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2016 Emmy Nominations: Full List Of Nominations (And Snubs)

Some of the biggest snubs were "Orange Is the New Black" (which had zero nominations), Julianna Margulies in her last season of "The Good Wife" and generally The CW network

Ryan Gosling Croons To Emma Stone In New 'La La Land' Trailer

The director of Sundance darling 'Whiplash' has a new musical coming out that's a "big love letter to the city."

Watch Jesse Williams' Powerful BET Speech: 'Whiteness Uses And Abuses Us'

"Tell Rekia Boyd how it's so much better to live in 2012 than 1612 or 1712. Tell that to Eric Garner. Tell that to Sandra Bland. Tell that to Darrien Hunt."

Sky Ferreira Speaks Out Against Sexism: 'I'm Not A Think Piece'

"I spend/spent so much time being frustrated by this type of bullshit that it really took a toll on me in a personal level."

Video: Tearful Lady Gaga Calls Orlando Shooting 'An Attack On Humanity Itself'

Lady Gaga told the crowd gathered, "I can't help but feel that this level of hatred, like all prejudicial crimes, this is an attack on humanity itself. This is an attack on everyone."

UCLA Shooter Accused Victim Of Stealing His Computer Code

Mainak Sarkar was a former doctoral student who had once called his victim William Klug a mentor but in recent months he had written angry screeds against the professor accusing him of stealing his computer code.

Video: Trump Supporters And Protesters Pepper Spray Each Other In Anaheim

Two little girls at the protest with a Trump supporter were hit by pepper-spray.

85-Year-Old Brutally Beaten Near Downtown Whole Foods Dies

An elderly man who was brutally beaten by a homeless man in downtown over a week ago has died.

Country Legend Merle Haggard Dies At 79

Merle Haggard, a country legend who helped pioneer the "Bakersfield Sound," has died on his birthday at the age of 79.

Video: Road-Raging Chauffeur Attacks Driver After Exiting The 405

A chauffeur was caught on video getting out of his limo, taking something out of his trunk and then taking a swing at the driver's side window in an apparent road rage attack.

Video: LAPD Fatally Shoots Stumbling, Mentally Ill Woman

The video itself is only 30 seconds long, and it takes just 10 seconds for police to exit their car and then shoot Guzman.

Amber Rayne, Adult Actress Who Spoke Out Against James Deen, Dies At 31

Amber Rayne, a retired adult actress who worked for a decade in the adult film industry, died over the weekend in her Sun Valley home at age 31, authorities said.

Beloved Westside Councilmember Bill Rosendahl Dies At 70

Bill Rosendahl, a beloved councilmember who represented the Westside for eight years and was the first openly gay man on the council, died this morning at the age of 70, according to a release from the city.

Silicon Valley Exec Killed Trying To Save His Daughter From Electrified Pool

"They were lovely people. He was a loving husband, with kids and a wife. I can't imagine ... how their world's been turned upside down."

Electrician's Fatal Fall From Wilshire Grand Tower Ruled A Suicide

Joseph Sabbatino, 36, of Palmdale had been suffering from depression, his father said.

Richard Simmons: 'No One Is Holding Me In My House As A Hostage'

"You haven't seen the last of me. I'll come back and I'll come back strong."

Los Angeles' Homeless Problem Photobombs Silver Lake Instagram Hotspot

In the days since it was shared, the photo has become a metaphor for the city's approach to homelessness.

Over A Third Of People Shot At By LAPD In 2015 Were Mentally Ill

The troubling statistic that has popped out of the report is the number of mentally ill who are shot by police: 14 out of 38 shootings in 2015 involved the mentally ill.

45-Year-Old Man Dies Climbing Near Mt. Baldy, The Third Fatal Fall This Month

It was another deadly weekend in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Justin Bieber Says He's Not 'Sorry' For Anything In Insightful Interview

"Everyone, when they start growing up, realizes, 'Man, I did some dumb shit when I was younger.' It's not just me...If I could go back, I wouldn't really change much. I think it's all my journey. That stuff made me who I am."

Photos: The Goth, Blood-Drenched Baby Shower Of Your Nightmares (NSFW)

"People are so uptight about kids and everything surrounding child birth," mom-to-be Kirsten Bosio told LAist. "It's a relief to laugh about it."

Metro Considers Creating A Rams Stop

Now that we have a spiffy new stadium in the works and at least one NFL team on its way, Metro is working on plans to make it easier to get there without a car.

Tomorrow Is Free Chili Day At Philippe's

Philippe's annual Free Chili Day is upon us on Tuesday. For the 6th year in a row, you will be able to grab a free cup of chili with any sandwich.

Photos: Immigration Protest Blocks DTLA Intersection

Hundreds of protesters aiming to call attention to President Obama's latest round of deportations blocked traffic in front of the downtown building this morning where ICE has its offices.

Hot Yoga Guru Ordered To Pay $6.4 Million In Sexual Harassment Suit

His former attorney, who says he sexually harassed her, says she was "gobsmacked" by the size of the damages.

Spike Lee And Jada Pinkett Smith Announce They're Boycotting #OscarsSoWhite

Spike Lee writes, "40 White Actors In 2 Years And No Flava At All. We Can't Act?! WTF!!"

Here Are The 2016 Oscar Nominations

Here we go: the 2016 Oscar Nominations are here.

Video: Some Jerk Yells Dumb Meme During Live KTLA Report At Walk Of Fame

It's 2016, and sadly, that dumb meme of people yelling "fuck her right in the p*ssy" on live TV has not died.

The Best And Worst Moments Of This Year's Golden Globe Awards

The best and worst part of the Golden Globes is that it lacks the sheen and gravitas of other award shows.

LAUSD Shuts Down Because Of Terror Threat To 'Many' Schools

LAUSD is shutting down all campuses—around 900—this morning because of a terrorist threat sent to a board member.

NYC Says They Were Threatened Like LAUSD But Didn't Freak Out

Their city school chancellor said, "We are working closely with the NYPD, and there is no reason for alarm."

Here Are Your 2016 Golden Globe Nominations

The Golden Globes were announced bright and early this morning, kicking awards season into high gear.

Feds: San Bernardino Gunwoman Pledged Allegiance To ISIS On Facebook

Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS in a Facebook post.

Thoughts And Prayers Aren't Working, Say Gun Control Advocates

Those who are frustrated by the NRA's clout in blocking meaningful gun control legislation went after politicians and other NRA supporters who offered up their "thoughts and prayers" in the wake of the shooting.

Jason Street Will Play Coach Taylor In New 'Friday Night Lights' Musical

Have a burning desire to see the drama in Dillon, Texas set to song?

Playboy Will No Longer Publish Nudes: 'It's Just Passé'

"The Bunny transcends nudity," the publication says.

Prices Just Went Way Up For Disneyland Annual Passes

If you want to get in to either park any day of the year, you'll have to drop $1,049.

Photos: 3-Story Playa Vista Building Goes Up In Flames

One hundred firefighters were needed to knock out a blaze in a 3-story commercial building in Playa Vista this morning, fire officials said.

Woman Accuses Bulls Star Derrick Rose Of Orchestrating Gang Rape In Lawsuit

Bulls player Derrick Rose is being sued by a woman who says that he and two of his friends drugged her, broke into her apartment and then gang-raped her.

LAPD Chases Man Swimming Among MacArthur Park's Colorful Balls

When the nonprofit that created the installation said they wanted something that would bring the community together, we're not sure this is what they had in mind. But last night a crowd did gather to watch—and live-tweet—the LAPD fish him out of the water.

Watch Alanis Morrissette And Taylor Swift Slay 'You Oughta Know'

Before Swift, Alanis Morrisette was the reigning queen of the confessional song that had everyone wondering which of her famous exes had done her wrong.

Steve-O Arrested For Climbing Hollywood Crane In Anti-Sea World Protest

Jackass star Steve-O was arrested last night after he broke into a construction site in Hollywood, climbed a crane, inflated a killer whale with the phrase "Seaworld Sucks" and lit off fireworks. He streamed the entire stunt on his Facebook page and Snapchat.

Here Are Traffic Closures For Vice President Joe Biden's L.A. Trip

Vice President Joe Biden is stopping in to North Hollywood this afternoon to stump for a minimum wage increase before heading to Beverly Hills tonight for a fundraiser. So expect a Biden-jam!

1 Killed In Fiery Mid-City Crash On 10 Freeway

One person was killed early this morning in a crash on the eastbound side of the 10 Freeway at La Brea Avenue.

'19 Kids And Counting' Finally Gets The Axe After Molestation Scandal

TLC says they'll be kicking off a campaign raising awareness of child sexual abuse.

Video Retraces El Chapo's Elaborate Escape Route

Footage has been released showing the intricate underground escape route that Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman used to make his break.

Prius Tumbles Over Cliff During High-Speed Police Chase

A police chase ended when a man drove a Toyota Prius right off a San Pedro cliff late Monday evening, police say.

PETA Activist Was A Spy For SeaWorld, PETA Claims

PETA claims that they've identified a mole in their midst.

For Rent: A Room In Silver Lake's Enchanted Chandelier House

For a mere $900 a month, you can move into a room in the bohemian enclave.

28-Year-Old Man Drowns In Riptide Off Zuma Beach

One man died when he got carried away in a riptide in the turbulent waters off of Zuma Beach Sunday afternoon.

Claremont: A Great Place To Live Your Twee Wes Anderson Fantasy?

Claremont does have a serene, small-town, overeducated vibe going for it.

Ariana Grande Talks About Her Dark Night Of The Soul: 'I Was So Disgusted With Myself'

We hope to god this is the final word on donut licking-gate.

Doughnut Shop Might Get In Trouble Because Of Ariana Grande's 'Malicious' Licking

The Lake Elsinore shop where self-proclaimed America-hater Ariana Grande was caught licking and spitting on a couple doughnuts might be in trouble with the health department.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Says Bill Cosby's Star Isn't Going Anywhere

Honoring a man who dozens of women said drugged and raped them isn't exactly putting Hollywood's best face forward.

Tom Selleck Accused Of Being A Shameless Water Thief

The water district pulled out all the stops and even spent $22,000 on a private investigator to document the alleged water thieving.

9-Year-Old Girl And Two Men Wounded In Shooting

A 9-year-old girl and two men were wounded in Compton Monday evening in separate shootings that were suspected to be connected.

Caitlyn Jenner's Mom Confesses: 'My First Feeling Was I Lost My Son'

The latest teaser for Caitlyn Jenner's new reality show "I Am Cait" promises weighty emotional breakthroughs, champagne toasts and a new kind of fashion dilemma.

Woman Fatally Shot While Walking With Her Boyfriend On Sunset Blvd.

"The suspect walked up and fired one round with a shotgun then entered a parked car and left the scene."

Video: Sweet View Of The Fireworks Against DTLA Skyline

This was the best view of the fireworks.

Man Killed By Fireworks Launched Off His Head Was Disney World's Gaston

A man who was killed in Maine on the Fourth of July when some fireworks exploded on his head was best known as the actor who played Gaston at Disney World.

Human Sends Cat Through The X-Ray Machine At LAX

Thankfully there happened to be some comedians in the TSA line, so we got the blow by blow.

Report: Jennifer Garner Got Tired Of Ben Affleck's Drinking And Gambling

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck reportedly split up over their different lifestyles: Affleck loved drinking and gambling and Garner wanted him to rein it in.

Missing Woman Survives Crash Over Steep Hillside Near Malibu

A Simi Valley woman who had been reported missing Monday was found today with her SUV that had tumbled 50 feet from a hillside road north of Malibu.

Paris Hilton Wants To Sue Tricksters Behind Disturbing Plane Crash Prank

Paris Hilton wants to sue the pranksters who tricked her into believing that she was about to die on a flight over Dubai.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Are Divorcing After 10 Years Of Marriage

After 10 years of marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have decided to go their separate ways.

It's Going To Be Muggy, Stormy And Wet This Week

This morning kicks off a week of humid and stormy weather around Southern California.

Photos: Mermaids Wash Ashore As Pirates Invade Long Beach

Cannons were fired, swords were drawn, treasures were hunted and mermaids from the mysterious fathoms below washed ashore.

Speeding Driver In Highland Park Fatally Hits Cyclist Then Drags Him 500 Feet

A man was killed after a speeding driver struck him and dragged him through a Highland Park intersection early this morning.

WeHo Hosts Rally For Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling Tonight

If you're looking for a place to party in the name of marriage equality in all 50 states, WeHo is the place to go.

24-Year-Old Man Who Died At Electric Daisy Carnival Identified

The 24-year-old man who died at this year's Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas last weekend has been identified as Nicholas Austin Tom of San Francisco.

L.A.'s Bike-Sharing Program Will Debut In DTLA With 1,100 Bikes

It's officially happening: Metro just approved the first contract for our long-awaited bike-sharing program.

Pirates And Mermaids Come Together At Last In Weekend Festival

Maybe it's vampire fatigue, but mermaids seem to be having a moment.

Motorcyclist Dies Fleeing LAPD On A Wild 130 MPH Chase

A motorcyclist was killed early this morning after leading LAPD on a high-speed chase and crashing into a fire hydrant in the Valley.

James Horner, 'Titanic' Composer, Reportedly Dead In Plane Crash

James Horner, the man who composed the soundtrack to many of Hollywood's biggest hits, has reportedly died in a plane crash near Santa Barbara.

LAPD Says Handcuffing Unarmed Man They Shot In Los Feliz Was Standard Procedure

"We always do that. That's the handcuff someone in a situation like that."

2 Killed In Fiery Northridge Crash, Driver Charged With DUI

Two people were killed in a suspected drunken driving crash when two cars collided at an intersection in Northridge.

Blind Elderly Man Beheaded In Apartment, Head Is Missing

A blind man in his mid-70s was found beheaded in his Inglewood apartment Thursday afternoon. The suspect is on the loose, and the head has yet to be found, family members say.

Get Ready For Hot, Dry, Windy Wildfire Weather

Watch where you put your cigarette butts: it's wildfire weather out there.

Photo: June Gloom Is A Real Stunner From The Top Of Griffith Park

June Gloom provides cover during a season that in less pleasant climes can be downright sweltering. But it's not always very photogenic.

City Council Declares Today 'Mad Men Day' In Los Angeles

Don't let anyone tell you that the Los Angeles City Council isn't looking out for your interests.

Coroner: Getty Heir Did An 8 Ball Of Meth A Day But Died From Ulcers

The coroner has released his report on Andrew Getty, the 47-year-old oil dynasty heir who was found dead in his Hollywood Hills home in March.

Man Arrested In Echo Park Hit-And-Run That Killed 15-Year-Old Skater

A man has been arrested in the Echo Park hit-and-run that killed a 15-year-old boy and left another teen injured.

Whoa, So Many Red Crabs Are Washing Ashore (Photos)

Crabs have been washing ashore on the beaches from San Diego to Orange County, blanketing the sand in red.

Rapper YG Shot In Studio City Recording Studio

Rapper YG was shot early this morning at a recording studio in Studio City.

Why It Was So Muggy And Disgusting Yesterday

Rain is Los Angeles is a rare blessing these days, and a muggy day like yesterday is even more unusual (though we're sure transplants from greener climes felt right at home).

Street Racing May Have Caused Mid-City Crash That Killed Mother

A woman was killed early this morning in Mid-City when she was rear-ended by a speeding car, causing her to lose control of her car, flip over and slam into a light pole. Her 2-year-old daughter survived the hit-and-run.

Map: How Much A 1-Bedroom Costs By Neighborhood

Los Angeles rents are still crazy but the good news is they got slightly less crazy this spring, according to a new survey of rental prices in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Beach Could Literally Go To The Dogs

There's nowhere in Los Angeles city limits where you can bring your dog to the beach. That could change with one city councilman's proposal to finally turn over one of its beaches to the dogs.

Vincent Bugliosi, The Man Who Prosecuted Charles Manson, Dies At 80

Vincent Bugliosi, the man most famous for prosecuting the Manson Family in the Tate-LaBianca killings, died Saturday in a Los Angeles hospital from cancer at age 80, his family says.

Photos: Live Power Lines Fall Onto 5 Freeway Traffic In Burbank

For unknown reasons, power lines fell on top of the 5 freeway this afternoon in Burbank, completely halting traffic in both directions.

22-Year-Old Cyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run

The cyclist was knocked over, then fatally run over. The driver fled the scene.

Your Guide To Totally Free Outdoor Summer Concerts In Los Angeles

It's that time of year when the days are long and the outdoor concerts are free.

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