

Boyle Heights Community Reacts To Councilman Jose Huizar's Arrest

In Boyle Heights, part of L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar's district and also where he lives and grew up, locals have mixed feelings about his arrest this week.

Outrage In Compton Over Video Of Deputies' Rough Arrest Of Black Man

The bystander video shows three deputies roughly pinning Price on the ground, with one holding Price's head down with his leg and punching him once, and another kneeing him five times in the side.

Ridin' Low and Slow In Solidarity With Black Angelenos

Mr. Huerta in his 1950s Chevy Deluxe at today's "Eastside Ride" protest caravan in Boyle Heights. (Robert Garrova / LAist) Our news is free on LAist. To make sure you get our coverage: Sign up for our daily newsletters....

Going Deeper Than 'F The Cops': Angelenos Speak On Policing In Their Neighborhoods

We drove across L.A. asking people about their relationship with police.

In South LA, Reflections On The Quiet Amidst The Unrest

People in Watts talk about how their area has so far been on the sidelines.

'The World Is Messed Up:' One LA Neighborhood Reflects On George Floyd's Death, The Pandemic, And Pain

In much of Los Angeles, anger over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis comes on top of more pain and anxiety -- including from the pandemic, which has hit some communities harder than others.

Your No-Panic Guide To Mental Health Help During This Very Difficult Time

Experts worry we're headed for a 'mental health pandemic,' so we put together a guide to mental health resources in L.A.

Coronavirus Is Bringing Back The 'Lost Art' Of Letter Writing For This Mom

Diane Rabinowitz has found a new way to connect with her son, who has paranoid schizophrenia and is in jail with no visitors allowed due to the pandemic.

Growing Concern About Mental Health Of Coronavirus Frontline Workers  

For first responders and medical workers, dealing with coronavirus means not only coping with the stress of the job, but the stress of worrying: "are we going to bring this home to our families?"

Why We're Facing A Coronavirus 'Mental Health Pandemic'

"What we're experiencing right now is a persistent, chronic, ubiquitous threat that doesn't really have an off switch," one expert says.

A Coronavirus May Day: Zoom Calls And A Car Caravan

"There is no economy without our service workers out there every day risking their lives," says a union leader.

Study Estimates 1 In 5 Californians Have Applied For Unemployment

The California Policy Lab analysis finds one out of three workers in the hotel and food services industries have applied for benefits.

As Domestic Violence Spikes In LA, This Team Delivers Food And Toys To Help

Staff at L.A.'s Violence Intervention Program (VIP) has started phoning abuse victims to ask what they need to relieve some of the stress caused by the pandemic.

With Looming Executive Order, Immigrant Advocates Say Trump Is Using Coronavirus To Restrict Immigration

President Trump is expected to issue an executive order suspending issuance of green cards for at least 60 days. Temporary workers would be spared.

Study: Roughly 4% Of LA County Adults Have Had Coronavirus

"I think if there is a part of this that's hopeful for us, it is that the mortality rate now has dropped a lot," said L.A. County's public health director.

Domestic Violence May Be On The Rise In LA During The Coronavirus Pandemic

"The longer this goes on, the damage in terms of trauma is going to be enormous."

Big Drop In Child Abuse Reports In LA -- And That Has Advocates Worried

Here's the big concern: "These children are out of sight and that's really frightening."

LA Antibody Study Will Try To Determine Extent Of Coronavirus Spread

Antibody testing is crucial to figuring out the extend of COVID-19's spread, how deadly it is, and when we might be able to end social distancing.

The Coronavirus Makes Life Tougher For Those With Developmental Disabilities

"Without sustained support, we will see kids not make gains in the way they might need to."

COVID-19 Is Changing The Fight Against Addiction

The pandemic has forced providers to start treating outpatients online and on the phone.

COVID-19 Cluster In Yucaipa Is 'Tip Of The Iceberg,' Nursing Home Union Leader Says 

'We're sending our frontline workers to a war zone without protection,' state Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes said.

Our Mental Health Care System Was Already Strained. Now With COVID-19, It's 'Cabin Fever Times 10'

The freezing of adult day programs is putting extra strain on people who run board and care homes.

COVID-19 Tests Are In Short Supply. Even People With Symptoms Are Left In The Dark

"I'm extremely anxious, I'm scared for my family," said one Angeleno who's had a fever for more than a week.

OC Declares Coronavirus Emergency, So It Can Be 'Nimble And Flexible'

There aren't any new cases in Orange County -- it just wants to be able to ask for state and federal aid if there is an outbreak.

Governor Newsom Went All In On Homelessness For His State of the State

"Let's call it what it is, it's a disgrace," Newsom said.

He Booked a 60th Birthday Cruise For His Wife -- And They Ended Up In Quarantine

Carl Goldman and Jeri Seratti-Goldman of Santa Clarita have been posting videos on Facebook. "I feel like I'm in a TV movie," she said.

The Bid Is In: LA County Wants To House Homeless At St. Vincent Medical Center

The county is keeping the details secret, but the CEO has said she would prefer to pay cash for the hospital, whose closure was approved by a bankruptcy judge last month.

Another Possible Coronavirus Victim: LA Travel Agencies That Serve Asian Communities

A travel agent reviews her client list: "Cancel, cancel, cancel."

Trump Administration Announces Ban On Foreigners Who Have Visited China

And U.S. citizens who has been in Hubei Province in the previous 14 days will be subject to up to 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

LA's Hookah Lovers Are Worried The Proposed Vaping Law Would Wipe Out Their Lounges

"We don't want to become collateral damage" in the fight against teen vaping, says one hookah advocate.

West Hollywood's 'Log Cabin' Is A Hub For Sobriety Groups. Now It's Facing The Wrecking Ball

It's "a crappy run down rustic building that needs to be torn down." It's also "a place where miracles have happened for decades."

California's Flu Season Is Normal So Far -- But Not In LA

People in L.A. County are getting the flu -- and going to the ER because of it -- at a rate higher than the peak of all but one of the last five seasons.

One Of LA's Oldest Hospitals Is Closing

Patients will be transferred to nearby hospitals. It's unclear how many of St. Vincent's more than 1,000 employees will lose their jobs.

Leading LA Rabbi To Trump: Create A Task Force To Fight Anti-Semitism

Rabbi Marvin Hier made the plea Monday after the latest in a series of attacks against Jews. In the most recent attack, a man stabbed five people at a Hanukkah celebration in New York.

We Got A Sneak Peek At JPL's Mars 2020 Rover Before It Heads To Its Launch Site, And It's Rad

Engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena are getting ready to ship the latest Mars rover to Florida. In July, the robotic vehicle will start the roughly seven-month journey to the red planet.

LA County Is Putting Mini Health Clinics On High School Campuses

The 'Wellbeing Centers' will offer sexual health services and help with mental health, too.

B/Victoria Is The Virus Mostly To Blame This Flu Season -- And It's Showing Up Early

The B/Victoria strain is more likely to affect children. Fortunately, it's included in this year's flu shot.

LA County Will Add 500 Badly Needed Mental Health Treatment Beds

The plan, which the county's Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday, also calls for alternatives to hospitalization and steps to increase staffing and facility space.

How 2 Santa Clarita High Schoolers Helped Prepare Saugus High For The Worst

"I was absolutely terrified of things like school shootings and natural disasters, and so was my sister."

New Photo Exhibit At The Annenberg Space for Photography Explores A Sensitive Topic: Walls

"W|ALLS: Defend, Divide, and the Divine," looks at walls in all their forms: both physical and figurative

Ava DuVernay's Film HQ Is In Filipinotown, And She's 'Dying To Make Something' Based In LA

DuVernay grew up in Compton and told us she's excited to be back in L.A. after spending time in New York.

Alamo Drafthouse Brings Movie Nostalgia To DTLA With New Theater -- And A 40,000-Title Video Store

The Video Vortex at Alamo also includes board games, a bar, and a Hot Topic-esque retail space.