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Megarave Set Times: Electric Daisy Carnival (Fri & Sat)

North America's largest electronic dance music festival, the Electric Daisy Carnival, returns to Los Angeles this Friday and Saturday at the Coliseum and Exposition Park. Both days feature twelve hours of fun (2 p.m. to 2 a.m.) Last year's event featured 135,000 people over both days and this weekend looks to be more of the same.

Photo Essay: January Nightlife Redux

Having returned from touring Europe with electronic music sensation Deadmau5, nightlife photographer Drew “Rukes” Ressler (LAist Interview | website | email) brought his lenses back to Los Angeles for a few fun nights at Avalon and the Wiltern. And, yes, he brought the fish eye. Check out more nightlife galleries with Rukes on LAist....

Photo Essay: Motley Crue's Crue Fest 2

Remember Motely Crue? Sure you do. So do the thousands who packed arenas around the country to catch Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, and Mick Mars doing what they do (due?) for this summer's Crue Fest 2: The White Trash Circus. LAist fave protographer, and Tommy Lee's pal, Drew "Rukes" Ressler joined the tour to catch a dose of the 1980s Sunset Strip. And yes, Pam Anderson is still smoking hot. Photos by Drew...

Photo Essay: June Nightlife Redux

As the summer emerges from June Gloom, sure, the clubs were still hopping. But above that, June saw the largest electronic dance music event in LA's history, the Electric Daisy Carnival. The 13th annual megamegarave featured 135,000 revelers over two days (daze?) If were weren't in a recession there might have been 135,007 attendees. It was Coachella meets Burning Man meets a sweaty warehouse meets a USC football game. That's a good thing.

Meet James Zabiela: Not Your Average Superstar DJ

James Zabiela’s first visit to Los Angeles in 2002 was intense. Trotting the globe with one of its most in-demand DJs, his job was to make 2,000 Sasha fans loose their minds. Thanks to the 21 year-old Zabiela, that’s exactly what happened at the sold-out Mayan Theater.

'Electric Daisy Carnival' Could Feature 200,000 Dancing Feet

Insomniac's events have made people dance through their bedtimes since 1993. Never have they made insomniacs out of 100,000. That’s the goal for this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival, their largest annual event. Seas of people will dance away their economic woes in what should be the largest electronic dance music festival this city has ever seen.

Photo Essay: May Nightlife Redux

After spending a month on Deadmau5 tour bus, LA nightlife photographer Drew "Rukes" Ressler returned home to shoot May's nocturnal action. He paid a visit to his friend Daisy De La Hoya (Wikipedia says that's not her real name,) whose "Rock of Love" reality spinoff, "Daisy Of Love" can be seen on VH1. Rukes' pal Deadmau5 returned to Los Angeles for a soldout gig at the new-and-improved Palladium, and a near-gig at Santa Monica's Apple store. Thanks to a too-large crowd, the gig never happened, much to their chagrin. He also stopped by Giant's Anaheim outpost, Red, where a few star jocks rocked The O.C., and caught rockers Last Exit at Dragonfly.

Photo Essay: Coachella Dances

Friend of LAist, photographer Drew "Rukes" Ressler has clocked a few hours in Coachella's dance tents. Here are some of the DJs and live acts that moved bodies at Coachella 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Photo Essay: March Nightlife Redux

Thanks to top late-night picture-taker Drew "Rukes" Ressler, we can see what goes bump in the night, and who dances to that bump. Last month we did. This month we present evidence, that despite the cold fist of the economy, SoCal is full of people dancing, led by those DJs who make us dance. That, and Rukes paid a visit to rockers Last Exit.

Photo Essay: February Nightlife Redux

Los Angeles is no stranger to globetrotting DJs. We saw some of that last month. February featured more top international jocks, as well a local favorite crowd-surfing his way to club stardom.

Photo Essay: January Nightlife Redux

Thanks to New Year's hangovers, clubland in January can be sluggish. However, brave weekend warriors can still be found under the disco ball. They know the only way to fight 2008 hangovers is to dance them off in 2009. Nightlife photographer Drew “Rukes” Ressler (we interviewed him last month) was there to catch this nocturnal revelry.

Meet Drew 'Rukes' Ressler: Top Nightlife/DJ Photographer

When globetrotting electronic dance music DJs come to town the energy is rock-show thick. The tough, loud music. The sparkling visuals along side layers of multicolored flashing lights. The rabid crowd. These elements unite, and fans are delivered something special. Drew “Rukes” Ressler’s job is to capture that nocturnal magic. Long Island-native Drew Ressler, best known as Rukes (pronounced with a Roo) never planned on becoming a photographer for a living, much less America's top...