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Happy Second Annual Indigenous Peoples' Day Los Angeles!

"A lot of us get emotional at different times because we are not used to having these kinds of platforms or stages, to having all of Los Angeles come into this celebration in this kind of way. People are seeing us for the first time in a public way."

These Deaf Writers Couldn't Find A Community In LA -- So They Created A TV Show

Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman created and star in "This Close," which returns to SundanceTV for its second season.

Paddling From Atwater Village to Silver Lake, Or How To Kayak The LA River

Traversing a waterway widely known for concrete, rogue inflatable flamingos and trash might not sound like your vision of water sports, but it is an actual joy.

5 Ways To Commemorate D-Day Today In LA

This is likely to be the last major anniversary of D-Day to honor living veterans...