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LAUSD Teachers Strike Is Over. Here's What's In The Deal

All 33,000-plus UTLA members are expected to return to school tomorrow.

Deal Or No Deal, LA Teachers Strike Will Continue Tuesday

Why? Well, even if the teachers union and L.A. Unified reach an agreement, union members would still have to vote on it.

Striking Mandarin-Language Teachers Held A Rumor Control Rally In Chinatown

Some Chinese-speaking families think teachers are getting paid as kids miss out on schooling.

LAUSD Principals Ask District To Close Schools During Strike. District Says 'No'

As if trouble from one union wasn't enough, LAUSD now faces a second group of angry workers.

Why LAUSD's 30,000 Teachers Have Gone On Strike

Three days into the first teachers strike in L.A. since 1989, negotiators from the union and district say they will sit back down and resume talks. Your complete guide to the broken-down contract talks that got us here.

The Class Size Conundrum At The Heart Of LAUSD's Teachers Strike

If LAUSD could scare up more money, is class-size reduction the best way to spend it?

Most LAUSD Students Did Not Go To School On Monday

At a press conference Tuesday morning, LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner said the district did not have plans to negotiate.

Here's What Happened The Last Time LAUSD Teachers Went On Strike

They say this time, there's a lot more at stake.

LA Teachers Set To Strike Monday After Union Rejects New LAUSD Offer. No Weekend Talks Planned

LAUSD proposed spending $130 million on targeted class size reductions in certain schools and grade levels, an increase from the $105 million it had previously offered.

It's Official. LAUSD Teachers Are Allowed To Strike On Monday

A teachers strike against the Los Angeles Unified School District can go forward on Monday, Jan. 14, a judge ruled Thursday.

How People Are Planning To Feed Students If LAUSD Teachers Strike

Sandwiches for students. Tacos for teachers. See what's cooking.

Pre-Strike Chaos: County Sounds Alarm About LAUSD's Budget And Strike Date Is Now Moving Target

Short version? Negotiations didn't result in a new contract. The teachers union moved its date to stop working (and LAUSD is trying to delay it more). Oh, and L.A. County is sending in a fiscal monitor.

LA Teachers Union Has Pushed Possible Strike Date To Monday

Less than a day before its original strike date, LAUSD's teachers union pushed its work-stoppage date to Jan. 14.

Guía Para Los Padres Del LAUSD En El Evento De Una Huelga De Maestros

Ha habido un constante flujo de noticias mientras que las negociaciones entre el segundo distrito escolar más grande de la nación y el sindicato que representa a sus maestros se han intensificado, pero ahora es una realidad: 30,000 maestros pudieran ir a huelga.

LA Teachers Are On Strike: A Guide For LAUSD Parents

The strike is here and 30,000 LAUSD teachers are not in their classrooms. We have information for parents making difficult decisions about whether or not to still send their children to school.

Latest LAUSD Offer Won't Prevent A Teachers Strike -- But Talks Will Continue

UTLA also made its first concessions in months. Talks will continue Wednesday.

LAUSD Teachers Strike May Be Delayed By A Few Days

The union will ask a judge whether it could strike on Jan. 10, as planned, or must wait until Jan. 14.

LAUSD Tries To Block Special Education Teachers From Striking

The district is asking a federal court to block some, but not all, teachers union members from striking.

2019: The Year We Report On News That Isn't Wholly Depressing (We Hope)

2018 was truly horrible: the state's deadliest and most destructive fires, a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, the death of our favorite food critic Jonathan Gold, another sex abuse scandal (this time at USC) and a World Series loss we can't wait to forget.

LA Teachers Are Furious After LAUSD Reportedly Hires 400 Substitute Teachers To Work During Strike

United Teachers Los Angeles calls the decision "irresponsible" and possibly illegal.

LAUSD Teachers Have Set A Date To Go On Strike

Teachers union leaders announced they will call a strike on Jan. 10 if they haven't reached a contract agreement with LAUSD by then.

Negotiator to Teachers: Take the Raise LAUSD Is Offering

Surprise! It's less than what the teacher's wanted -- barely.

Will The Key Endorsements For LAUSD's Open 'Latino Seat' Go To White Candidates?

To some, the prospect that Latinos might be shut out of the three largest endorsements ought to put L.A.'s progressive credentials in question.

A Field Guide To The 2019 Special Election For LAUSD School Board

Big money, charters-versus-unions, and race-driven redistricting -- welcome to another LAUSD grudge match.

Time's Running Out To Prevent An LAUSD Teachers Strike

Deadlines and winter break loom large as LAUSD and the union try to avoid a strike.

LAUSD Makes New Offer To Teachers Union. Union Leaders Call It A 'Trojan Horse'

The provision union leaders object to would lock in larger class sizes than the union wants and grant LAUSD officials even greater latitude to increase class sizes in the future.

Can This Academy Requiring Arts Classes Get More Struggling LAUSD Students To Graduation?

At a new academy in South L.A., students are required to take eight hours of arts a week. At least some students who had been struggling say it's helping them focus.

Police At LA Schools Are Arresting And Citing Black Students At A Disproportionate Rate

One-quarter of L.A. School Police enforcement actions involved black students, even though African-Americans make up less than 10 percent of all LAUSD students, according to a new report.

Why The LAUSD Superintendent's Calendar Matters To The School District's Strike-Ready Teachers

Reading the tea leaves on what's really behind the release of Austin Beutner's calendars by the teacher's union that's in the middle of contentious contract negotiations.

LAUSD's Leader Wants To 'Manage Out' Bad Teachers. But Does The District Know Which Ones Are Bad?

The vast majority of LAUSD teachers "meet" or "exceed standards" on their evaluations, according to new numbers -- but are those numbers right?

You Like LAUSD Coffee Cake. You Really, Really, Really Like LAUSD Coffee Cake

We asked a simple question: "Why are people so obsessed with LAUSD's coffee cake?" LAist readers answered.

Why LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner Wants To Talk About Teacher Quality Right Now

Beutner's answer: focusing only on the issues at dispute in contract negotiations sidelines other worthy conversations.

Could LAUSD Seriously Be Taken Over For Overspending?

The 'window of opportunity is closing to address the district's fiscal challenges,' a county official recently warned.

Why Are People So Obsessed With LAUSD's Coffee Cake?

The fluffy, crumbly dessert has been around for more than 60 years and Angelenos' love for it hasn't diminished.

LAUSD Teachers Just Voted To Strike. It's Still Not Clear If -- Or When -- They'd Walk

Weeks or months could still pass before UTLA leaders actually call for a walkout.

Why LAUSD's 30,000 Teachers Have Gone On Strike

Breaking down the broken-down contract talks that have teachers in the nation's second-largest school district on picket lines. The lives of nearly half a million LAUSD students have been disrupted.

LAUSD Parents Endure Another Back-To-School Ritual: Bus Delays

LAUSD transports more than 43,000 students each day. At the beginning of the year, it can take 2-3 weeks to get the kinks worked out.

This LAUSD Board Seat Will Stay Empty Until Next Spring. Who Looks Out For The Schools Until Then?

It looks increasingly likely that voters in controversial Ref Rodriguez's former district will be without a voice until that election is over.

This Doctor Treats LAUSD's Newly Arrived Immigrants. She Was Once One Of Them

As a child, a border once separated Claudia Martin from her mother. The experience shapes how she digested this summer's news from the border -- and how she treats her patients.

99,000 LAUSD Students Have No Representative On The School Board. Here's Why That Matters

Board members don't just set big-picture policy. They're also advocates for the regions they represent.

Did Meeting Between LAUSD & Teachers Union Leaders Make A Strike Less Likely? Depends On Who You Ask

The encounter comes about a week before teachers begin a vote to authorize a possible strike.

Activists Fighting LAUSD's Random Search Policy Gain An Ally: L.A.'s Top Lawyer

The City Attorney has recommended LAUSD pause all its random student searches

More Than 30,000 LAUSD Teachers Will Decide This Month If They Want To Strike

If the rank-and-file approves, teachers union leaders would then be empowered to call the first strike the district has seen since 1989.

Ref Rodriguez Pleads Guilty To Felony And Misdemeanor Charges, Resigns From LAUSD Board

Rodriguez faced criminal charges for alleged political money laundering. Now, he's giving up his seat as part of a plea deal.

Embattled LAUSD Board Member Ref Rodriguez Close To Reaching A Deal On Campaign Finance Questions. Here's How We Got Here.

Rodriguez is having a bad year. We put together this guide to help you catch up.

It's The Last Day Of School For The Head Of Arts Education At LAUSD

We talked arts, opportunity and data with Rory Pullens as he was packing up his office in his final days before retirement.

Could LAUSD Tax Its Way Out Of A Budget Crisis? Better Question: Will Voters Let Them?

LAUSD officials don't think enough 2018 voters will support a tax hike, internal memo shows.

LA's Schools Are Segregated. LAUSD Says There's Only So Much They Can Do

White parents still want to live near mostly-white schools and, in L.A., most Latino kids still live in overwhelmingly Latino neighborhoods.

LAUSD Teachers Just Took Their First Step Toward A Possible Strike

Their union has declared an "impasse" after months of protracted contract talks.

The LA Unified School District Is Rapidly Running Out Of Money. Wait, Check That — LAUSD Is Maybe Actually Flush With Extra Cash?

Budgets are hard enough to read when everyone agrees what the numbers on the pages mean. But in L.A. Unified, two very different narratives have emerged about the $8.2 billion budget the district's school board approved Tuesday by a 6-1 vote.

Monica Garcia Chosen As New LAUSD Board President

Garcia had previously served six years in the role before.

LAUSD President Steps Down From Top Post Amid Criminal Charges, Will Remain On School Board

Ref Rodriguez was accused of participating in "political money laundering" by repaying donors who'd contributed to a 2015 campaign.

LAUSD Board President Charged With Three Felony Counts Over 'Political Money Laundering'

Officials say that Refugio Rodriguez was aided by a cousin in the alleged scheme.

Hundreds Of LAUSD Schools Still Have Lead In Their Water Fountains

LAUSD has been replacing water fountains since spring 2016.

Some LAUSD Students May Not Be Allowed To View The Eclipse

“...I don’t want children going blind because they’re not supervised and exercising proper precaution.”

Some LAUSD Students May Not Be Allowed To View The Eclipse

“...I don’t want children going blind because they’re not supervised and exercising proper precaution.”

Former LAUSD 'Food Guru' Charged With Embezzlement, Misappropriation Of Public Funds

He allegedly funneled tens of thousands of dollars of school district money to a culinary club he controlled, among other offenses.

LAUSD Board Member Salaries Nearly Tripled To $125,000

The new salary was voted on by a city commission that meets every five years to review the pay and benefits of LAUSD school board members.

Over A Hundred Layoffs Expected In Proposed LAUSD Budget

The layoffs largely focus on library aides.

A Fleet Of Electric-Powered School Buses Is Coming To Southern California

The 33 buses are being purchased with money from the Southern California Air Quality Management District.

LAUSD Board President Steve Zimmer Concedes To Challenger Nick Melvoin

Kelly Gonez currently has a slight lead over opponent Imelda Padilla for the second open school board seat being decided tonight.

LAUSD To Formalize 'Safe Zone' Policies For Immigrant Students And Families

LAUSD Superintendent Michelle King will have 90 days to draft the policies and begin training staff.

LAUSD To Begin Vegan Lunch Pilot Program This Fall

School Board President Steve Zimmer said that the new lunches will not be more expensive than the usual lunches.

LAUSD Moves To Ban McDonald's Fundraisers, Develop Vegan Items

Grimace may no longer be welcomed at school functions.

Nearly 1-In-5 LAUSD Students Report They Have Been Bullied This School Year

And 43% report they have been cyber-bullied this school year.

LAUSD Asked Students And Staff Not To Participate In 'A Day Without Immigrants'

A recorded voice message was sent to parents and employees on Wednesday night.

Teachers Union Rallies Outside Hundreds Of LAUSD Schools, Tells Students They Are Safe

"This is a safe place and [students] don't need to be afraid of Donald Trump."

Despite Previous Vote, LAUSD Will Still Start Academic Year In The Middle Of Summer

The school board had voted in September to gradually push the start date two weeks later.

LAUSD Starts Support Hotline For Students Who Fear Trump's America

Students with questions and concerns about the potential impact on them and their families can call (866) 742-2273.

Hollywood High School Considers Digital Billboard At Sunset And Highland

The billboard would potentially go up at one of the most busiest intersections in America.

Hollywood High School Considers Digital Billboard At Sunset And Highland

The billboard would potentially go up at one of the most busiest intersections in America.

Mayor And LAUSD Board President Reaffirm Commitment To Protect Undocumented Students

An estimated 100,000 LAUSD families could be affected by deportations under a Trump administration.

LAUSD To Trump: Stay Away From Our Kids And Off Our Campuses

The LAUSD Board of Education voted to reaffirm its campuses as safe zones for undocumented students.

Racist Teacher Who Threatened Student With Deportation Put On 'Do Not Hire' List

Bret Harte Preparatory Middle School (Google Maps) Last week, a teacher at a Los Angeles school was fired after telling a student her parents would be deported and she would be left in a foster home. We now know the teacher was "a long-term substitute" in charge of a physical education class at Bret Harte Preparatory Middle School, and that following his outburst and his firing, several parents have filed complaints against him to...

Public High School Principal Who Charged $100K To School Credit Card Resigns

Five of the school's seven board members will also be resigning.

LAUSD Is Building Housing For Its Staff Because The Rent Is Too Damn High

LAUSD builds apartments for its staff who can't afford to live near the schools they work at.

Students At Silver Lake Elementary School Sick After Eating From Community Garden

The school district has temporarily closed the garden.

LAUSD To Consider Not Starting School In The Middle Of The Summer, Thank God

School for LAUSD's approximately 640,000 students started on August 16 this year.

LAUSD Grads Will Get One Free Year Of Community College

The plan was launched by Mayor Garcetti and Jill Biden on Wednesday.

'No Immunizations, No School' For Returning LAUSD Students

More than a half-million kids head back to LAUSD today, and personal and religious exemptions for vaccines will no longer be allowed.

Pamela Anderson Advocated For Vegan Lunch Options At An LAUSD Board Meeting

Anderson made a powerful case for why LAUSD should offer its 600,000 students a daily vegan option.

LAUSD Has Paid Out More Than $300 Million Over Sex Abuse

As settlements for student victims of sex abuse mount, the damages are increasing as well.

LAUSD To Pay $88 Million In 30-Student Sexual Abuse Settlement

This is the second largest sexual abuse settlement in LAUSD's history.

Students Win Fight For LAUSD's First Gender-Neutral Bathroom

The "Just a Toilet" campaign began with a lesson on the meaning of a safe space.

Garcetti Proposes Free Year Of Community College Tuition For LAUSD Grads

Mayor Eric Garcetti pledged his support for a plan to offer one year of free community college tuition for all LAUSD graduates.

Possible Sinkhole Opens Up On The Basketball Court Of L.A. School

A large crater has opened up on the grounds of a school whose site was once a major battleground for environmental justice.

Oil Wells Next To School Restarted After Neighbors Try To Get Them Capped

The oil wells are, ironically, across the street from a school named after Rachel Carson and Al Gore.

Oil Wells Next To School Restarted After Neighbors Try To Get Them Capped

The oil wells are, ironically, across the street from a school named after Rachel Carson and Al Gore.

Michelle King Named New LAUSD Superintendent

Yesterday evening, the Los Angeles Unified School District voted unanimously to hire longtime district teacher, principal and administrator Michelle King to become the district's next superintendent.

Report: LAUSD Threats Came Via An Email Address Hosted On 'Cockmail'

The threatening emails were apparently sent using a email host known as, yes, cockmail.

Here's The Email That Shut Down All LAUSD Schools Yesterday

'I wish you the best luck. It is time to pray to allah, as this may be your last day.'

LAUSD Shutdown May Have Cost The District $29 Million

LAUSD's decision to cancel classes at all campuses yesterday may have cost the district $29 million.

LAPD: It's Too Easy To Criticize The LAUSD Shutdown With Hindsight

"It's also easy to criticize a decision when you have no responsibility for the outcome of that decision."

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