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LA Opens Dodger Stadium To Help Vaccinate Half A Million Health Workers

The drive-through site will join more than 75 other sites across the county; the goal is to inoculate all health workers by February.

'The Flood Just Continues': Inside L.A. Hospitals' Struggle With the COVID-19 Surge

L.A. County-USC Medical Center told us: "We have no ICU beds. We are just continually, 24 hours a day scrambling to move patients around."

'It Felt Like They Were Doomed': Inside LA's Besieged ICUs

What it's like to work in a hospital intensive care unit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eight Months Later, COVID-19 'Brain Fog' Continues For One LA Artist

Some people who caught the coronavirus early in the pandemic are still struggling with medical issues several months later.

Newsom Stresses Need For New Federal Coronavirus Aid

The governor said California can't pay for its own testing if federal funding runs out in January.

Why The 'Kevin Bacon' Factor Is Key To Understanding How COVID Spread In Nursing Homes

UCLA researchers say it's critical to identify each state's 'Kevin Bacon of nursing homes,' facilities that share workers who spread the virus.

Want A Free COVID Test? Now You Can Get One In LA County

L.A. County is shifting its COVID testing strategy.

Here's Where You Can Get Free Flu Shots In L.A. County This Year

Health experts say it's critical to get a flu shot, since this will be the first cold and flu season in the U.S. to overlap with the coronavirus pandemic.

Wear a Mask. If Only It Were That Simple

Scientists are warning of a larger wave of infection this winter. They agree the simplest, easiest way to fight that surge is to get most people to wear masks most of the time.

The Coronavirus Economy Hurts LA Latinos The Most

In L.A. seven in 10 Latino households have serious financial problems in the age of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Lockdown: LA Nursing Home Residents Risk Eviction If They Break The Rules

More than five months after the imposition of strict rules to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus, some residents say they feel like they're in prison.

Why LA Is Shifting Its COVID-19 Testing Strategy From Free-For-All To Targeted Access

"Our obligation first and foremost is to meet the needs of those who need a test before those who want one."

Confused About Whether To Get A Coronavirus Test? Here's What You Need To Know

L.A. County's guidelines on who should get tested have changed in the last week, to prioritize the most vulnerable and hardest-hit communities.

Here's Why LA Can't Keep Up With COVID Test Demand

L.A. County is ramping up the number of contact tracers, but that work is being hindered because of delays in getting test results from labs.

Wounded And Uninsured, Protesters Get Free Medical Aid From LA Doctor

"This is just more little bits of injustice that people are feeling if they're peacefully protesting, and they're getting hurt."

LA's Nursing Homes Serving Black And Brown Patients Are Hardest Hit By Coronavirus. What's Going On?

More than half of all reported COVID-19 deaths in L.A. County have been among residents and staff of what local public health officials call "residential congregate settings," mostly nursing homes.

EMT's Can Now Work At LA Nursing Homes, Helping Fill Staff Shortages

Some nursing homes have faced staffing shortages, and with many EMT's furloughed, it was a natural fit.

Coronavirus Is Killing SoCal Nursing Home Workers

New data shows that the people who work with the elderly are dying at a higher rate than other frontline health workers in L.A. County.

OC Nursing Homes Are Latest Coronavirus Hot Spot

While L.A. moves toward testing all nursing home staff and residents, Orange County is testing only those with symptoms.

Staff No-Show Forces Evacuation At Riverside Nursing Home. What Went Wrong?

Riverside County Public Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser said the case "could rise to the level of [patient] abandonment."

No Gowns, No Masks, No Gloves: Nursing And At-Home Aides Fall Through Regulatory Cracks

Home health aides and nursing home workers have little access to protective gear, making them possible coronavirus spreaders.