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Why It's Still Radical To Make A Horror Film Like 'Ma' With A Black Female Villain

Author/filmmaker Tananarive Due teaches a class on black horror at UCLA (which Jordan Peele famously crashed). We asked her if the new movie "Ma" passed the test.

How The 'Us' Composer Used Silence, Children's Voices And Gibberish To Terrify You

Michael Abels has been composing music since he was a kid, but he didn't score a film until he was in his 50s, when Jordan Peele hired him for "Get Out."

How PEN15's Creators Went From Squirrel Hunters To Hulu

Before their cult hit Hulu series, "PEN15" co-creators Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle spoofed reality TV in web series called "Project Reality."

'First Man' Created Space Flight Anxiety With Lion And Snake Sounds

Sounds of subway cars, clothing steamers, snakes, and lions built the soundscape for the Neil Armstrong biopic.

We Watched Both Netflix And Hulu's Fyre Fest Documentaries -- Here's Why You Should Too

Watching both the Netflix and Hulu documentaries will give you the clearest picture of the Fyre fiasco, but they both come with caveats.

Why Don't Female Cinematographers Get Hired On Big Movies?

Only 4 percent of the cinematographers working on the highest-grossing movies were women last year, and that number hasn't improved in 20 years.

Why Ryan Gosling Pushed For 'First Man's' Most Devastating Scene

"First Man" is about the failures and sacrifices behind one of the world's most famous success stories.

Art On Display At Ai Weiwei's LA Exhibit Was The Last Thing Shipped Before His Studio Was Destroyed

"Life Cycle," Ai Weiwei's new work on display now at the Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles, was shipped out of China just days before Chinese authorities razed Ai's studio without warning.

One-Woman Show 'Sell/Buy/Date' Wants To Get Audiences Talking About Sex Work

Sarah Jones' futuristic show at the L.A. LGBT Center wants to start an empowering conversation about sexuality and sex work.

Documentary 'Free Solo' Makes You Feel Like You're Climbing A Mountain -- Without Ropes

Climber Alex Honnold is the first person to ever scale the face of Yosemite's El Capitan without ropes. "Free Solo" documents it.

How James Corden's Crosswalk The Musical Choreographer Makes Theater In The Street

Choreographer Chloe Arnold has to get her host, actors, and dancers in and out of that crosswalk in 30 seconds.

Naia Izumi Went From LA Busking To Winning NPR's Tiny Desk Contest

He was barely eking out a living busking on the streets of L.A. His next stop could be the Greek.

An Alcoholic Quadriplegic Cartoonist: John Callahan's Life Story Was One Big Red Flag To Movie Studios

It took Gus Van Sant more than 20 years to get a movie about Callahan's life made. He told us how each roadblock led to the movie, now in theaters.

What Jessica Chastain Wants In Friends And Acting Roles: Women Who Refuse To Behave

"By being quiet about inequalities that are happening around you, you are being actively discriminatory." See everything Jessica Chastain has to say.

Hannah Gadsby Quits Comedy But Stays Super Funny

Despite the Aussie comedian's threat (or is it a promise?), she's sharing her story — and her shame — in a Netflix special that's wowing audiences.

Let's All Cry About How Nice Mr. Rogers Was In New Doc 'Won't You Be My Neighbor?'

When "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" premiered 50 years ago with simple sets, some old puppets, and an unassuming host, there was no reason to expect the show would last. But Fred Rogers hosted the legendary kids show for 31 seasons.

This Paleontologist Inspired 'Jurassic Park's' Original Hero

Paleontologist Jack Horner has been a scientific advisor on every "Jurassic Park" movie, from the 1993 original to 2018's "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom."

Why LA's Latino International Film Festival Is Finally Back

After a five-year hiatus, LALIFF returns to the TCL Chinese Theatre June 20-24. Don't miss your change to miss out on the next Cuarón, Iñárritu, or del Toro.