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Boy Proudly Instagrams Stolen Statue Piece Of Deputy Slain By Dorner, Gets Arrested

A 13-year-old boy was arrested for posting an Instagram photo of a bronze dove, which just so happened to be a missing part of a statue that memorialized a detective who was killed during the Christopher Dorner shootout.

Vandals Target Statue Commemorating Cop Killed By Chris Dorner

San Bernardino County deputies are looking for the suspects who vandalized a bronze statue honoring one of their own killed in a firefight in Big Bear with the renegade ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner.

Statue of Cop Killed By Christopher Dorner Unveiled

A statue of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s detective Jeremiah MacKay, killed in the line of duty by ex-Los Angeles Police Department cop Christopher Dorner, was unveiled today in Lake Arrowhead.

Statue of Cop Killed By Christopher Dorner Unveiled

A statue of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s detective Jeremiah MacKay, killed in the line of duty by ex-Los Angeles Police Department cop Christopher Dorner, was unveiled today in Lake Arrowhead.

Judge Won't Block Dorner Reward, As Requested By Carjacking Victim Who Didn't Get a Cut

More bad news today for Richard Heltebrake, the man carjacked in Big Bear by fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner before the fatal showdown at an area cabin.

40 Fired LAPD Cops Want Their Cases Reviewed

In the post-Dorner era of the Los Angeles Police Department, dozens of ousted officers are hoping they can get their cases a second look, although for many, the writing may already be on the wall.

Dorner Carjacking Victim Filing Lawsuit to Claim Full $1M Reward

The $1 million reward being offered for information received that led authorities to located former fugitive cop Christopher Dorner has been mired in controversy basically since it was announced. Now the attorney for the man carjacked by Dorner during his final hours says his client is filing a lawsuit seeking the entire reward.

Gun That Belonged to Dorner Being Auctioned By Vegas Pawn Shop

A gun once owned by ex-cop Christopher Dorner is being auctioned off by a Las Vegas pawn shop, and the store owner says he wants the money from the sale to help the alleged killer's survivors.

LAPD Is Taking Claims For Christopher Dorner Reward Money

The LAPD announced that they're starting the process of trying to figure out how they're going to disperse the $1 million reward money that was offered up while renegade ex-cop Christopher Dorner was on the lam. If you think that the you did something that helped to identify and apprehend Dorner, then the LAPD wants to hear from you sometime between today until Friday, April 19.

Group Withdraws $50K Pledge to Dorner Reward Fund

The $1 million reward put up as incentive for the public to help bring the manhunt for murderous ex-Los Angeles Police officer Christopher Dorner is taking another hit today, as yet another group has announced they are pulling out their contribution.

Dorner Reward Donors Now Don't Want to Give Their Money

The $1 million reward offered for the capture of former Los Angeles Police Department officer-turned-killer Christopher Dorner was the result of numerous individuals and organizations donating funds to the cause, however now some of those people and groups are withdrawing their contributions.

City Will Give Women Shot By LAPD During Dorner Manhunt $40K For a New Truck

Just days after an attorney for two women mistakenly shot by Los Angeles Police officers during the manhunt for Christopher Dorner brought it to the public's attention his clients had still not been given a replacement vehicle over a month after their was riddled with bullet holes, the L.A. City Attorney has announced a settlement with those women.

Women Shot at By LAPD Cops During Dorner Manhunt Don't Have a New Truck Yet

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck promised two women they mistakenly shot at a new truck...but they haven't been given one yet, and getting them the new vehicle has been a bumpy ride.

Camp Ranger Carjacked By Dorner Files Lawsuit To Receive Entire $1.2 Million Reward

The camp ranger who called 9-1-1 after being carjacked by Christopher Dorner filed a lawsuit seeking to collect the entire $1.2 million reward that was offered to find the fugitive ex-LAPD cop who killed four people before taking his own life in a Big Bear cabin. Rick Heltebrake is a full-time ranger at the Boy Scout-run Camp Tahquitz in Angelus Oaks.

Chief Beck On the Dorner Manifesto, the Victims, and Who Will Get The Reward

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck spoke to the press this morning regarding the manhunt for Christopher Jordan Dorner, the reward money, and the force's re-examination of the allegations the former cop made in his widely circulated manifesto.

Married LAPD Couple Targeted By Dorner Speak Out About Their Ordeal

Captain Phil Tingirides and his wife, Sergeant Emada Tingirides, were two of the many Los Angeles Police Department personnel called out by Christopher Jordan Dorner in his online manifesto. The married couple were under LAPD police protective detail during the tense manhunt for the ex-cop on a mission to use violence to draw attention to his termination from the force.

Details on Dorner's Last Stand Revealed, Including The Shot That Killed Him

Authorities with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department today revealed details about the final hours of fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner's life, and the deadly last stand at a mountain cabin outside of Big Bear.

LAPD Officer: Dorner Case Proves It's Time For Police To Stop Investigating Police

The bad old days of the LAPD, the department behind the Rampart Scandal and the Rodney King beating, were supposed to be behind us. But lingering suspicion among Angelenos that the LAPD is still a fundamentally racist, corrupt organization has spilled out into the open in the wake of the Christopher Dorner case.

Photos: Charred Remnants of Mountain Cabin, Site of Christopher Dorner's Last Stand

For the first time since Tuesday's deadly shootout between fugitive ex-cop Christopher Jordan Dorner and authorities, the media has been able to access the charred remnants of the 80-year-old cabin in which the suspect was barricaded and ultimately died.

Computer Game Reimagines 'Chris Dorner's Last Stand'

A dark corner of the internet has brought us a first-person shooter game called "Chris Dorner's Last Stand." 4chan took it upon themselves to create a first-person shooter game for Dorner not unlike the kind of games fictional blockbuster stars have.

Dorner's Mother Speaks Out: 'We Do Not Condone Christopher's Actions'

The mother of Christopher Dorner has broken her silence (not that we blame her for not saying anything). Nancy Dorner, whose son Christopher Dorner is believed to have perished in a cabin fire after a shootout with police, expressed sympathy for her son's victims.

Ex-LAPD Cop On Dorner's Manifesto: 'Not Only Do I Believe It, But I Lived It'

Brian Bentley joined the LAPD in 1989 and was fired ten years later following the publication of "One Time: The Story of a South Central Los Angeles Police Officer," a book that detailed the misconduct and racism he witnessed at the LAPD. Though his tenure in the LAPD ended six years before Christopher Dorner joined in 2005, Bentley says that the LAPD that Dorner described in his "manifesto" sounds familiar.

Would Open LAPD Hearings Have Changed Christopher Dorner's Fate?

The local and national press are poring over the LAPD records of Christopher Dorner, and Chief Charlie Beck has vowed to reinvestigate the 2009 case. That's leading some transparency advocates to wonder if this is all happening too late: would Dorner's case have played out any differently if the public and press had been invited to the hearings that led to his firing?

Dorner Case: Charred Human Remains Found in Cabin at Site of Shootout

Late Tuesday night, once it was deemed safe for access by authorities, investigators at the scene of a shootout, standoff, and fire at a mountain cabin outside of Big Bear were able to enter the burned-out building where they located charred human remains.

Funeral Services Today for Slain Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain

Thousands of law enforcement personnel, political and community leaders, and California Governor Jerry Brown are all expected to attend funeral services today for Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain.

Deputy Killed In Shootout With Suspect Believed to Be Chris Dorner Identified

During Tuesday's intense showdown between a heavily armed suspect believed to be ex-cop Christopher Jordan Dorner and deputies with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, two deputies were taken down by the gunfire. One survived, while another died of his injuries.

Extra, Extra: Flags to Fly at Half Mast in Honor of Slain Riverside Officer

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Arcadia School Remains Shut Down Under Threat From Christopher Dorner

As the hunt for Christopher Dorner extends to the sea and accomplices are sought, those who were named in his manifesto continue to fear -- very rightly so -- for their lives.

Video: Fugitive Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner Seen Shopping for Scuba Gear

Is fugitive ex-cop and current triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner by the sea and not in the mountains? A water getaway may have been the former Los Angeles Police Department officer turned alleged revenge killer's plan, as video that's surfaced of Dorner shopping for scuba gear at a SoCal sporting goods store two days before his first suspected killing supports.

LAPD Offers Their Insight Into Dorner Standoff Near Big Bear

In their regularly scheduled daily 3 p.m. press briefing, the Los Angeles Police Department's Commander Andrew Smith addressed the current standoff situation between authorities and a man believed to be triple murder suspect and ex-cop Christopher Jordan Dorner.

Chris Dorner Sighting Leads to SWAT Shutdown of Valley Home Improvement Store

The Los Angeles Police Department have been urging anyone who thinks they have seen fugitive ex-cop and triple murder suspect Christopher Jordan Dorner to call authorities, and in some cases, the authorities respond, big time. Sunday night, a couple of calls about a possible Dorner sighting at a home improvement store in the valley led to a SWAT swarm and store shutdown.

'Don't Shoot! I'm NOT DORNER!!' Bumper Stickers Hit eBay

If you're ready for some gallows humor about this whole Christopher Dorner situation, head on over to eBay.

Extra, Extra: Christopher Dorner Struggled After Returning From Iraq

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LAPD Worried Christopher Dorner Could Target Police At Grammys

A former LAPD bureau chief says the LAPD is worried that Christopher Dorner could target them wherever they have a command post set up—such as the Grammys this Sunday.

Police Release Recent Photo Of Christopher Dorner At A Hotel

The Irvine Police Department have released the photo that you see above of fugitive ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner. The department says that the photo comes from surveillance video that was taken on January 28 at an Orange County hotel.

Video: Man Testifies Officer Kicked Him In Face During Hearing That Ended Christopher Dorner's LAPD Career

Videotape from the case that ended Christopher Dorner's career at the LAPD has surfaced. In this video obtained by Fox 11, a man Christopher Gettler testifies that a female police officer kicked him once in the face outside of a DoubleTree Hotel in July 2007.

Ex Reported Christopher Dorner On, Called Him 'Paranoid' And 'Twisted'

There's been a gulf between the Christopher Dorner that friends called "friendly" and "positive," and the Christopher Dorner who this week became a real-life Rambo who went on a rampage targeting law enforcement. But now information emerging in court documents and interviews paints a more complex picture of Dorner and his emotional struggles.

Manhunt For Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner Continues

In a rare and broadly-scoped instance of the hunter being the hunted, the Los Angeles Police Department and other Southern California law enforcement agencies are continuing the search for murder suspect Christopher Jordan Dorner.

Woman Mistakenly Shot By Cops Looking for Dorner Remains Hospitalized

The 71-year-old newspaper delivery woman shot by authorities on the hunt for ex-cop Christopher Dorner Thursday morning remains hospitalized today.

Possible Dorner Sighting in DTLA, Twin Towers on Lockdown, LAPD Back on Tactical Alert [UPDATED]

In response to an unconfirmed sighting of someone matching the description of fugitive murder suspect Christopher Jordan Dorner in the area of the Twin Towers jail, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says they have locked down the facility.

Social Media Cheers For Anti-Hero Christopher Dorner

On Monday morning, no one was rooting for whomever it was that killed an Irvine basketball coach and her fiancé. But by Thursday morning, things had changed.

What Friends, Neighbors And Coaches Say About Christopher Dorner

Some of the people who knew Christopher Dorner have been speaking out about the man they knew as a teenager who grew up in La Palma, a bright and hard-working college football player and a man who was proud to serve in the Navy and in law enforcement.

Christopher Dorner's Manifesto, In Full [Content Graphic and Disturbing]

Police this morning have launched a massive manhunt for Christopher Dorner, who is believed to have fatally shot a couple in Irvine earlier this week and a police officer this morning. Prior to the shootings, Dorner composed a manifesto detailing who he planned to kill and why. Here it is in full (all names have been redacted).

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on Hunt for Christopher Dorner: 'Nobody Else Needs to Die'

Chief Charlie Beck held a press conference at 10:00 a.m. to update the public on the search for Christopher Dorner, who is accused of fatally shooting three people over the course of this week and wounding two others.

Ex-LAPD Cop Christopher Dorner Believed to Be on Killing Rampage Targeting Law Enforcement

The Los Angeles Police Department are on an intense manhunt in SoCal for Christopher Jordan Dorner, a fired LAPD cop who is believed to be on a shooting rampage targeting law enforcement.

Wounded Riverside Cop Shot By Dorner Expected to Survive, Suspect's Connection to Riverside Unclear

One of two shootings that took place Thursday that are being attributed to ex-Los Angeles Police officer Christopher Dorner involved the ambush-style attack on two Riverside Police Department officers. While one officer has been confirmed dead, the second is expected to survive.

Mayor Villaraigosa on Revenge-Seeking Ex-Cop Dorner: He's 'apparently a sick individual'

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is in Sacramento today to be part of the introduction of anti-gun violence legislation, but was contacted to give his thoughts on the manhunt for revenge-seeking former Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Jordan Dorner.

Anderson Cooper Reveals Dorner Sent Him a Package

While the rambling manifesto published by former Los Angeles Police officer Christopher Dorner referenced local law enforcement personnel, he also made mention of several well-known names from entertainment, media, and national politics.

Suspect Believed To Be Renegade Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner Barricaded In Hotel Room In San Diego [UPDATED]

A suspect matching the description of Christopher Dorner, a fired LAPD cop believed to be on a shooting rampage targeting law enforcement, is barricaded in a hotel room in San Diego, police with the city told KTLA. We'll continue to update this post as we learn more information about this latest development.

Killer Cop Christopher Dorner's Rambling Manifesto Praises Charlie Sheen, Anthony Bourdain, Gov. Chris Christie And More

Ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner, who is accused of targeting law enforcement in a shooting rampage, left a lengthy manifesto that included his thoughts on the hot-button issues of the day, as well as shoutouts to celebrities, Anonymous, politicians on both sides of the aisle and even Anthony Bourdain.

KFI Radio Host Tells Christopher Dorner To Turn Himself In: 'Your Story Will Come Out'

Ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner, who is accused of going after members of law enforcement and their families in a shooting rampage, left a lengthy manifesto. Now some of the people Dorner praised in the manifesto are telling him it's time to stop his rampage and turn himself in.

Young Couple Found Shot to Death in Parked Car [UPDATED]

A young couple in their 20s was found shot to death inside a car on the top level of an Irvine parking structure. Irvine Police say they are investigating the deaths as a double homicide.