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'All Black Lives Matter' Protest Puts The Spotlight On Queer And Trans Rights

The All Black Lives Matter rally is underway, with protesters marching from Hollywood to West Hollywood.

How 'All Black Lives Matter' Emerged From The Ashes Of A Failed Solidarity March

When Christopher Street West decided to host a "Black solidarity march," they did it without consulting any Black activists outside of the organization -- and that says a lot about West Hollywood's Whiteness problem.

20 Attorneys General, Including California, Want Rules On Gay Men Blood Donors Eased

They're calling on the agency to further ease rules on gay and bisexual men donating blood.

FDA Loosens Restrictions On Gay Blood Donors Amid 'Urgent Need' Caused By Coronavirus

The changes come as the country confronts a severe drop in the U.S. blood supply that officials described as urgent and unprecedented.

This USC Student Got Paid To Investigate His School -- And Discovered New Details About Major Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Campus physician Dr. Dennis Kelly has now been accused by 48 men of sexually abusing them during exams.

Compton's First Ever Pride Festival Is This Weekend

South L.A. residents wanted a free, grassroots Pride festival close to home -- so they created their own.

LA's LGBT Seniors Are Learning Comedy From A 'Tragically Hetero' Teacher

They're breaking L.A.'s history -- and what may be the current status quo -- of young straight cisgender stand-up.

Venice Pride Lifeguard Tower Gets To Keep Its Rainbow Colors

It started off as an art installation. Now it's a permanent fixture known as the Bill Rosendahl Memorial Lifeguard Tower.

L.A. County Lesbian Couple Sues Employer For Refusing To Provide Spousal Benefits

Cherry Creek Mortgage's decision left the couple facing $40,000 worth of health care bills.

The Only Surviving Founder Of L.A. Pride Talks About The March's History

Reverend Troy Perry, a godfather of the gay liberation movement, on the history and future of the march.

After 31 Years Of Business, Silver Lake's Circus Of Books Is Closing Today

When Silver Lake was overrun with gangs, Circus of Books was a safe haven for many.

Home Of Legendary WeHo Gay Club To Be Spared From Demolition

Studio One held one of the first AIDS fundraisers in the 80s.

Long Beach Cops Accused Of Targeting Gay Men In Class-Action Suit

It started with a sting operation at a park restroom.

Los Angeles' 10 Most Essential LGBTQ Bars And Clubs

Bars have acted as the bloodline of the LGBTQ community and we need them now more than ever.

Lesbian Pepperdine Students Can Sue School Over Discrimination, Judge Says

A federal judge has ruled that two former players from Pepperdine's women's basketball team can now sue the school based on sexual orientation discrimination.

Photos: Mattachine Is The Gay Craft Cocktail Bar You've Been Waiting For

Opening today, the new Downtown gay bar sets itself apart from the pack with its mixology cocktails.

52 Essential Gay Bars And Nights Around Los Angeles

We've compiled a list of some of the best gay bars and queer nights in Los Angeles County.

Photos: Hundreds In WeHo Celebrate Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling

West Hollywood, of course, was the host of a cheerful rally celebrating the Supreme Court decision that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

Video: CNN Reports On 'ISIS' Flag At Pride Event That Was Just Dildos

"It's clearly not Arabic, in fact it looks like it could be gobbledygook," said Lucy Pawle of what are silhouettes of buttplugs and suction cup dildos.

WeHo Hosts Rally For Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling Tonight

If you're looking for a place to party in the name of marriage equality in all 50 states, WeHo is the place to go.

Orange County Lawyer Proposes Loony Law To Kill The Gays

In order to gay-proof his law, section (e) of the statute says that the law cannot be overturned by any court except the Supreme Court of California, and only if the all of the judges are not "sodomites" or some other kind of deviant.

Flaming Saddles, A Gay Country Bar, Opens In WeHo

This NYC country-western gay bar is coming to WeHo.

Downtown L.A. Is Getting A Couple Of Fancy New Gay Bars

The newly announced Redline joins Precinct as gay bars planned for Downtown L.A.

Jodie Foster Got Hitched Over The Weekend

Jodie Foster decided to make it official with her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison over the weekend. So far we don't know any of the details that are de rigueur for celebrity weddings—where it happened, what the brides wore or who was on the guest list. But that's not a big shocker since Foster is a pretty private person.

Video: Ellen Page ‘Comes Out’ in Awkward, Cute SNL Sketch

Predating Ellen Page’s coming out in a speech last night at a Human Rights Campaign conference in Las Vegas was a 2008 sketch on SNL in which Page as host “came out” to her boyfriend after a Melissa Etheridge concert. Page addressed gay rumors about her in the 2008 sketch, in which Page’s character excitedly returns from a Melissa Etheridge concert, chatting to her boyfriend (played by Andy Samberg) about athletic girls in tank tops, Suze Orman and gay mortgages. Page addressed gay rumors about her in the 2008 sketch, in which Page’s character excitedly returns from a Melissa Etheridge concert, chatting to her boyfriend (played by Andy Samberg) about athletic girls in tank tops, Suze Orman and gay mortgages.

'Stranger By The Lake's' Thrills Come Not From Sex Scenes, But Hitchcockian Twists

The eroticism of Stranger By The Lake is not in the multiple acts of unsimulated sex we watch on the screen, but within the headspace of the men that pursue this release. The film is a chilling Hitchcockian thriller, twisting desire with death.

Here’s a Roundup of All the Homophobic Things Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Said

"The Bachelor's" Juan Pablo Galavis made several comments many found homophobic at a party Friday night. We take a look at some of the things he said.

How Transgender Students In California Could Lose Their Rights

Opponents of a groundbreaking California law that gives transgender students certain rights are fighting to repeal the act, and the group says they have collected enough signatures for a ballot measure. Privacy for all Students, a conservative coalition, announced that they submitted 620,000 signatures to get on the 2014 ballot—well over the 505,000 signatures required.

Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard's Surprising Wedding At County Clerk's Office

The couple had previously promised to not tie the knot until gay marriage would be legal and Prop. 8 was rule unconstitutional.

How A Lover's Untimely Death Created An LGBT Activist In Documentary 'Bridegroom'

"It Could Happen To You" was Crone's moving YouTube video tribute to his late partner, Tom Bridegroom. It went viral and spread a resonating message about marriage equality and has amassed over 4.2 million views since it dropped in May 2012. It's since been expanded into a documentary, Bridegroom, and premieres in Los Angeles today.

Elton John Plays Free USC Show, Will Play Moscow To Support Russian Gays

Elton John wowed USC students at a free concert with classics and songs from his new album, and announced he still plans to play Russia.

Cher Turns Down Winter Olympics Appearance Because Of Russia's Anti-Gay Laws

Cher is and always has been a friend to the gay community, and now, she's taken a decided stand on LGBT rights

'Prison Break' Star Comes Out As Gay, Declines Russian Film Festival Invite

Wentworth Miller, star of popular mid-aughts television drama "Prison Break," publicly came out as gay in a letter to organizers of the St. Petersburg Film Festival in Russia.

Magic Johnson's Son Being Recruited For Reality TV

Earlier this year, Magic Johnson's son, EJ, came out as gay.

Raven-Symone Comes Out On Twitter

Raven-Symone, best known for her role as Olivia on "The Cosby Show" and later as herself on "That's So Raven," came out today on Twitter.

Studio Behind 'Ender's Game' Says Author's Personal Views Are 'Completely Irrelevant'

In response to a planned boycott of their upcoming film 'Ender's Game,' Lionsgate has released a statement that says, "we obviously do not agree with the personal views of [author] Orson Scott Card."

'Ender's Game' Author Responds To Boycott, Says Gay Marriage Issue Is 'Moot'

The author of 'Ender's Game,' the sci-fi book that's hitting the big screen in November, issued a statement today addressing a planned boycott over his views on gay marriage.

'Torchwood' Star John Barrowman Marries Boyfriend In Riverside County

John Barrowman, the star of the 'Dr. Who' spinoff 'Torchwood,' just tied the knot with his partner of 20 years right here in California.

West Hollywood Will Offer Free Same-Sex Weddings Monday

West Hollywood is celebrating the return of same-sex wedding by offering free wedding ceremonies to same-sex couples on Monday. We're guessing there will be a glut of same-sex couples who haven't been able to marry in California since Proposition 8 passed five years ago, so get there early: ceremonies will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Photos: Hundreds Rally In West Hollywood After Historic Gay Marriage Decision

Hundreds of giddy gay marriage supporters turned out for a rally June 26 in West Hollywood, among them, actress Meredith Baxter, who says she and her girlfriend of eight years might tie the knot now that it's legal in California.

Kristen Bell Proposes To Dax Shepard Now That Gay Marriage Is Legal

Kristen Bell was one of the straight celebs who swore she wouldn't tie the knot until gay marriage was legal. Sure enough, today she proposed to Dax Shepard via Twitter.

Rock Hudson Was Taped Coming Out As Gay

In a newly released recording, actor Rock Hudson can reportedly be heard admitting to his then-wife, Phyllis, that he was gay.

Your Guide To Gay Pride Weekend: The Parade, Parking And Parties

This weekend is all about the Pride: Here's what you need to know for the annual West Hollywood shindig.

Jason Collins' Twin Brother Got A New T-Shirt: 'I'm the Straight One'

Jarron Collins, twin brother of the first athlete in a major sport to come out as gay, got a new T-shirt to help the public keep things, uh, straight.

'Slipping' Explores Self-Hate, Homophobia, and Acceptance at Lillian Theatre

Slipping is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of what it brings to audiences, although the net outcome is surely a positive one. The New York Times rightly described Slipping as a "Gay Rebel Without a Cause" story following its New York premier, and in being so it accurately captures the confusion-driven teenage mindset.

What Magic Johnson Told His Son Struggling To Come Out: 'We Just Want You To Love Yourself'

We're used to seeing TMZ fire off questions to celebrities on the fly, but Johnson sat down for a relatively lengthy interview with Harvey Levin to talk about his son coming out as gay as well as battling homophobia in athletic and black communities.

Tastes Like Equality? Local Chik-fil-A Gives Out Free Food to Same Sex Marriage Supporters

Last year, some supporters of same sex marriage wanted American fast food consumers to know that Chick-fil-A "tastes like hate," thanks to their CEO's Biblically-focused stance on the issue. But this week, one Southern California Chick-fil-A franchisee wanted to show his support for the supporters by offering gay marriage rally participants free food.

Video: Can You Tell Which Of These People Don't Support Gay Marriage?

A lot of people on Facebook are making their support for gay marriage clear with that red equality sign (or something like it). But how would you know if you were walking down the street?

Rob Reiner Paid Someone $6K to Stand in Line for Him at the Supreme Court for Prop 8 Hearing

Today, arguments in favor of and against Proposition 8 were heard by the Supreme Court of the United States. And certain folks in Hollywood weren't about to miss it -- according to The Hollywood Reporter, Rob Reiner paid a stand-in to wait in line for him for nearly a week, to the tune of about $6,000.

'Chick-For-Gay' Sandwich is Back, Just in Time for the Supreme Court

The sandwich will be available through the end of the week, and is made up of a seasoned breaded boneless chicken breast served on a toasted buttered bun with pickles. It goes for $5, and if you'd like you can throw in a bottle of water for $1.

California's K-12 Recommended Reading List Just Got A Little Gay

The California Department of Education has released a new list of recommended reading, and for the first time ever it is including books that deal with gender and sexuality. The state comes out with a recommended reading list every year, but this year's list includes selections like an activity book for young children about gay rights leader Harvey Milk or "I am J," which is a novel about transgender teens that's more appropriate for teens.

Gay Activists to Hold 'Love-In' at Beverly Hills Hotel to Protest Homophobia

The hotel is owned by Brunei, a country in which male homosexuality is illegal. To let would-be diners or dwellers know about the hotel's links, two half-naked men will frolic in a bed outside the hotel at noon today.

Video: Proud Boy Scout Camp Leader Comes Out

Boy scout camp leader Derek Nance takes a deep breath before saying the three words that will cost him his position in the organization: "I am gay." Nance is clearly torn by his relationship to the Boy Scouts of America that reaffirmed its policy against including gays in its organization this summer.

UCLA Student Called Anti-Gay Slurs At Knifepoint

Police are searching for a pair of men who brandished a knife and hurled anti-gay slurs at a UCLA student near campus early Friday morning. The attack happened on South Gayley Avenue near Veteran Avenue around 1:30 am as the victim was walking down the street.

Video: Jodie Foster Comes Out (Again) During Golden Globes

Jodie Foster at the Golden Globes (Getty Images) Jodie Foster stole this year's Golden Globes during her acceptance speech of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award. On national television, she noted that she was gay but added, "I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago." After a montage showing the highlights of her long acting and directing career, Foster took to the stage and gave a...

Matt Damon On Addressing Gay Rumors Without Homophobia

Back when buddies Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were getting started in their careers, there were rumors flying that the two were gay. More than a decade later, Damon talked about those rumors with Playboy and explained why he avoided saying anything about the rumors at the time.

The Gay Vote May Have Helped Obama Win

Yesterday, Hollywood insiders revealed how they helped get President Obama re-elected. But it turns out that it wasn't just movie folk that moved the president towards victory -- a new poll from Williams Institute at the U.C.L.A. School of Law along with Gallup found that the gay vote made a difference in the election results.

Artist Who Painted 'Tastes Like Hate' On Chick-fil-A Barred From Chick-fil-A

A West Hollywood artist who admitted to vandalizing a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Torrance with the phrase "Tastes Like Hate" was sentenced today to three years of probation. Manuel "Manny" Castro vandalized the Chick-fil-A back in August not long after the president of the fast-food chain went on the record about making donations to organizations that are anti-gay and oppose same-sex marriage.

Report: Jessica Simpson's Dad Came Out Of Closet To Family, He's Dating A Young Male Model

Rumors about Joe Simpson's sexuality have flying ever since it was announced that his wife Tina filed for divorce from the former Baptist minister and manager to daughters Ashlee and Jessica. Earlier this week Radar Online reported that the 54-year-old Simpson had come out of the closet to his family a few months ago.

GLAAD Report: There Are More Gay Characters on TV Than Ever Before

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has turned on a television within the past year or so that gay characters are becoming more and more well-represented on the small screen. And now, an official report from GLAAD confirms it -- while there's still a long way to go before we have utterly equal representation, there are indeed a higher number of LGBT people on TV than ever before.

Paris Hilton Issues Apology for Saying Gay People are Disgusting

Paris Hilton feels really, really bad for saying that gay people are "disgusting" and probably all have AIDS, and released an apology to GLAAD this morning.

Rashida Jones Says John Travolta is Gay, Promptly Apologizes

At this point, it might be safe to say that we all have our questions about John Travolta's sexuality. Is he gay? In the closet? Or is there just an underground club of ill-intentioned masseuses determined to take him down by whatever means necessary?

Latte Love: Supporters of Marriage Equality Head to Starbucks

Today is National Marriage Equality Day, and to celebrate, proponents of same-sex marriage are asking all of you (unless you hate equality) to head out to Starbucks to counter the recent Chick-Fil-A day of support organized by Mike Huckabee.

Feeling GLAAD? Another Fried Chicken Sandwich Served Up For Gay Rights

If you'd prefer your dollars go towards supporting same-sex rights, and you are a lover of fried chicken sandwiches, you're about to have one more option in Los Angeles to put your money where your mouth is.

Prop 8 Supporters File Brief with Supreme Court

It's the rare moment when we can look at a current issue as if we're viewing it through the lens of history, but that's what it's beginning to feel like when it comes to gay marriage. Trotting out their old, unsupported arguments against marriage equality, Prop 8 supporters put their case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court today.

Hollywood Chick-fil-A Owner on Anti-Gay Comments: 'Those Were His Personal Views'

The nationwide backlash from Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy's controversial comments regarding homosexuality and same-sex marriage has been particularly strong in Los Angeles and especially in the entertainment industry. Celebrities (like The Office's Ed Helms) have denounced the Georgia-based fast food chain's comments and the Jim Henson Company publicly severed all ties with Chick-fil-A. Now, the company is feeling the heat from the actual neighborhood of Hollywood as well as the industry.

Military Members Will Dress Up In Uniform At Gay Pride Parade For the First Time

We're sure that the San Diego pride parade has featured a lot of out-there costumes in past years but this year will be special: the Department of Defense decided to get involved in picking out active service members' outfits.

Brad Pitt's Mom Writes Anti-Gay Marriage, Anti-Abortion Letter in Her Local Newspaper

It looks like Brad Pitt's family is tired of the actor hogging the spotlight; on the heels of his brother Doug making a commercial for Virgin Mobile, his mom has penned a strongly-worded anti-Obama, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage letter in her local newspaper.

The Other Side: Silver Lake Piano Bar Closes After 40 Years

After over 40 years in business, Silver Lake piano bar and mainstay of the Los Angeles gay community The Other Side closed its doors for a final time Sunday.

Celebs Have Easier Time Coming Out These Days, Says 'Entertainment Weekly'

The cover story of this week's Entertainment Weekly, "The New Art of Coming Out in Hollywood," explores the changing ways that celebrities are choosing to come out.

Gallery: Pride 2012 Comes To West Hollywood

LA Pride came to West Hollywood this weekend. It featured Molly Ringwald playing the part of a Greek goddess in a toga, Lil' Kim drawing a massive crowd, a penis ice sculpture, girls in pasties and lots of totally ripped men prancing around in next to nothing.

Growing Up Gay Is A Little Easier In California, Survey Says

It isn't easy growing up gay in America, but gay teens in California are a little better off than the rest of the country, according to a new survey. (And we'd bet that if you broke the survey down by region, you'd find that life for gay teens was even better on the coast than, say, the Central Valley.)

Videos Show Echo Park Stabbings (And Possible Anti-Gay Hate Crimes)

The LAPD has released two security videos that show two men being stabbed in Echo Park last week, after they were called "faggots" and other homophobic slurs by their attacker. The two men were stabbed as they were waiting for a bus at Echo Park Avenue and Montana Street just after midnight last Thursday morning.

Molly Ringwald Named Grand Marshal of Pride 2012

Molly Ringwald has been named the Grand Marshal of this year's pride parade on June 10. The 1980's teen queen would be an appropriate choice solely based on her work with director John Hughes in "Sixteen Candles," "The Breakfast Club" and "Pretty in Pink."

Manny Pacquiao's Anti-Gay Marriage Remarks Find Him Banned From The Grove (and Misunderstood?)

Boxer Manny Pacquiao's recent remarks regarding same-sex marriage has gotten him into some hot water, and out of one of L.A.'s trendiest shopping destinations.

Gay Student Kicked Out of High School Pageant for Making Remarks in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

On Tuesday night during Fullerton Union High School's annual "Mr. Fullerton" pageant, a "semi-humorous event hosted by the ASB for senior boys," one participant's reply to the interview question got him booted out of the competition.

More From Carson Daly About His On-Air Gay Jokes: "I'm not that guy."

Carson Daly really supports the movement for gay people to stand up against bullying...even if he cracks a few wise ones about gay stereotypes on his radio show. After being approached by GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), Daly issued a statement.

Death Becomes Him: 'Expecting to Fly' at Elephant Space

Through distinctive performance, artful direction and graceful staging, Expecting to Fly merges regret, longing, affection, memory, appreciation, warmth and absolution into a single gem of a play.

Prop 8 Opposition Lawyer: 'We've Been Planning to be in the U.S. Supreme Court'

At a press conference this morning held in downtown Los Angeles by the American Foundation for Equal Rights, one of the lawyers who argued against Proposition 8 spoke about the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' decision that Prop 8 is unconstitutional, along with plaintiffs and their families and representatives from AFER.

Gay Army Veteran Sues Federal Government for Denying Military Benefits to Her Wife

A gay U.S. Army veteran in Pasadena has filed a suit against the federal government for denying military benefits to her wife. In her suit, Cooper-Harris says that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is still denying benefits to same-sex couples that it offers to heterosexual couples in violation of her constitutional rights, according to City News Service.

Villaraigosa & Other Big City Mayors Will Work to Pass National Pro-Gay Marriage Law

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants same-sex couples to be accorded the right to marry, and is co-chairing a new national initiative backed by 80 mayors nationwide. Along with his counterparts from cities like New York and San Diego, Villaraigosa is taking part in "Mayors for the Freedom to Marry."

The Gay Agenda: Log Cabin Republicans Lobby for a Gay City Council District

It's redistricting season in the city of Los Angeles, and the Log Cabin Republicans want to have their say in how city council district lines get redrawn. The local chapter is lobbying for gays to have their own district. Right now the neighborhoods that (anecdotally at least) have the highest concentration of gays are split up.

WeHo's "lame" and "tired" Pride Fest to Get Makeover in 2013

West Hollywood's annual gay pride festival may be world-famous, but some locals are calling the 42-year-old parade and event "lame" and "tired," reports WeHo Patch. For the 2013 festival, organizers and the City of West Hollywood are looking to do a major overhaul.

"How Gay is Long Beach?" And Other Questions Answered in The Advocate's Annual Gayest Cities in America List

Just like last year, L.A., or WeHo, didn't make The Advocate's third annual list of the "Gayest Cities in America." The alternative publication takes an alternative look at the typical census data to make their rankings, by examining "the per capita queerness of some less expected locales."

Your Guide to the Guides: New Year's Eve

If you're still trying to figure out your plans for New Year's Eve eating, imbibing or dancing, we're giving you a guide to all the guides. We've got all your bases covered, whether you're a raver, scenester, hipster, teetotaler, shot caller, broke girl, gay guy or homesick New Yorker.

Proposition 8 Repeal Effort Gets OK to Start Gathering Signatures

As lawsuits against Prop 8 wind their way through the court system, one local group is trying to gather enough signatures to put a law legalizing gay marriage on the ballot in 2012. The group Love Honor Cherish has just gotten cleared by the secretary of state's office.

Teen Who Shot and Killed Gay Classmate Accepts Deal for 21 Years Behind Bars

Brandon McInerney, the Oxnard teenager who shot a gay classmate point blank in the back of the head, has accepted a plea deal that will require him to serve 21 years in jail, reports KTLA. McInerney, now 17, plead guilty to second-degree murder today.

Pepperdine Student Newspaper Asks University to Give It To Them Straight: Is an LGBT Group on Campus OK?

Students on the school's newspaper The Graphic are calling on the university's administration to make a decision about whether or not a gay-straight alliance Reach OUT is appropriate for the campus.

Le Barcito Closes in Silver Lake — And There Goes the Gayborhood

Le Barcito, a gay bar in Silver Lake, threw its final party on Halloween. As the bar shutters its doors, some locals are the lamenting the loss of markers that Silver Lake used to be a thriving gayborhood.

Your Guide to the Guides: Halloween

OK, so Halloween technically falls on a Monday this year, but we don't think that will stop most of us from taking the entire weekend to celebrate, right? If you're still trying to figure out your plans, we're giving you a guide to all the Halloween guides.

Equality California Will Not Pursue a Ballot Measure to Repeal Prop 8 in 2012

If you were hoping to cast your vote next year in regards to gay marriage in our state, it looks like you'll have to wait: Equality California has announced that they won't pursue a ballot measure to repeal Prop 8 in 2012. Instead, the group is launching an education and messaging campaign that will seek to "overcome the psychological, cultural and emotional triggers around lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and kids that continue to impede securing full equality, including the freedom to marry...

Prosecutors Will Not Retry Larry King Case As a Hate Crime, Jurors From First Trial Show Up Wearing 'Save Brandon' Bracelets

Prosecutors in Ventura County decided that they will retry Brandon McInerney, the teen who shot his gay classmate Larry King point blank at his middle school in Oxnard. But because they had trouble winning a conviction against McInerney in the last trial, prosecutors will not charge him with a hate crime, likely a tactical move intended to win a conviction against McInerney.

Video: Bristol Palin Picks Bar Fight With Dude Who Calls Her Mom a 'Whore', She Calls Him a 'Homosexual'

Bristol Palin took a ride on the mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch, but it looks like the heckling from the crowd is what really threw her off. A drunk dude called her mom a "whore," and Palin fired back that he probably hated her because he was a homosexual. Here's how the battle of the brains went down.

LAUSD Board Will Consider Curriculum Designed To Reduce LGBT Bullying

In the wake of the murder of Larry King at the hands of a classmate, LAUSD is considering a curriculum that would promote tolerance and understanding of gays and lesbians, and encourage teachers to step in when they see bullying, according to KTLA. Sponsored by LAUSD Board Member Steve Zimmer, the motion, called "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Anti-Bullying Resolution," would attempt to make schools safer for LGBT students.

Silver Lake Decides to Tear Down Its No (Gay) Cruising Signs

The days of not being able to drive down Griffith Park Boulevard and Hyperion Avenue twice in six hours are coming to a close. The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council voted last night to tear down the no-cruising signs that were put up in the 1990s as a way to clamp down on vibrant gay cruising scene, The Eastsider LA reports.

Rapper Game Loves Gay People, He Just Wants Them to Come Out of the Closet So They Will Stop Spreading AIDS

The rapper Game decided to open up on the topic of gay people in the biz. It turns out he LOVES gay people. He says they run the world (just like that Beyonce song!), and that's great, since this is a free country and everything. They should be out and proud, he says, that way they're not spreading AIDS.

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