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Your Homeless Neighbors Have Probably Lived In LA Longer Than You

Homelessness affects virtually all demographic groups.

LA County Approves Universal Health Standards For Homeless Shelters

L.A. has never had a universal standard for inspecting shelters.

Is The Skid Row Typhus Outbreak A Manufactured Crisis?

Typhus is "commonly found" throughout the region, says the L.A. County Dept. of Public Health.

LA County's Supervisors Have Endorsed Proposition 10 (The Rent Control One)

Why does anyone care what they think? More people live in L.A. County than in 42 U.S. States.

Is LA Really Going To Federal Court To Argue It Can Seize And Destroy Homeless People's Property?

A ruling two years ago essentially put a stop to cleanup sweeps on Skid Row. Should the city fight for the right? What if it loses?

What You Need To Know About Proposition 10: The Affordable Housing Act

Should cities be allowed to pass rent control? That's the $60 million question.

92 Percent Of LA Homes Are Unaffordable To The Average Person

We're No. 2! After San Francisco, L.A. is the second least affordable housing market in the country.

'Don't Grab Workers': McDonald's Employees Walk Out Over Toxic Male Behavior

In South L.A. about 100 people, mostly Latinas, marched to a McDonalds restaurant at the intersection of Figueroa Street and Florence Ave.

LA County Moves Forward On Stabilizing Rents For 200,000 People

If enacted, it would limit annual rent increases to 3 percent each year for residents who live outside the boundaries of one of the county's 88 cities.

LA's First Emergency Homeless Shelter Under Mayor's Bridge Housing Initiative Opens Sept. 10

The El Pueblo site, which cost about $2.4 million to build, consists of several subdivided trailers built into living facilities.

Rent Strikes Are Back. Can They Save Poor Tenants From Homelessness?

Withholding the monthly rent check from the landlords is a risky move, but renters around SoCal are doing it more and more.

300 Seniors In Chinatown Escape Steep Rent Hike, But What About Everyone Else?

L.A. Councilmember Gil Cedillo helped broker a deal to stop an 8% rent hike for poor seniors in Chinatown. Now the question is whether it's an approach that can help others buried by the region's sky-high rents.

LA County Is Considering Rent Control For Mobile Homes

The ordinance would limit rent increases in mobile home parks to 3 percent annually.

LA Is Considering Free Lawyers For People Facing Eviction

Tenants typically represent themselves in eviction cases and face off with their landlord's attorney in unlawful eviction cases.

O.J. Simpson Has Been Released From Nevada Prison

Simpson served nine years for a botched Vegas robbery in 2007

Los Angeles' Midnight Beach Curfew Might Get Washed Out To Sea

It is currently illegal to be on a Los Angeles beach between midnight and 5 a.m.

CBS Is Probably Planning To Sell Its Fairfax Television City

It's the one time home of Carol Burnett, Jack Benny, Ronald Reagan, and Judy Garland.

L.A. Might Restrict Who Can Challenge Where Weed Stores Can Open

Within 500 feet, or not within 500 feet... that is the question

Legendary Former Dodgers Manager Tommy Lasorda Hospitalized

Lasorda has reportedly been in an ICU for several days, though is resting comfortably.

Humpback Whale Trapped In Ventura Harbor Swims Free

Imagine being a whale trapped in a small, shallow, murky harbor.

What It Was Like To See U2 Perform The Joshua Tree Live

U2 performed the first of a two-night run at the Rose Bowl on Saturday.

ICYMI: Humans May Have Arrived In North America 130,000 Years Ago

LAUSD has an expensive race, Metro wants to fix its buses, and much, much more!

Disorderly Man Aboard LAX Flight Is Disorderly, Military Scrambles Fighter Jet Escorts

Passengers subdued him, and then duct taped the man to his seat.

LAPD's Gun Buyback Day Collects Almost 800 Guns... And An Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher

LAPD gun buyback days allow residents to surrender their unwanted weapons, no questions asked.

Last Unknown Victim Of L.A. Riots Finally Identified, 25 Years Later

Armando Ortiz Hernandez was 18-years-old when he died in burning Pep Boys at 58th and Vermont.

ICYMI: Animals Become 'Dishonest' When They Live In Cities

Like 80 people are running for city council, Matt Groening's own Bojack horseman, the government is spying on us all, and much, much more!

62 Million Trees Have Died In California In 2016

There are now 102 million dead trees in California.

ICYMI: Vince Neil Got Un-Invited From Playing At Trump's Inauguration

Star Wars Land is coming along nicely, Paul Koretz is a sleaze, a man who travelled from Florida died doing what he loved, and more!

Three L.A. Men Are Suing Chipotle Because They Felt Too Full After Finishing Their Burritos

The sign said '300 Calories'. The burrito certainly contained more.

LADWP Accidentally Overcharged Its Customers By At Least $67.5 Million

Customers should get a refund by summer of 2017.

USC Student Found Dead Inside Fraternity House Bedroom

Officials believe the death was a suicide.

A Motel 6 In The Valley Is Allegedly A Mega-Criminal Hangout And A 'Prostitution Mill'

More than 50 people have been arrested at the motel since 2013.

ICYMI: Metro Seeks To Shift Policing Duties From Sheriff's Department To LAPD And LBPD

Other people are jealous of L.A.'s cars, the New Yorker is months late on the Death Valley Superbloom, and the Nazis had a list of L.A. friendlies.

Photos: Spending The Night Aboard An Enormous Battleship

We spent a night aboard a decommissioned U.S. battleship.

ICYMI: You Need A Six-Figure Income To Buy A House In L.A. County

Local media is dead, the Army Corps doesn't care, and L.A. is still a sanctuary city.

Roughly 150 People Arrested Saturday Morning For Anti-Donald Trump Demonstration In Downtown

The march went all over downtown, covering ground between the Civic Center and L.A. Live.

L.A.'s Streets Are By Far The Most Dangerous To Drive On In California

Of California's 444 most dangerous intersections, 221 are in the city of Los Angeles.

Four CSUN Students Report Rapes In Less Than Two Months

This is the fourth student who has reported sexual assault since late September.

Here Are The Statewide Proposition Ballot Results

Yay, recreational marijuana for all!

ICYMI: Donald Trump No Longer Controls His Own Twitter Account. Sad!

Voters wait in line, South L.A. to get a new bike path, and much much more!

Early Voters Braved Huge Lines And Long Waits Over The Weekend

Some voters waited more than four hours in line before casting their ballot.

What You Need To Know About Proposition 57 And Its Potential For Criminal Justice Reform

Prop. 57 would retool parts of California's criminal justice sentencing system.

What You Need To Know About Those Two Tricky Plastic Bag Voter Propositions

Prop. 65 is a trick meant to confuse you about Prop. 67

It's Official: The Arts District Has A Park

The park's been in the works for a couple years.

Playboy Model Charged For Body-Shaming Picture Of Naked 70-Year-Old Woman At Gym

If convicted, Mathers could be sentenced to up to six months in jail.

Here's What You Need To Know About The Two Death Penalty Propositions On California's Ballot

Proposition 62 and Proposition 66 both address California's troubled system of capital punishment.

Visiting The Site Of L.A.'s Most Deadly Disaster: The Collapse Of The St. Francis Dam

More than 450 people died when the St. Francis Dam suddenly collapsed.

City Council Moves Closer To Restricting People From Living In Cars And RVs In Residential Areas

An RV parked in a shopping mall parking lot. (Photo by Nuno Oliveira via the LAist Pool of Photos on Flickr) [UPDATE & CORRECTION BELOW] On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted in favor of drafting an ordinance that would ban people from living in their vehicles between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. in residential districts, or at any time within one block of a school or park. If passed,...

Want To Go Ice Skating Downtown? You Can, Starting November 10

The Pershing Square Ice Rink returns for its 19th iteration.

Another Swarm Of Small Earthquakes Hits Salton Sea Area

Earthquake swarms are the earth's way of reminding you to make sure you've stored at least 3 days worth of water in your home.

The County Coroner's Office Accidentally Cremated The Wrong Body

There were two Jorge Hernandez's in the L.A. County morgue.

Looks Like The Old Zoo In Griffith Park Will Finally Get A Permanent Performance Stage

Parking improvements and bathroom renovations are also in order.

ICYMI: The Guy Who Destroyed Trump's Walk Of Fame Star Flips Houses For A Living

Elon Musk becomes a roofbuilder, Jill Stein attracts a lackluster turnout, the New York Times is dumb, and so, so, so much more.

Public High School Principal Who Charged $100K To School Credit Card Resigns

Five of the school's seven board members will also be resigning.

Photos: Fire Breaks Out At Commerce Recycling Plant

About 100 firefighters responded to the two-alarm fire.

ICYMI: '60s Radical L.A. Political Icon Tom Hayden Dies At 76

Hillary Clinton is a Cubs fan, My Figueroa starts construction, Trump's going to have his own TV show, and so much more.

Monday's Rain Was Nice, Thursday's Rain Might Be Heavy Enough To Cause Landslides

Rain will return to Southern California on Thursday and Friday.

Deadly Desert Tour Bus Crash Update: What We Know So Far

13 people died and 31 were injured in the powerful collision on the 10 Freeway, early Sunday morning.

Two Men Found Guilty For Killing Teen Over Color Of His Shoes

Tavin Price was murdered for wearing red Chuck Taylors, which the suspects took as a sign of gang affiliation.

Construction Worker Dies After Falling 50-Feet Into Well

He was being lowered into the well in a basket when his cable failed.

Uh Oh! Angelenos Have Way More STDs Than They Did Five Years Ago

According to a federal, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, report.

ICYMI: The Deadline To Register To Vote In California Is On Monday

Case Study House #21 is up for sale, a sinking skyscraper in San Francisco and so, so, so much more.

LAUSD Is Building Housing For Its Staff Because The Rent Is Too Damn High

LAUSD builds apartments for its staff who can't afford to live near the schools they work at.

The L.A. River Bike Path Is Closed Again Because Government Doesn't Give A Crap About Cyclists

The Los Angeles River bike path in Elysian Valley is, once again, closed, this time for what appears to be several more months.

Forget About The Rain, It's Going To Be 99 Degrees On Thursday 🔥 🔥 🔥

We don't do red leaves in L.A. We do red flag warnings instead.

[UPDATED] Two Jamaican Nationals Arrested For Shooting At West Adams Party With 15 Victims

The shooting broke out at 12:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. Three people were killed, and 12 were wounded.

Here's The $20 Million Plan To Rejuvenate MacArthur Park

The plan includes a new boathouse, an outdoor classroom, exercise facilities and more.

ICYMI: Mercedes' Self-Driving Cars Will Be Programmed To Kill Pedestrians

The 213 and the 323 are merging, some guy is going to eat everything at Dodger Stadium's concession stand, and a most excellent car is going up for sale.

3 Dead, 12 Wounded After Gunfight Breaks Out At West Adams Birthday Party

At least 50 people were inside the restaurant when at least two groups started shooting at each other.

CicLAvia Returns To Downtown Los Angeles On Sunday!

This will be CicLAvia's 19th iteration in L.A. Bring your kids and your friends!

6-Year-Old Boy Bit And Dragged By Coyote At Neighborhood Playground

Four coyotes have since been euthanized by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

ICYMI: Carrie Fisher Says Donald Trump Probably Does Lots Of Coke

Shia LeBeouf got married in Vegas, Florida man drives into a house, (more) stoned drivers are coming to California's roads, and much MUCH more!

Dozens Of Highland Park Apartment Tenants Facing Mass Eviction

If they stay, they may face a $1,000 increase in rent.

Paid Parking Is Coming To The Griffith Observatory

It will cost you $4 an hour to park in the Observatory lot.

Warner Music Group To Ditch Burbank And Move To The Arts District

Sounds like some commutes might get a bit rougher.

ICYMI: Tim Kaine Is Fundraising In Los Angeles Tonight

Long Beach gets an international terminal, the New York Times follows at least one L.A. instagram account and much, much more.

Gunman Allegedly Shot Slain Sheriff's Sergeant 'Execution Style'

He also briefly hid in a house with two teenagers inside.

There's A Meteor Shower Tonight, And Here Are Some Good Spots To Watch It

These meteors are best viewed looking north between sunset and midnight!

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