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How An Outsider Found Identity And Belonging In The Intangible Shared Spaces Of A Redlined City

Growing up Chicano and gay on the Eastside in the '60s and '70s, James Rojas often felt like an outsider. He found safe space and acceptance amid Black and Brown peers and disco music as "we blurred the L.A. redlining map and found identity, and community, in the fusion."

Weekend Rally In South LA Held To Raise Awareness of Domestic Violence in BIPOC Communities

From March -- shortly after stay-at-home orders went into effect across the country -- to May, the National Domestic Violence Hotline recorded a 9% increase in calls. On Saturday, community members in South L.A. came together to advocate for resources for BIPOC survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Perspectives On Artsakh From A Black Armenian Angeleno

A Black Armenian Angelena reflects on her identity -- the discrimination she's endured because of her race and feelings of being excluded because of her ethnicity -- the legacy of the Armenian Genocide and the current conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Surviving The Endless Waves: When American Dreams Aren't All They're Cracked Up to Be

In a series of recollections, Judy Jean Kwon reflects on what her Korean American family lost when they settled in the U.S. -- and what it's taken for her to reclaim at least part of it.

How A 'Secret Asian Man' Embraced Anti-Racism

"I came to deeply embrace anti-racism in slow, sustained increments. To do so, I had to embrace my own identity as a Brown person -- and understand my own complicity in white supremacy."

On Race, School, The Teacher Who Tried To Decide My Fate And Those Who Let Me Decide It Myself

Growing up in a family of New Orleans transplants in L.A.'s Jefferson Park neighborhood, Jervey Tervalon wasn't always appreciated by educators. It took some special teachers to take a deeper look and recognize his talents.

How An ER Doctor Combated Racism In Pursuit Of An Olympic Dream

A racial slur was part of Omar Amr's first experience playing Division I water polo at UC Irvine. It wasn't the first time he'd heard racist comments. Growing up in East L.A., Amr was groomed to "behave appropriately" so that hate directed toward him would not turn into harm.

A Baby Boomer's Recollection of Systemic Racism And The Police

When he tuned in to a radio interview with a top law enforcement official, and the topic of racism came up, Keith Taylor was hoping to hear some sympathy for Black people killed by police. Or perhaps, "some idea of how to work in earnest to combat this pervasive issue." What he heard instead brought back painful memories from many years back.

Rising Above: How I Found My Voice To Push Back Against Stereotypes, At Work And In Life

Growing up in the mostly white Orange County suburbs, she felt safer staying quiet, keeping her feelings to herself whenever stung by subtle or overt racism. But over time, she found her voice.

'Who Invited Miami?': An LA Transplant On The Rules of Racial Division -- And How We Can Bend Them

"Things that violate the racial rules in L.A. -- like everywhere else -- are real. And you shouldn't fall into the trap of minimizing them because they're exceptions or simplifying them to satisfy the rules."

'We Don't Hire Colored Girls': After A Job Rejection In 1956, A Young LA Telephone Operator Began Kicking Down Doors

She'd been hired over the phone. All was well until she came in, and her new employer saw she was Black. Here's how having one door closed in her face put her on the path toward a lifetime of kicking other doors down.

'Dear Racist': How Rage-Writing Turned To Rage-Drawing For An Artist Who's Fed Up With Anti-Asian Hate

I began writing this illustrated letter as a way to shed my fear of the person who racially insulted my children. By the end, I remembered that racists are the ones who are truly afraid.

Brown and Blue: A Mexican American Police Family Tries To Reconcile 'Who We Once Were, Who We Now Are, And Who We Want To Be'

She and her husband grew up in a neighborhood where they and their peers, as children of Mexican immigrants, were the ones profiled by white LAPD officers. His response was to join the force, to represent his community. Now, decades later with two grown daughters, they find themselves navigating some difficult conversations.

An Education In Becoming Whole Again: How My College Experience Taught Me To Love My Blackness

Brandi Tanille Carter apprehensively left her home Los Angeles to go to a college she had never seen in a state she'd never visited. But it's here she learned to embrace her Blackness, and it's this experience which allowed her to return home to L.A. empowered.

My Life In Public Spaces: How My Race Colors The Way In Which The World Reacts To Me

My interactions with race -- as is the case for my students -- are valuable, and I'm reminded that they require serious reflection and mindful application. Not only in my personal experience in Los Angeles as a Korean American and an immigrant, but in relation to other minority groups; after all, it is a shared history.

Raising A Black Boy In America When You're Neither Black Nor American

Earlier than expected, my wife and I had to give my 6-year-old son "the talk" about what it means to be Black in America. Except I'm neither Black nor American.

Remembering Boise Bishop Michael Driscoll, Protector of Orange County's Pedophile Priests

The late bishop actively protected child rapists during his 23-year career in Orange County.

Taunts At Yu Were Nothing New: The Dodgers Have Long Been The Target Of Anti-Asian Racism

Gustavo Arellano delves into the history of anti-Asian racism faced by the Blue Crew.

New Report Paints Picture of Dysfunction, Racial Disproportionality In L.A.'s Juvenile Probation System

African-American youth make up just 6 percent of the county's juvenile population but represent 36 percent of the county's juvenile probation population.

Discovering the 'Ghosts' of Paramount Ranch

Delve into the old Hollywood history of the ranch, which goes spooky this Halloween.

The President Of The LA84 Foundation Talks The 2028 Olympics

Renata Simril is a third-generation Angeleno.

How L.A. College Students With DACA Status Are Moving Forward In The Face Of Uncertainty

And what local colleges and universities are doing to support them.

First Semester Freshmen Will No Longer Be Able To Rush At USC

The new policy will require incoming freshmen and transfer students to complete at least 12 units and have a 2.5 GPA before they can rush any fraternity or sorority.

A Preview Of The Renzo Piano-Designed Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures, Set To Open In 2019

Located across from LACMA, the museum will house famous movie memorabilia, permanent and rotating exhibitions, and film screenings and talks.

Will L.A. Use City Land To Open Emergency Homeless Campgrounds And Shelters?

The City Controller recommends doing so in a new report.

KCRW's New Podcast Dives Deep into L.A.'s Gentrification Debates

"We're trying to show all the shades of gray," host Saul Gonzalez said.

Metro Bringing Bike Share Pilot To Echo Park Next Week

The bikes will be located near the northeast corner of Echo Park Lake.

Meet Hazel Glab: The Murderous Media Darling of 1930s L.A.

L.A.'s famed flapper murderer, whose beauty and utter criminal nature captivated the city for decades.

LAist Is Hiring A Staff Writer

LAist is seeking a full-time writer who is comfortable blogging, has solid news judgment and a touch of wit to cover a range of topics, from hard news to arts and food.

L.A. Firefighters Who Responded To Harvey In Texas Now Headed To Alabama For Hurricane Irma

More than 70 members of the Los Angeles Fire Department have been deployed to assist with the efforts.

The 11 Best Biscuits In Los Angeles

Pair them with meats, or sweets, or even a cocktail.

Photos: This Cake-Themed Infinity Room Looks Good Enough To Eat

The infinity room's pentagon of mirrors reflect the glorious illusion of cake in all directions.

A Guide To Resources For DACA Recipients In Los Angeles

Where to find legal assistance, answers to FAQs, and more.

Op-Ed: California Must Pass Housing Legislation To Give Our Generation A Chance

L.A.'s housing shortage acutely affects young people, and has galvanized a grassroots response across the city from millennials who just want a shot at building a life here.

The Best Deals To Be Had & Local Businesses To Visit During Echo Park Rising

The festival highlights the diversity and creativity of Echo Park’s small business community.

Counterprotesters Take To Laguna Ahead Of Right-Wing Rally

An anti-immigration group called America First! has a rally planned for Sunday in Laguna.

LAPD Says Paintball Attacks Are On The Rise In South L.A.

Paintball attacks have more than tripled over the past year.

CHIRLA Opens Satellite Office In South L.A. To Provide Legal Services To Immigrants

Officials say the anti-immigrant climate created by the new administration necessitated the expansion.

The Best Places For Birdwatching In Los Angeles

We've got everything from egrets to parrots. And how about chickens?

This New Silver Lake Candy Store Stocks Hard-To-Find Treats From Across The Globe

The shop will also carry a selection of snacks from small California companies, plus retro junk food items that are no longer available in the United States.

This East Hollywood Coffee Shop Wants To Build Queer Community In L.A.

Cuties in East Hollywood is focused on building on an LGBTQ community space that does far more than just serve coffee.

The Story of P-22: The Famed L.A. Mountain Lion That Could

L.A.'s most famous feline now has his own exhibit at the Natural History Museum.

The Eight Best Sound Baths In Los Angeles

Are you ready for a sonic journey of healing?

Flying Lotus Talks 'Kuso,' Which People Are Calling The Grossest Film Ever

The musician/director says he intends "to show people the ugly" with his new film.

The 11:11 Art Collective Wants to Show You How Cool the Valley Really Is

Meet the two Valley girls leading the charge to make the 818 an arts and culture destination.

The 10 Best Bagels In Los Angeles

Contrary to what the rest of the country may believe, L.A. knows how to make a good bagel.

A Guide to Home-Style Filipino Food in L.A.

And where to eat on Vermont Avenue's unofficial East Hollywood Filipino food corridor.

The Only Surviving Founder Of L.A. Pride Talks About The March's History

Reverend Troy Perry, a godfather of the gay liberation movement, on the history and future of the march.

The Best Themed Bars In Los Angeles

From airplanes to cryptozoology, L.A.'s got a bar for every topic under the sun.

Inside The Marciano Art Foundation, L.A.'s Newest Museum

The Marciano opens to the public Thursday.

The Best Outdoor Dining Patios In Los Angeles

Summer is just a few weeks away, which means it's time to dine al fresco.

Uncovering The Storied History Of The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The hotel, which hosted the first ever Academy Awards, turns 90 this week.

Ten Popular Weed Products That Could Soon Be Illegal Under Proposed Regulations

They're coming for your Kiva Terra Bites, your Ganjalato, your weed-infused wine, and even your free samples.

The Best Nautical-Themed Architecture In Los Angeles

So much more than just the Coca-Cola Building!

Set To Graduate High School, Carlos Faces A Deportation Order

In 2012, at the age of 17, Carlos left his parents in central Guatemala and set out for the United States.

What It Was Like To Be On The Rodney King Jury

The jury forewoman's recollections of the trial's opening day.

Massive Turnout Expected At Saturday's Science March In L.A.

The event begins at 9 a.m. in Pershing Square.

Return to Eden: How L.A. State Historic Park Came To Be

The Great Lawn has of capacity for 15,000 people—the largest open space of any park in L.A.

Op-Ed: What I Learned Trying To Unseat A City Council Incumbent With A Grassroots Campaign

Jesse Creed ran against incumbent City Councilman Paul Koretz in the March primary.

A Brief History Of Hollywood Sign Pranks

Far more than just "Hollyweed."

Thirteen Things Gen X-ers and Millennials Would Have Dug In L.A. Back In The Day

From gambling boats to the downtown restaurant that served Eastern European food into the wee hours, these are the places you would have loved.

A Beginner's Guide To Visiting Your Elected Officials In Los Angeles

Everything you need to know, including parking. Because it's your democratic right!

Op-Ed: Election Night Was The First Time I Felt Scared To Be An Immigrant In Los Angeles

Election Night started a clock in Los Angeles. Now, one woman feels like time is running out.

The Eight Best Bowls Of Ramen In L.A.

Los Angeles is serving up some of the best ramen in the country right now. Here's where to find it.

How CHIRLA Is Educating L.A.'s Undocumented Community About Their Rights

CHIRLA has been at the forefront of L.A.'s immigrant rights movement for more than 25 years.

Garcetti And City Council Celebrate Purchase Of 'Crown Jewel' L.A. River Parcel

The L.A. River revitalization plan just moved a major step closer to reality.

Get Ready For A 'Super Bloom' Of Wildflowers In The Anza-Borrego Desert

Anza-Borrego is located about three hours southeast of Los Angeles.

Ryan Murphy Is Doing A Show On Charles And Diana's Royal Rivalry

Charles and Diana will be the subject of the second season of Murphy's "Feud" series. The first season, "Feud: Bette and Joan," premieres Sunday.

Curator Paul Schimmel Is Out At Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

The former MOCA curator is a major player in the Southern California art world.

A Visual History Of The Immigrants Who Built Los Angeles

These immigrants braved xenophobia and racism to build Los Angeles into the city we know today.

Where To Find The Best Exotic Ice Cream Flavors in Los Angeles

You can find flavors like mango and sticky rice, sweet potato, and beer and pretzels.

A Map Librarian's Gastronomic Guide To Boyle Heights

Los Angeles Public Library's longtime map librarian Glen Creason explores the geography of Boyle Heights through the neighborhood's culinary landscape.

Op-Ed: Why Sheriff Jim McDonnell's Promise To Immigrants Wasn't Enough

Two activists respond to Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonell's promise to immigrants.

A Guide To L.A.'s Other Walks Of Fame

There are "walks" for porn stars, animal stars, and fake doctors.

UCLA Workers Launch Five-Day Strike Amid Contract Negotiations

The strike is expected to last until Tuesday night.

County Supervisors Address Growing Tide Of Post-Election Hate Crimes

"Many families in our county are fearful and we have to assure them that we are here to protect their rights."

Man Fatally Threw Himself In Front Of Amtrak Train After Trying To Kill Wife

The man had allegedly tried to kill his wife the day before stepping in front of the train.

Op-Ed: Why Santa Monica Should Vote NO On Measure LV

This measure deliberately makes it impossible to address the regional housing crisis.

Kanye West Kicks Off L.A. Leg Of 'Saint Pablo' Tour With A Dose Of Humility

Celebrity guests included Jaden Smith and, yes, Kim Kardashian West.

'Delusion: His Crimson Queen' Is The King Of L.A.'s Halloween Haunts

After a break in 2015, Jon Braver's brilliant haunt is back.

The 12 Best Runs In Los Angeles

From the mountains to the sea.

The Best Tattoo Shops In Los Angeles

Looking to get some ink done?

The 11 Best Classic And Quintessentially Los Angeles Dishes

From "The Godmother" at Bay Cities to the Hollenbeck burrito at El Tepeyac, these eleven dishes are classic Los Angeles.

Photos: The Bloody Fantastic Movie Posters Of Ghana

The posters would accompany VHS tapes as they traveled from town to town for local screenings.

Author Francesca Lia Block On Magic, Her Teenage Years, And L.A. As Her 'Natural Muse'

Block, who has developed a cult following of devoted teen readers, admits that she herself was a bit of a misfit as a teen.

The Best Vegan And Dairy-Free Frozen Treats In Los Angeles

The vegan and dairy-free crowd shouldn't be left out when it comes to sweet refreshment. We ALL scream for ice cream, after all.

Los Angeles' 10 Most Essential LGBTQ Bars And Clubs

Bars have acted as the bloodline of the LGBTQ community and we need them now more than ever.

Drink Negronis Across Los Angeles All Week, For Charity

Participating bars in Los Angeles will donate $1 from each drink to the charity of their choosing.

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