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A Brief History Of Emma Stone's Rise To Hollywood Prestige

She told us how she managed to get from teen comedies to Oscar contenders.

Taylor Mac Wants To Replace Traditional Holiday Entertainment With Drag

Mac brings us "Holiday Sauce" -- an antidote to conservative christianity, consumerism, and homophobia.

The Origin Story Of Lady Gaga's 'Shallow' From 'A Star Is Born'

Mark Ronson told us how he worked with Gaga to craft "Shallow" and give us all the feels.

This Man Spent 99 Days Rolling His Wheelchair From Santa Monica To New York

Gabriel Cordell was paralyzed from the chest down at 22. His story is told in a new Netflix documentary.

How British Rockers Bankrolled Monty Python's Career

"You don't really know what part of your life is interesting."

How Fake Teeth And Fosse Walks Transformed Rami Malek Into Freddie Mercury

He did lengthy movement coaching sessions, put on prosthetic teeth and hair, and spent endless hours watching video.

Hugh Jackman And Jason Reitman Talk Media, Authenticity And Gary Hart's 'Superpower'

The media didn't always cover politics the way it does now. Hugh Jackman plays defamed politician Gary Hart in "The Front Runner."

The Video Game That Turns Everyone Who Plays It Into A Gentrifying Raccoon

Donut County creator Ben Esposito developed the game based on what he saw living in Highland Park.

Nicole Holofcener Fights Sexism By Making Movies About Women Over 40

Holofcener also wishes she didn't have to release her latest on Netflix -- but mainstream studios don't want to do movies like hers.

The LA Film Festival Is Sick Of Movie Execs Ignoring It

The L.A. Film Festival has had trouble getting movie execs to care.

What It Takes To Win An Emmy Nomination, From 5 People Who Have One (Or More)

But with over 100 people nominated in 27 categories for tonight's 70th Emmy Awards, how can you really tell which shows are the best of the best? And, more importantly, how do you win your office Emmys ballot?

Netflix's 'Reversing Roe' Asks Why Abortion's A Partisan Issue In The First Place

New Netflix documentary, "Reversing Roe," wants you to see how abortion got politicized in the first place.

What You Need To Know About That Mahjong Scene In 'Crazy Rich Asians'

We've got the highlights of what you need to know to appreciate that pivotal scene.

Jeff Daniels' Guide To A Career That Matters -- Make It Matter, Make It Count

Jeff Daniels is an Emmy winner, and he's nominated for two more this year. He explained the tactics that got him here.

Sarah Paulson Explains How She Turned Trump Fears Into An Emmy Nomination For 'American Horror Story: Cult'

Sarah Paulson told us all about her work on the gut-wrenching AHS season 7 and its real-world resonance, with a character turn sparked by Donald Trump's election.

'Portlandia's' Carrie Brownstein On Being The One Woman Nominated In Her Emmys Category

Carrie Brownstein closed out her "Portlandia" run with two Emmy nominations and a passion for directing. She still wants the industry to be different and more representative.

People Used To Hate Randy Newman -- Now He's Playing The Hollywood Bowl

People used to think pianist/composer/singer-songwriter Randy Newman was too offensive. Now he's a legend.

How 2 Guys Dug Up The McDonald's Monopoly Scandal And Made It The Hottest Movie Idea In Hollywood

David Klawans and Jeff Maysh dig up crazy true stories, make them into longreads, then sell them as movies.

Spike Lee's 'BlacKkKlansman' Was Based On This Real-Life Cop

He developed a relationship with David Duke -- over the phone. Then his white partner went in to KKK meetings as the real-life version of him.

'Blindspotting' Delivers A Brutal Conversation About Interracial Friendship

"It's a buddy comedy in a world that won't let it be one." That's thanks to issues like police brutality, gentrification, and more.

Is Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who Is America?' The Satire We Need Right Now?

We asked a Funny Or Die exec to tell us whether or not what Cohen's doing is successful.

'RBG' Follows Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Lifetime Of Squashing Sexism

From D.C. to L.A., Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become a feminist pop culture icon. Documentary RBG tells her story as that of a real life superhero.