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$45 Per Week Left Her Homeless And Waiting For Relief From California's Unemployment Agency

Karen Castoldi lost her acrobatics gym to the pandemic. Then she lost her home. The state has given her $45 in weekly unemployment benefits.

'EDD Is Failing California.' Residents Fight Financial Distress As Unemployment Agency Troubles Continue

Asia Vargas lost her job early in the pandemic. Nearly a year later, the Orange County single mom still hasn't received a dime from the state's embattled unemployment agency.

Ralphs And Food 4 Less Plan Store Closures In Long Beach Following City's New Grocery Worker Pay Mandate

After the city's move to require a temporary $4-per-hour pay bump for many grocery workers, large chains are responding with store closures and layoffs.

1.4 Million Californians Who Lost Unemployment Benefits Last Month Are Now Scrambling To Get Them Back

On New Year's Eve, California's unemployment system suspended a large number of claims due to potential "fraudulent activity." Some still don't know how to prove they're legit. 

Shortchanged Freelancers See Some Relief -- $100 more a week -- In New COVID Deal

Congress passed a $100 weekly unemployment boost for workers with multiple gigs. But some L.A. freelancers say it doesn't make up for nine months of artificially low benefits.

With Congress Down To The Wire, More Than A Million Californians Are At Risk Of Losing Unemployment Benefits

Two federal unemployment programs are set to expire, leaving more than 320,000 jobless Angelenos hovering over a financial cliff.

LA City Council Considers Using COVID Funds To Buy Chinatown Apartment Building

The council and city staff are at odds over a proposal to use federal coronavirus relief funds to acquire an affordable housing development in Chinatown.

Three-Quarters Of A Million Californians Are At Risk Of Losing Unemployment Benefits Next Month

New research predicts that nearly 750,000 Californians could fall off the "unemployment cliff" at the end of December.

California Voters Rejected Prop 15. What Now For Property Tax Reform?

Prop 13 has been called the "third rail" of California politics. Reformers came close to chipping away at it this election, but voters narrowly upheld it.

Unemployment Benefits Frozen Due To Being A Fraud Victim? Here's What To Do

Recently, the state's unemployment department has been freezing accounts of fraud victims without warning. Here's what to do if your benefits get cut off.

To Better Understand Prop 15, We Took A Trip To One Of California's Top Malls

Prop 15 aims to raise $11.5 billion for schools and local governments by raising taxes on long-held commercial properties -- including businesses such as South Coast Plaza.

New Round Of Unemployment Benefits Excludes Many Young CA Workers

This week, California started sending out new $300 federal unemployment checks. But thousands of workers aged 20-24 won't get a dime.

California Freelancers May Get Relief From Strict AB5 Employment Law

California's AB 5 brought big changes for gig workers in 2020. Now, lawmakers have sent Gov. Newsom a bill that would exempt freelance writers, most musicians, and others.

Millions in CA Still Have Questions About How To Get Unemployment Benefits. We Have Answers.

You've sent us hundreds of questions about collecting unemployment benefits during this pandemic. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked ones.

Some Californians Would Be Left Out Of Trump's Plan To Extend Unemployment Benefits

"There is no money sitting in the piggy bank" for California to implement Trump's plan, said Gov. Newsom.

Pressure Mounts On California's Unemployment Office As Hundreds Of Thousands Wait For Benefits

The director of California's Employment Development Department says they've been swamped, processing more than twice as many claims during the coronavirus pandemic as they did at the height of the Great Recession.

Could California Step Up To Replace Expiring Federal Unemployment Benefits?

An extra $600 per week in federal benefits has been a lifeline for out-of-work Californians. Now it's going away. Here's what state lawmakers plan to do about it.

With Federal Unemployment Boost Ending, Some Freelancers Wonder If They Have A Future In LA

An extra $600 per week in unemployment benefits expires at the end of July, and it's unclear whether it'll be renewed.

UCLA Economists Say We're In For A 'Depression-Like Crisis'

Workers in retail and hospitality could take the longest to recover.

Unemployment Is Hitting LA's Black Neighborhoods Hard

Many Black neighborhoods now have levels of unemployment that are double -- and in some cases triple -- the rates seen in predominantly White neighborhoods.

LA Retailers Can Now Reopen, But Business Is Slow And Many Are Still Closed

"It's not going to go back to normal anytime soon," said one Pasadena store owner. "But we're just excited to be back."

Why LA County's Unemployment Rate Is So Much Higher Than Most Of California's

"This is unprecedented," said one local economist.

'I Have Nothing': Desperation Deepens As Californians Wait For Unemployment Extensions

On May 27, California will begin processing extensions for those who've run out of unemployment benefits.

For LA's Essential Workers, The Housing Crisis Has Become A Health Crisis

Essential workers who risk their health on the job are more likely to live in overcrowded housing -- putting their family members at risk, too.

LA Actors Are Losing Unemployment Benefits Based On Work They Did Years Ago

Residuals are coming back to haunt professional actors during the coronavirus pandemic.

California Is Suing Uber And Lyft Over How They Treat Drivers

The case has been in the works for months, but prosecutors say the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the lack of protections and benefits for rideshare drivers.

Freelancers: Your Side Hustle Could Hurt Your Unemployment Claim

Freelancers who got even a little income from traditional employers are getting low-balled by the unemployment system. Here's why.

Some Californians Have Already Run Out Of Unemployment Benefits -- And Can't Get Extensions (Yet)

The state's new unemployment program for self-employed workers is off to a rocky start. And some jobless Californians remain shut out of the website.

Your Questions About Filing For Unemployment As A Self-Employed Californian, Answered

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, minimum benefits, wait times -- experts answer your questions about filing as an independent contractor.

A 'Work Sharing' Plan Could Save Your Job -- And CA Is Fixing Its Archaic System

Some employers have struggled to apply for California's Work Sharing Program, which economists say could save jobs during a recession. But officials say improvements are coming soon.

LA's Latest Unemployment Numbers Are Staggering. An Estimated 1.3M Jobs Have Already Been Lost

By one estimate, the pandemic has already claimed 1.3 million jobs in L.A. County.

Here's What Angelenos Need To Know About Taxes And Coronavirus

It's April 15 -- normally, the deadline to file your taxes. This year, you have extra time. But a lot else has changed.

More Than 2 Million Californians Are Out Of Work, But Some Can't Yet File For Unemployment

Self-employed workers are still waiting to be able to file claims for jobless benefits.

LA Landlords Are Urging Renters To Pay Online. Here's Why That Might Be Illegal

With rent now due for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic hit, many L.A. landlords are urging their tenants to pay rent online to ensure social distancing. But in many cases, the push may violate California state law.

'Too Much Uncertainty And No Income.' When Rent Comes Due During A Pandemic

L.A. tenants are on edge about missing rent. Here's how they're weighing their options, and how landlords are responding.

Coronavirus Cost You Your Job? These SoCal Employers Are Hiring

L.A. grocers, nanny services and home gym companies say they're hiring as fast as they can to meet increased demand.

Older Workers Face A Tough Decision: Stay Inside... Or Earn A Paycheck?

Telling retirees to stay home is one thing. But one in five Californians age 65 and older still has a job, and some can't sacrifice the income.

Dear LAist: Will I Get Paid If Coronavirus Puts Me Out Of A Job?

The president is poised to sign a relief bill that guarantees sick leave for workers. But not everyone will qualify.

Coronavirus Is Hitting Port Of Los Angeles Truckers Hard -- Some Harder Than Others

As Chinese shipments dry up, some port truck drivers aren't just losing income, they're getting deeper in debt.

Top Two Candidates In LA Board Of Supervisors 2nd District Likely Headed For Runoff

Former City Council president Herb Wesson and State Senator Holly Mitchell lead the pack in the race to win a powerful seat on the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.

Breaking Stereotypes: Study Finds Half of LA's Homeless Recently Held Down A Job

Nearly half of working age adults in L.A. had worked in the four years prior to becoming homeless.

Tenants Say They're Facing Eviction Due To Loophole In Anti-Eviction Law

L.A. lawmakers are trying to stop evictions based on unspecified "remodeling" plans.

Can LA Save Affordable Housing Through Eminent Domain?

Eminent domain was used to build Dodger Stadium. Can it now keep low-income renters in Chinatown in their homes?

Co-Owning Property With Strangers Can Make Homes In LA Cheaper -- But It's Also Displacing Renters

Condo and home prices are out of reach for most first-time buyers in Los Angeles. Could "Tenancy in common" be the solution?

It's Now Illegal For LA Landlords To Deny Housing Vouchers -- But Some Still Are

A new year brought new housing laws aimed at helping renters. But who's enforcing them?

Here's How AB5, California's New Freelancer Law, Could Affect You

A guide for L.A.'s writers, photographers, musicians, film and tv workers, artists, drivers, and more.

Can Computer Modeling Predict Who Will Become Homeless? LA County Is Betting On It

Humans aren't great at knowing who is most likely to end up on the streets.

Anaheim Minimum Wage Advocates Take Disney To Court

Is Disneyland subject to a measure passed by voters requiring a $15 minimum wage? It could be up to a judge to decide.

Can LA Reduce Homelessness Through Better Prevention?

Officials are looking to cities like Chicago for lessons on how to prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place.

Saugus High School Students Return To Campus After Deadly Shooting

Classes won't resume until after Thanksgiving, but students were allowed on Tuesday to retrieve things they left behind during the shooting.

SoCal Has To Plan For 1.3 Million New Homes. But Where Should They Go? 

Local representatives axed a plan to focus growth in the Inland Empire, instead favoring more housing in L.A. and Orange counties.

California Business Owners Spread The Wealth By Selling Their Companies To Their Workers

"I've got enough. By giving it to them, it's bringing everyone up."

What Does A 'Red Flag Warning' Mean, Exactly?

It's how local weather forecasters tell you to be set to leave, if needed.

LA City Council Proposes $30/Hr. Minimum For Uber And Lyft Drivers

That would break down to $15 an hour in base pay, plus $15 more to cover drivers' expenses.

LA Could Become The First City In The Country To Open Up Its Own Bank

Los Angeles wants to be the first place in the country outside of North Dakota to set up a government-run bank.

Why Older Uber Drivers Earn Less Than Younger Ones

Driving for Uber gives Keith Cooney, 65, a chance to meet riders from all over the country. But the pay? It's not always so great.

Workers Turn To Gig Platforms Like Uber And Lyft As An 'Alternative Safety Net'

It's not just a new kind of work. It can also be a cushion for those who can't rely on their main job to make ends meet.

Culver City Just Passed A 1-Year Rent Freeze

City council members say the temporary 3% cap on rent hikes will give them time to debate a more permanent form of rent control.

Recycling Can Be A Lifeline For People In LA, But Places To Do It Keep Disappearing

L.A. County had 562 beverage container recycling centers in 2015. Now it's down to 385.

You Can Now Sell Meals Out Of Your Own Kitchen -- If You Live In Riverside County

Want to turn your kitchen skills into a lucrative side hustle? You can get permitted in California -- but so far only in Riverside County.

Culver City Votes To Seriously Explore Rent Freeze At Packed City Hall Meeting

Big tech companies like Apple and Amazon are moving in. Residents say without better tenant protections, they'll be pushed out. Landlords say some tenants drive luxury cars and don't need extra help.

David Wagner, Business And Economy Reporter

I tell the stories of these Angelenos, their struggles and the many creative ways they make a living.

Most LA Landlords Turn Away Section 8 Renters. There Are New Rules To Stop Them

Currently, nearly half of Section 8 voucher holders in L.A. can't find anyone who will rent to them.

Thai Town Is Getting A New Food Hall -- Powered By Immigrant Entrepreneurs

L.A.'s immigrants are actually more likely to start a business than folks born here.

There's A New Attempt To Get Rent Control On The Ballot In Pasadena

Tenant rights groups hope Pasadena voters will make the city the next to expand rent control.

LA Uber Drivers Organized A Boycott, One Passenger At A Time

Uber's IPO this week could make a lot of people rich, just not the drivers.

'Social Equity' Applicants Are Still Waiting For Their Cannabis Licenses

The city council voted Tuesday to begin taking applications for new pot shop licenses by early September. But many "social equity" applicants say they can't afford to keep waiting.

More Seniors In LA Are Working Into Old Age. But Not For The Reasons You Might Think

The seniors who most need to keep working often have the hardest time finding a job.

Tax Day Has Arrived. It Could Be Painful For Many Californians

The state's tax board estimates about a million California households will end up with a tax hike.

LA Wants To Stop Landlords From Rejecting Section 8 Vouchers

The housing vouchers can help prevent homelessness, but people in Los Angeles often can't find a landlord who will take them.

LA's Black Market Pot Shops Could Disappear From Weedmaps If Legal Sellers Get Their Way

A new state assembly bill aims to penalize websites that host online ads for unlicensed pot shops.

LA Will Consider Giving Retail Workers A Break From Hectic Schedules

City Council members want Los Angeles to have a "fair workweek" policy, similar to what has already been passed in some other cities.

Pasadena Workers Get Another Raise In Minimum Wage

The City Council's decision to stay the course on minimum wage increases that outpace the state's plan keeps Pasadena on track for a $15 an hour minimum by next year.

Here's What Happened When Pasadena Raised Its Minimum Wage

And what it could mean for cities throughout the state.

Hey Middle-Class Angelenos, Here's What's In Gov Newsom's Budget For You

Health insurance and higher education could become more affordable -- but probably not the cost of caring for aging family members.

SoCal Food Banks Are Getting Ready To Feed Unpaid Federal Workers

Here's how one Inland Empire church plans to help airport workers put food on the table.

Asylum Seekers Can Wait Out the Process in LA-- If Sky-High Rents Don't Push Them Out

California's high cost of living can drive migrants away from the very areas providing the most help.

Anaheim Passes A Minimum Wage Measure Targeting Disneyland

Disney allies may have taken back city council. But Anaheim's largest employer could soon end up in court over a minimum wage dispute.

The Westworld Set -- Home To Iconic Shoots For More Than 90 Years -- Has Burned Down

The set of Westworld has burned down. Filmmakers who shot at Paramount Ranch say a bit of Hollywood history was just lost.

How To Tell The Difference Between The Two Democrats Running For California Lieutenant Governor

State Senators Ed Hernandez and businesswoman Eleni Kounalakis agree on a lot of issues. Where they differ is in the amount of money flowing into their campaigns.

Anaheim's Disney Living Wage Measure Is Pitting Union Against Union

Hotel and theme park workers say they're not paid enough. But the workers who build those hotels say a ballot measure would cost them jobs.

LA Wants To Lock Illegal Pot Shop Owners Out Of Their Stores

Unlicensed pot shops are still everywhere. To shut them down, the city wants to play hardball.

LA City Council Members Just Lost A Way To Block Affordable Housing In Their Districts

A new state law has taken away one of their most powerful tools for preventing new homeless housing.

Anaheim Says The Ballot Initiative To Raise Disneyland Wages Doesn't Apply To Disneyland After All

And if it passes there could be a Disney-themed court battle over pay at the park.

Health Care, 401k ... And Help With The Mortgage? Some LA Employers Are Treating Housing As A Benefit

Many of L.A.'s fastest-growing jobs don't pay enough to cover L.A. rent. But only a few employers are offering housing help to their workers.

Car Repairs And Custom Work Might Be More Expensive Now, Because Tariffs

President Trump's new round of tariffs on Chinese goods could stick you with a higher price tag for new car parts. And they could put this SoCal company out of business.

California Still Has The Nation's Highest Poverty Rate (Blame Housing Costs)

California's overall economy may be booming. But nearly one in five Californians are still living in poverty.

How To Spot LA's Many, Many, Many Illegal Pot Shops

The city attorney is cracking down on unlicensed pot businesses, which continue to undercut the city's fledgling licensed adult-use pot shops eight months into legalization.

Thousands Of Angelenos Work While Homeless, And Many Don't Want Their Bosses To Know

California doesn't define homelessness as a protected class in the workplace.

What Trump's Trade War With China Means For LA's Economy

Everything from L.A.'s bustling ports to electric scooter startups like Bird could be affected.

Wanna Buy A House But Only Have A Moderate Income? LA Has Money To Help. But It's Gonna Go Fast.

Families of four earning up to $116,300 could qualify for a zero-interest, deferred loan of up to $75,000. But you need to act quickly.

California Homes Are Still Affordable -- With Help From Mom And Dad

Federal data shows first-time buyers in California increasingly rely on family for help.

The Minimum Wage Went Up Over The Weekend

Check your paycheck. Not all local employers have been playing by the rules.

What's In Your Weed? Starting July 1 You'll Know For Sure

You might have noticed some deep, dank discounts at the drug store. This is why.

Moving To California For Work Is Hard — Because Housing

The high cost of housing may be keeping job seekers away. Luring would-be employees to California is getting more difficult. Also difficult: getting people to stay.