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To Save Their Home, Van Nuys Family Joins With Activists To Erect 'Fort Hernandez'

When the Hernandez family of Van Nuys went into foreclosure last month, they had no interest becoming one of these statistics. With help from loved ones, the Occupy movement and the community, they decided to stand their ground.

Occupy L.A. Cost City and Taxpayers $4.7M, Report Says

The numbers are in, and they are about $2 million higher than first anticipated: Occupy L.A.'s City Hall encampment, and its ultimate clearing, cost Los Angeles taxpayers $4.7 million, according to a report released today from City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana.

Rumor Control: Occupy L.A. Did NOT "Shut down" LAX

Mid-afternoon today, a rumor began to swirl on Twitter, and was spread via announcements at May Day protests around the country: "Confirmed. #OccupyLa has effectively shut down LAX." The thing is, that's not even remotely true.

May Day Protest Caravans Converging in DTLA [UPDATED]

A set of May Day protest caravans have begun to arrive in Downtown Los Angeles for their permitted gathering on city streets.

Extra, Extra: Occupy L.A. Protests Woman's Deportation and Judy Garland's Bel-Air Pad Goes Up for Sale

In tonight's Extra, Extra, Occupy L.A. protests a North Hollywood woman's eviction and deportation to Mexico, a doctor is arrested for overprescribing drugs and Judy Garland's Bel Air pad goes up for sale. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Extra, Extra: No Donkey Semen on 'Fear Factor,' Conservatives Hate Miley & South Pasadena's $1 Tank

In tonight's Extra, Extra, Burbank sells a tank for $1, conservative groups aren't big on Miley Cyrus these days and Occupy Oakland. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

3 Options for a Post-Occupy City Hall Lawn

New renderings for the City Hall lawn show that the department is using its destruction as an excuse to revamp the park and get rid of some of the water-wasting turf. Blogdowntown explored three options on the table, and today the department released renderings that show what each option would look like.

City Wants to Give the Occupy LA Mural Back. You Want It?

What of the giant mural that once stood in the center of the Occupy LA camp, painted in bold colors (and making a bold statement) on the plywood set up to protect the fountain? Well, the City is ready to give it back to...well, they aren't sure. But they don't want it anymore.

Extra, Extra: Where Borders Bookcases Go to Die, What Hollywood Knew About Osama bin Laden Secret Raid & 6 Projects That Will Shape Downtown

In tonight's Extra, Extra, Zola Jesus allows David Lynch to remix her work, Nick Cannon experiences kidney failure and investigators probe whether Hollywood knew too much about the secret Osama bin Laden raid. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Who Left Behind More Trash: Occupy Los Angeles or the Rose Parade?

We'll give you a clue: there's a better of chance of the Rose Parade getting snowed out next year than the city halting this event—even though it left behind more than three times as much trash as the other.

Extra, Extra: Steve Jobs Gets a Grammy, Pasadena Wants to Hear From You, and Who is the Geezer Bandit?

In tonight's Extra, Extra, Steve Jobs is being given a posthumous Grammy Award, Pasadena hears from residents about Windpocalyse, and the FBI has a theory about the Geezer Bandit. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Reporter-Turned-Occupy L.A. Arrestee On Why the City Attorney's Office is 'Going for the Jugular'

Bethania Palma Markus, a former staff reporter for the San Gabriel Valley News Group, talks about why she decided to join Occupy L.A. and what her experience getting arrested this Saturday taught her about the politics of our criminal justice system.

Extra, Extra: Beach Boys Reunion, LAPD Chief Gets Mic-Checked and Sexy Santa Has a Nooner

In tonight's Extra, Extra, a Beach Boys reunion could be in the works, Occupy LA mic-checked the LAPD Chief at a Skid Row basketball game and a little girl sold into slavery from Egypt is free — and now a US citizen. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

The LAPD, Obama, and the National Defense Authorization Act: WTF?

"Shut your fucking mouth! We can lose you in here" becomes even more poignant as the constitutionally challenged National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 sits on President Obama's desk. As it currently stands, spokespeople for Obama have stated he would not veto it.

More Info About Sarah Mason, Face of TIME Magazine's 'The Protester'

More information is becoming available about Sarah Mason, the young woman featured on the cover of TIME magazine as "The Protester." At 25 years old, Mason's face was captured by L.A. photographer Ted Soqui at Occupy L.A. and turned into one of Shepherd Fairey's iconic images to grace the front of the glossy magazine.

Plan to Occupy the Rose Parade Sounds Pretty Tame

The mission to Occupy the Rose Parade is probably going to be pretty tame and you might have to squint a little to notice anything is going on if you're watching on your TV at home.

City Council Agrees Unanimously: Corporations Are Not People

Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution declaring that corporations are not people, and consequently are not entitled to the same constitutional protections. The vote was taken following a discussion about money and politics in chambers during today's meeting. In the crowd were several participants of the Occupy LA movement.

Video: Occupy LA Livestreamer Threatened With Arrest for Recording LAPD Traffic Stop

This video testimony from an Occupy LA general assembly details how one popular Occupy livestreamer, known as Cross Bones, was allegedly threatened with arrest by an LAPD officer who was conducting a traffic stop.

1 Protester Arrested Today As Occupy L.A. Marches From Pershing Square to County Jail [UPDATED]

Occupy Los Angeles, whose encampment on City Hall lawn was raided on Tuesday night, marched from Pershing Square down Broadway and through downtown to the jail at the Twin Towers Correctional facility.

Occupy L.A. Protestor Arrested in 'Free Speech Zone' at City Hall

An Occupy L.A. protestor was arrested last night in what Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has called the "free speech zone" on the steps of City Hall. A protester caught the arrest on video — as well as an unidentified LAPD officer taking pains to explain exactly how the "free speech zone" works.

LGBT Community to March Tomorrow in Solidarity With the 99%

To show solidarity with the Occupy LA movement and the 99% of Americans the movement asserts is a majority unrepresented by the political and financial power of the 1%, a group of members of the LGBT community will stage a march in West Hollywood tomorrow.

Extra, Extra: San Bernardino Wants to Be Hip, Lucky the Treehouse-Dwelling 'Occupy' Dog is Found & 'Sergeant to the Stars' Retires

In tonight's Extra, Extra, San Bernardino wants to be cool, the deputy to the stars retires and the Wildlife Waystation is on the brink of financial collapse. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Source: Undercover Cops Infiltrated Occupy L.A. in Weeks Before the Raid

In the weeks before the Los Angeles Police Department cracked down on Occupy L.A., nearly a dozen undercover detectives infiltrated the movement to learn about protesters' plans to resist eviction.

City Attorney's Office Wants to Bar 46 Arrested Protesters From City Hall, Comparing Ban to a Battered Wife's Restraining Order

The city attorney's office is feeling abused. On Friday, it recommended that 46 of the 292 Occupy L.A. protesters who were charged with resisting arrest during the raid on City Hall earlier this week be barred from protesting at City Hall again, according to CBS Los Angeles.

LA Times Posts Names of Those Arrested at Occupy LA, Stories Begin to Unfold About What Happened During the Raid

The LA Times has obtained a list of the names of those who were arrested during the raid of Occupy LA. The names, ages, races, hometowns and occupations of arrestees are published as a searchable database.

Now That Occupy L.A.'s City Hall Camp Is History, Mayor Ponders What to Do With Its 'Historical' Mural

Much has made of the reported 30 tons of debris hazmat teams were called in to remove after the city moved in to shut down Occupy L.A.'s two-month encampment on the lawn of City Hall. But there's one relic that the mayor's office would like to save: the mural at the heart of the camp.

Occupy LA Seeking Legal Injunction to Block Eviction, Cite "Twilight" and Skid Row as Proof City Has Double Standard

Occupy LA has filed a complaint in pursuit of an injunction to block their eviction from the grounds of Los Angeles City Hall. The complaint focuses on the Occupiers' First Amendment rights.

Occupy L.A. Protestors Prepare for City to Evict Them Tonight, LAPD Confirms That Plans Have Not Changed

Protestors at Occupy L.A. are preparing for an eviction from the lawn of City Hall at the stroke of midnight tonight. Protestors turned down a last-minute plea by city officials to leave the City Hall lawn tonight, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Get Off the Lawn: Mayor Announces Occupy LA Must Clear Out By Monday [UPDATED]

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spoke at a press conference this afternoon to announce that a deadline has been set for the Occupy LA encampment to clear off the lawn of City Hall. After lauding the movement and its origins, Villaraigosa stressed that the city has been tolerant of the encampment, however the belief has been since the occupation began on October 1, that a long term encampment is not sustainable.