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Your Sneak Peek At SoCal's Newest Landmark

It's colorful, it's flexible, it's a $1.5 billion new bridge that will speed you across the water from Long Beach to Terminal Island.

A 4.2 Magnitude Earthquake Jolted LA. Here's What We Know So Far

It was centered in the northern San Fernando Valley city of Pacoima -- just west of the 210 Freeway -- and struck at 4:29 a.m, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Information Slow To Trickle In After 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Oaxaca, Mexico

Memories of the deadly 2017 earthquake came flooding back as Oaxaca, Mexico was hit by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake, killing at least one.

California's Early Earthquake Warning System Worked Wednesday Night (For Some)

It seems that not everyone got the heads up shaking was coming.

Yes, The 5.5 Earthquake You Felt Was A Ridgecrest Aftershock

And there's a 5% chance we could see a larger earthquake in the next few days.

What If A Big Earthquake Hit California Right Now?

Surprisingly, there might be some positives to having everyone quarantined and our country on high alert.

How To Get California To Give You Money To Retrofit Your Home For Earthquakes

If you live in California and your home was built before 1980, you may be able to get a free $3,000 towards making it more earthquake safe.

I Attended A Natural Disaster Dinner Party And It Made Me Feel Better About The Big One

Your Twitter followers won't be around to dig you out of the debris -- but your neighbors might.

California Finally Has An App That Can Tell You When The Earthquakes Are Coming

It should work no matter where you are in the state. Does that make L.A.'s app redundant?

A Fake 7.1 Earthquake Is Hitting SoCal At 10:17 A.M. What Do You Do?

Organizers will hold a 1-minute simulation of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hitting Southern California as part of an international drill known as the Great ShakeOut.

If It's A Windy Day When A Big Quake Hits, Parts Of LA Could Burn To The Ocean

Crumbling buildings are a real danger, but the fires that follow an earthquake can be even more destructive.

How To Protect Your Pets During An Earthquake

Angelenos are often warned to prepare their families for earthquakes. These plans should include pets as well. Here's what you need to assemble a pet safety kit, how to search for a lost pet and other tips on keeping your animal safe in a disaster.

A Gentle Introduction To Earthquake Insurance Because Planning For Calamity Is Scary

Most Californians don't have it, but there's $17 billion at the ready for those who do.

LA Wants You To Know: When The Big One Hits, 'We're Not Coming' To Save You (At Least Not Right Away)

The city government is pushing people to host preparedness workshops in their homes to help communities realize they'll need to pull together when disaster strikes.

This Morning's 4.9 Earthquake Near Ridgecrest May Have Jolted You, But It's Completely Normal

This latest temblor is part of a normal pattern of activity following last week's major earthquakes, according to seismologists.

Hey ShakeAlertLA: Where's The Earthquake Alert App For The Rest Of SoCal?

Los Angeles city invested millions to accelerate the app's development and plans to make it more widely available to other jurisdictions.

Last Week's Earthquakes May Have Exposed A New Fault Line

The 7.1-magnitude Ridgecrest quake is a good reminder that we've still got a lot to learn.

That Was Your Second Warning, Los Angeles. Get Some Extra Water. Now

The Big One is coming, Southern California. Get Serious. Get Ready.

3,000+ Quakes, More Than $100M In Damage: The Aftermath Of 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Continues

Hundreds of aftershocks, including some magnitude 5.0 or higher, have nerves on edge. Gov. Newsom says he spoke to President Trump about recovery efforts.

Here's What Back-To-Back 7.1 and 6.4 Magnitude Earthquakes Look Like: The Ridgecrest Quakes In Photos

Residents of Ridgecrest are picking up the pieces the morning after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the area.

That 6.4 Magnitude Quake On 4th Of July Was Just A Foreshock To Even Bigger Earthquake

At a preliminary magnitude of 7.1, this new strong quake is many times stronger than the 6.4 that struck on the 4th of July.

The Ridgecrest Earthquake Split Open The Desert And We Went To Look At The Crack

It's not a deep chasm, but it is a testament to the power of quakes -- and a reminder to get prepared.

SoCal Just Got Hit With Over 430 Earthquakes, But Don't Panic

The Inland Empire got some serious shakes.

Yes, Marsquakes Exist. But How Do They Compare To SoCal's Earthquakes?

It took nearly two months before the InSight team registered a marsquake. Compare that to Southern California, which experiences an earthquake roughly every three minutes.

LA Firefighters Are Training For 96 Hours To Save You In The Next Big Earthquake

Here's what a "simulated earthquake environment" looks like in action.

A Big Earthquake Could Cause Another Gas Leak Near Porter Ranch

A magnitude 6.5 or above earthquake on the Santa Susana Fault could cause natural gas to escape from wells.

How To Prepare For An Earthquake If You Have A Disability

"We strongly encourage people to plan as though no help is coming to get you."

How To Get Ready For The Next Big Earthquake. You Asked, We Answered

History tells us another big earthquake could hit Southern California at any time. Here are some of the questions you asked us about what you need to do to get ready.

When The Big One Strikes, People Of Color Will Be Hit The Hardest

It turns out natural disasters don't just reveal inequality. They actually make it worse.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Here Are 3 Emergency Tips That Will Help You Be Prepared Either Way

Dormitory staircases at Cal State Northridge, damaged by the 1994 earthquake. (Courtesy CSUN University Archives) The fourth episode of KPCC's podcast 'The Big One: Your Survival Guide' delves into the choices one might face when a major earthquake hits...

For Earthquakes, Forget The 'Go-Bag.' Here's How To Prepare

You'll need more than a bag. Start by printing out this document and placing water all over your house.

How To Not Get Life-Threatening Diarrhea After A Major Earthquake

L.A. could be under a "boil water warning" for more than a year after a major earthquake. What if there's no way to boil your water? Bleach. Read our guide.

The Big One Is Coming To Southern California. This Is Your Survival Guide

A major earthquake is going to hit along the southern San Andreas fault. We don't know when, but we know what happens next. Here's what we've learned to help you survive.

LA Now Has An Earthquake Alert App To Warn Us Before The Big One Hits

The app buys you anywhere from a few seconds to tens of seconds before heavy shaking starts.

At 10:18 On 10/18, Angelenos Got Under Their Desks. Here's Why

The annual drill is designed to increase your chances of surviving the immediate dangers of an earthquake. But what would you do next?

How WeHo Residents Swung The City Council On Seismic Retrofitting

West Hollywood officials surprised everyone by voting with tenants -- and against landlords -- on the thorny issue of who pays to make buildings earthquake-safe.

4.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Coast Of Lompoc In Santa Barbara County

That's about 50 miles from the city of Santa Barbara.

A New System Could Text You 30 Seconds Before An Earthquake Hits

Current tests have advanced warning times of up to 30 seconds.

All The Different Ways That L.A. Will Get Destroyed, According To The Movies

From being toppled with earthquakes, to getting zapped with death rays, L.A. is no stranger to disaster.

Fault Line Between L.A. And San Diego Could Produce 7.4 Quake, Says New Study

Researchers say that two fault lines in the area are actually connected to form one continuous fault system.

Town Near Border With Mexico Starts New Year With Earthquake Swarm

Over 250 small quakes have hit the town of Brawley.

Town Near Border With Mexico Starts New Year With Earthquake Swarm

Over 250 small quakes have hit the town of Brawley.

New Report Indicates Massive Quake Could Cost California Over $289 Billion

It would have to be one hell of a quake, however.

Another Swarm Of Small Earthquakes Hits Salton Sea Area

Earthquake swarms are the earth's way of reminding you to make sure you've stored at least 3 days worth of water in your home.

A New Fault Next To The San Andreas Was Just Discovered

Seismologists don't think the newly mapped fault is related to last week's earthquake swarm.

How To Make Sure You Are Ready And Safe In Case A Major Earthquake Hits

We live in earthquake country. We should be prepared accordingly.

Let Dr. Lucy Jones Soothe Your Big Earthquake Fears

The probability of a big earthquake has died off since last week's advisory. (We hope we didn't just jinx it.)

Nearly 200 Earthquakes Have Hit The Salton Sea In A Two-Day Span

While most of the quakes were small, a few went above a magnitude of 4.0.

Report Says SoCal Could Face 'Catastrophe' If We Don't Prepare For The Big One

The report notes that fires are a major concern when it comes to earthquakes

Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake Wakes Up Southern California

Everything's fine, go back to bed.

Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake Wakes Up Southern California

Everything's fine, go back to bed.

Risk Of Dying In An Earthquake Roughly The Same As Being Shot By A Toddler, Expert Says

Your chances of being struck by lightning are also higher than dying in a quake.

California Could Have Earthquake Early Warning System By 2018

Drop, cover, and selfie before the earthquake hits.

Scientist Says San Andreas 'Locked, Loaded And Ready To Roll'

The last time the southern San Andreas truly shook the southland, California had been a state for a mere four months. Are we overdue for another big one soon?

Thousands Of Apartments Will Need To Be Earthquake Retrofitted Soon

A portion of the cost of the earthquake retrofitting could be passed on to tenants.

13,500 Dingbat Apartment Buildings Across L.A. Need Earthquake Retrofitting

Many of the charming midcentury buildings won't be able to stand up to the Big One.

Map: 7 Million Americans At Risk From Quakes Caused By Human Activity

Oklahoma's risk of earthquakes is as high as California's.

Map: 7 Million Americans At Risk From Quakes Caused By Human Activity

Oklahoma's risk of earthquakes is as high as California's.

The 'Beyoncé Of Earthquakes,' Dr. Lucy Jones, Is Retiring From USGS

"When the big one hits, people will be living because of the work that she has done."

Why Does California Still Not Have An Earthquake Early Warning System?

Mexico, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan, and China Have them. Why not us?

Get Ready To Pay Half The Bill For Your Landlord's Earthquake Retrofitting

Tenants can see this reflected as a $38 per month increase in their own rent for 10 years.

$8.2 Million Approved For Earthquake Early Warning System In California

Congress has approved $8.2 million for an early warning system that will give a few seconds or more of notice before an earthquake hits the West Coast.

Dr. Lucy 'Earthquake Lady' Jones Disputes Big Quake Claims

Dr. Lucy "Earthquake Lady" Jones soothes our fears about that impending earthquake.

NASA Researchers 99.9% Certain SoCal Is Getting A Big Quake Soon

Scientists suggest that a big earthquake is likely strike the L.A. area within the next 2 and a half years.

Earthquake-Proof Cell Phone Towers Are In The Works

Your phones may still work after an earthquake—assuming the earthquake doesn't happen in the next two years.

Small Quake Jolts Inland Empire Awake

Inland Empire residents were given a rude awakening after a 4.2 earthquake struck early this morning.

Small Quake Jolts Inland Empire Awake

Inland Empire residents were given a rude awakening after a 4.2 earthquake struck early this morning.

Tsunamis Could Hit The California Coast: Should We Call The Rock?

We had a good laugh when The Rock insisted that everything in the movie San Andreas could actually happen, but maybe we shouldn't laugh so loudly at the guy.

Dr. Lucy 'Earthquake Lady' Jones Has The Review Of 'San Andreas' You've Been Waiting For

Thank goodness for Dr. Lucy Jones, an actual scientist to set us straight and explain the science (or lack thereof) behind the film starring our handsome hero Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

L.A. Wants To Make Our Precious Cell Towers Safe In A Big Earthquake

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to call your mom and tell her you're alive?

A Cluster Of Small Earthquakes Rudely Woke The Valley Up This Morning

A small cluster of minor earthquakes woke up the Valley on Saturday morning.

'The Big One' Might Hit Sooner Than We Thought

The risk of "The Big One" hitting California has actually increased, but that doesn't mean it's time to panic.

Los Angeles Considers Major Earthquake Retrofits For Thousands Of At-Risk Buildings

Garcetti warns that complacency could kill when it comes to ignoring earthquake risks.

Map: See Where The Earthquake Fault Line Runs In Hollywood

The California Geological Survey has finally released their completed map of the estimated fault line that runs through Hollywood.

Rest Easy: Earthquakes In Mammoth Lakes Area Unrelated To Volcanic Activity

Residents (and skiers and snowboarders) can sleep easier, as a seismologist has said that a recent swarm of over 600 small earthquakes in the Mammoth Lakes region of California is not related to volcanic activity.

State Official Says No Active Fault Is Under The Proposed Millennium Hollywood Project

In a decision that should definitely be considered a 'win' for the developer of a controversial Hollywood project, an official from the State Mining and Geology Board said on Thursday that there is no evidence of an active fault under the site of the proposed Millennium Hollywood towers.

Rock Slides Caused By Earthquake Near Big Bear Close Highway

Just before 10 a.m. this morning a magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck between Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead, with no reports of injuries or damage to any structures.

Earthquake Early Warning System To Be Tested In Long Beach

In an effort to warn folks about potential earthquake disasters, Caltech and the U.S. Geological Survey announced today that they will be beta testing an earthquake early warning system on the city of Long Beach.

City To Create Earthquake Safety Rating System For Buildings

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that he was creating a rating system to measure the safety of buildings throughout the city in the event of a major earthquake.

10 Things We Learned From 'Earthquake Lady' Lucy Jones' Reddit AMA

"Earthquake lady" Lucy Jones went on Reddit to debunk some of the useless myths that surround the still-mysterious phenomenon of earthquakes. But she also shared some facts about building codes in Southern California that left us feeling a bit...shaken.

USGS Warns Of Earthquake Hoax Letter In Time For April Fools' Day

Looks like the April Fools' Day pranks are already well underway as a phony letter using the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) letterhead has been circulating around SoCal warning folks about a "sizable earthquake" to come.

USGS Warns Of Earthquake Hoax Letter In Time For April Fools' Day

Looks like the April Fools' Day pranks are already well underway as a phony letter using the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) letterhead has been circulating around SoCal warning folks about a "sizable earthquake" to come.

Experts Say A Strong Earthquake On Puente Hills Fault Could Do More Damage Than 'The Big One'

Following the La Habra earthquake and its aftershocks that shook SoCal this weekend, experts are saying a sizable quake on the fault that caused it could do more damage to Los Angeles than the dreaded, so-called “Big One.”

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