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A Ciclavia Style Event Is Coming To The SGV

626 Golden Streets will be closing streets from 9am to 4pm in Alhambra, San Gabriel, and South Pasadena for people to walk, jog, skate, bike, and play.

An 8-Mile Street Party Is Closing Roads From DTLA To The Hollywood Bowl

Performers, street closures, maps! Here's everything you need to know about Celebrate L.A., happening this Sunday.

CicLAvia Returns To Downtown L.A. Sunday

The event goes from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A Quick Guide To This Weekend's Wilmington And San Pedro CicLaVia

We're getting close to the water this time around.

CicLAvia Bikes Through Glendale And Atwater Village

CicLAvia hosts a new route in the northeast.

CicLAvia Returns To Downtown Los Angeles On Sunday!

This will be CicLAvia's 19th iteration in L.A. Bring your kids and your friends!

CicLAvia Will Cruise Down Wilshire From Downtown To K-Town On Sunday

This weekend's route will take cyclists and pedestrians down 3.5 miles of a car-free Wilshire Blvd.

There's A CicLAvia On Sunday, And You Should Go

CicLAvia comes to southeast L.A. county.

Santa Monica To Celebrate Expo Line's Opening With Open Streets Festival

Santa Monica's first open-streets event of its very own.

CicLAvia Is Coming To The Valley On Sunday

CicLAvia will be in Pacoima, Artleta, North Hills East and Panorama City this weekend.

We Might Be Breathing Cleaner Air Thanks To CicLAvia, Study Says

These one-day, car-free events might be doing some good for the environment, especially by significantly reducing air pollution, according to a new study.

CicLAvia Is Celebrating Its 5th Anniversary With A Downtown L.A. Route

It seems like it was just yesterday CicLAvia launched, but now, the car-free event is celebrating its fifth anniversary by going back to its roots and going to the first place where it all started: downtown L.A.

CicLAvia Is Planning On Coming To Van Nuys And Watts In 2016

Keep your chain greased, because at least two more CicLAvia's are already in the works for 2016.

CicLAvia Is Planning On Coming To Van Nuys And Watts In 2016

Keep your chain greased, because at least two more CicLAvia's are already in the works for 2016.

Tito's Tacos DEMANDS That CicLAvia Be Shut Down [UPDATE]

Every CicLAvia event draws thousands of bikers and pedestrians to its route--so why does Tito's Tacos want to shut it down?

Tito's Tacos DEMANDS That CicLAvia Be Shut Down [UPDATE]

Every CicLAvia event draws thousands of bikers and pedestrians to its route--so why does Tito's Tacos want to shut it down?

UPDATE: Tito's Tacos Backpedals And LOVES CicLAvia After All!

After receiving serious heat for demanding that CicLAvia be shut down, Tito's Tacos has announced that they are thrilled to welcome bicyclists and pedestrians at this weekend's event.

Ditch Your Car For CicLAvia's Return To The Westside

CicLAvia is returning to the Westside on August 9 for another fun-filled, car-free day.

Long Beach Is Getting Its Own 'CicLAvia'

One of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Southern California is getting its own CicLAvia-type event.

Map: Here's The Route For Pasadena's First-Ever CicLAvia

CicLAvia released a map today detailing the new Pasadena route.

5 Things To Do Without A Bike at CicLAvia's Valley Edition

Here are five things to do at Sunday's CicLAvia without a bike.

Weekend Planner: 20 Things To Do In Los Angeles

Here are 20 fun things happening in L.A. this weekend.

Map: CicLAvia Hits The Streets Of The Valley For The First Time

CicLAvia is spreading its wings throughout the city. They'll be hosting their very first route through the San Fernando Valley on March 22.

CicLAvia Goes Through South L.A. For The First Time Today! Here's The Map

CicLAvia is today, which means you can enjoy the hazy December sun on your bike and not worry about cars!

CicLAvia Is Today! Here Is The Route Map

CicLAvia is today, which means you can enjoy the sunshine on your bike and not worry about cars! (Or just rub your temples sitting in traffic thanks to some street closures!)

CicLAvia's 'Heart Of L.A.' Route Will Extend To Echo Park And East L.A.

CicLAvia will be having almost entirely new routes for you bike enthusiasts to ride through L.A. this fall and winter.

CicLAvia Gives The Valley Some Love With Its New Route

We've seen the popular bike festival make its rounds through different parts of L.A. for the past four years, but the event honchos have announced that they'll be hitting the San Fernando Valley for the first time come spring 2015.

10 Things We Learned From Sunday's CicLAvia

Sunday 'CicLAvia: Iconic Wilshire Boulevard' encouraged thousands of Angelenos to ditch their cars for the day and enjoy a closed six-mile stretch of one of the biggest thoroughfares in Los Angeles.

Not Just CicLAvia: Your Guide To Biking Events This Weekend

L.A. isn’t known as a city that’s exceptionally bike (or pedestrian) friendly. But that’s not the case this weekend, where people are encouraged to ditch their four wheels for two, enticed by a number of bike-centric events.

CicLAvia's Wilshire Takeover Will Be The Last For a Few Years

Time to get your ride on, Angelenos! The first CicLAvia this year will take place on Wilshire Boulevard from downtown to Miracle Mile on April 6.

Our Favorite Kitschmeister Charles Phoenix Leads Chinatown Tour at CicLAvia (Photos)

So now that we learned that CicLAvia isn’t just for bikers anymore, we parked our two-wheeler for about an hour yesterday to join SoCal’s unofficial pop culture historian Charles Phoenix on a “tour-ette” of Los Angeles’ Chinatown.

Map: CicLAvia Announces October Event in the 'Heart of LA'

CicLAvia revealed this week plans and a route map for their "Heart of LA" event, which will be—where else?—in Downtown.

Actress Stana Katic Talks Car-Free Travel, Technology & L.A.'s Transportation Potential

LAist had a chance to meet actress Stana Katic, co-star of ABC-TV's Castle and the upcoming film CBGB, at last month's CicLAvia, the Iconic Wilshire Boulevard edition.

Photos: CicLAvia Takes Over Wilshire Boulevard

Today was a sunny, beautiful day for CicLAvia to take over Wilshire from Downtown to Macarthur Park, Koreatown, Hancock Park and the Miracle Mile. This was a geographically short CicLAvia but temporally it was the longest. This time there was a big effort to make the event about more than bikers.

Art, Architecture and Other Sights at Sunday's CicLAvia

CicLAvia: Iconic Wilshire Boulevard didn't disappoint on Sunday. The day was a chance for Angelenos to examine one of the oldest thoroughfares in LA from a different perspective—out of their cars—and the city took full advantage. LAist covered the entire route, riding the circuit and soaking in the art, architecture and great people-watching along the way.

Your Guide To The Longest, Most Walkable, Event-Filled CicLAvia Yet

This Sunday Los Angeles’ next CicLAvia route will close off Wilshire Boulevard to cars from Downtown to the Miracle Mile, allowing those who usually inch along the route in their cars a chance to cruise down "Iconic Wilshire Boulevard" on their bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, skateboards and just about any other form of people-powered transport (including shoes!).

CicLAvia Takes Over Wilshire Boulevard On June 23

The next CicLAvia happening this summer will run down Wilshire Boulevard from downtown right through the heart of the city to the Miracle Mile. The organizers of CicLAvia released a map for the event on June 23 from 9 am until 4 pm.

Video: Watch A Freakishly Tall Bike Squeeze Under The 405 During CicLAvia

If you were at this most recent CicLAvia, you might have spotted Richie Trimble on his freakishly tall—or as he calls it his Stoopid Tall—bike. And then you might have wondered what it's like being up so high or how a bike that's taller than a semi manages to squeeze under an overpass.

CicLAvia 2014 Already in the Works, Eyeing Expansion on Venice Blvd.

CicLAvia was a rousing success, at least in terms of attendance and the appreciation of the new Downtown to the Sea route. Planners are already looking ahead to April 2014 and how the popular event could take shape, and even expand.

Expect More Security at Big Events in L.A. This Weekend

Thanks to the recent Boston Marathon bombings and the ensuing suspect manhunt and lockdown, attendees at major events in the L.A. area can expect heightened security at venues this weekend.

Weekend Eats: Taco Madness, Grilled Cheese Invitational, and Bites for CicLAvia Bike Riders

The weekend is so close you can practically taste it. Here are the edible events going on in the next few days to keep you occupied -- and sated, for that matter.

Photos: CicLAvia Fills The Streets With Freewheelin' Angelenos

On Sunday, nine miles of Los Angeles streets were closed off to cars to make way for other kinds of wheels. Pedaling Angelenos from all walks of life hit the streets to take part in the fifth installation of CicLAvia.

Your Guide To The Guides: CicLAvia

Sunday's CicLAvia route will close streets to cars from Figueroa at Expo Park all the way to hubs in Chinatown, MacArthur Park and Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights, giving those regularly stuck behind the wheel a chance to dust off their bikes, roller skates, skateboards, unicycles and tennis shoes. We rounded up advice (and offered some of our own) on how to get to CicLAvia and what to see, eat, drink and do.

WalkLAvia Lets Pedestrians Take on CicLAvia on Their Feet

If you're more comfortable on your two feet than on two wheels, but still want to take part in Sunday's CicLAvia, you might want to join up with WalkLAvia.

It Was a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood for 100,000 Angelenos at CicLAvia

Yesterday was a gorgeous April day for 100,000 walkers, bikers and skaters to take over the streets of Los Angeles from East Hollywood to Boyle Heights.

Your Guide to the Guides: CicLAvia

Heading out to CicLAvia on Sunday? The route from Boyle Heights to East Hollywood will be completely shut down to cars and completely open to bikers, skaters, rollerbladers, unicyclers, joggers and walkers. We've got a round-up of how to get there, what to do once you're there, what to eat and drink and where to party afterwards.

7 Coachella Alternatives This Weekend

Not headed east to Mud-chella Coachella this weekend? Not to worry because there's so much happening this weekend right here at home. Here are our top seven Coachella alternatives, in no particular order. This is definitely one weekend where you can't say there's nothing to do in LA. As a bonus, most of these picks are definitely cheaper than that desert music fest:

CicLAvia's April 15, 2012 Route Announced!

Get your bicycle bells tuned up, because CicLAvia is back on April 15, and today the route map makes its debut.

Extra, Extra: 175 Pounds of Nicorette, Another Lap-Band Investigation & Why Downtown Businesses Love CicLAvia

In tonight's Extra, Extra, someone killed their neighbors' chihuahua with a golf club, downtown business love CicLAvia and 175 pounds of Nicorette gum looks as disgusting as you might imagine. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

What You Need to Know About CicLAvia on Sunday

The third CicLAvia is upon us already, and it's bigger than ever. You'll be able to bike, walk, run, jog, skateboard, cartwheel, pogo-stick or do anything but drive through the 10 miles of the route from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. tomorrow.

CicLAvia Updates Their Route Map for October 9th Event

CicLAvia returns to the streets of Los Angeles on October 9th, and the organization has made just a few slight changes to their expanded route map. When it comes to the route, this time around they kept the same 7.5-mile route from the last two events, but added offshoots into Chinatown and the Fashion District. The Chinatown route had to be modified slightly after it was initially announced.

CicLAvia Unveils a New, Lengthier Route for October

When CicLAvia returns this October, it will be bigger — and organizers hope better — than before. Organizers unveiled the new route this week that includes the same 7.5-mile route from the last two events and new offshoots into Chinatown and the Fashion District.

How to Get Where You're Going: Bicycling Becomes Collective

The first modification Emily made to her bike was adding the cup holder (Photo by Andreanna Ditton/LAist This is the first in a series of Do It Yourself efforts trending Around Los Angeles. Some are purely hobbies that have taken off in unexpected ways, but most are projects and places built around a combination of necessity, ingenuity and frugality that often give people new skills and new approaches to various parts of their life....

Videos: CicLAvia Time Lapses and Tilt Shifted

Sunday's second CicLAvia event has been hailed as a great success. The spring day found 7.5 miles of our city streets closed to cars, and instead left open for cyclists and walkers to enjoy. Yesterday we shared some photos from CicLAvia, and now we have a couple of videos by Nicholas Dahmann that show alternate perspectives of the day.

Bike Bike Revolution! Photos From CicLAvia

If the resourceful can squeeze a mile from an inch, just imagine the possibilities when faced with 7.5 miles. The thousands who rolled out for CicLAvia this weekend knew what to do as they biked, walked, ran, unicycled, rickshawed, and reveled in a car-less Sunday in the City of Los Angeles....

CicLAvia is Sunday! Here's Where to Go, What to See, and What to Eat

The second CicLAvia is upon us. On Sunday, 7.5 miles of city streets will be turned over to bicyclists and pedestrians for their safe enjoyment. Along the route there will be plenty to see and do, with planned activities and celebrations, great restaurants, historic sites, and shops and other venues welcoming walkers and riders. Where to go: CicLAvia has a map you can download and print, as well as some information about how to...

Bike On, LA: Hot Spots to Check Out During CicLAvia

If you've ever wondered what a car-free Los Angeles might look like, you could soon get your answer. Sunday, April 10, 2011 marks the second annual CicLAvia, an event during which streets are blocked off to cars so that bikes, runners, walkers and all others (except...well...drivers) can get out and enjoy the sunshine safely.

Streetsies Celebrate Best "Livable Streets" Moments of 2010, Give Rousing Praise for CicLAvia

Despite the many challenges Angelenos face when it comes to alternative methods of transportation (read: not a car), 2010 turned out to be a surprisingly hopeful year in advances for livable streets and the results of the Streetsies Awards at L.A. Streetsblog prove it. L.A. Streetsblog asked readers to vote on many bike-friendly issues facing residents from

Get Pumped! Next CicLAvia Will Be April 10, 2011

Riders on the 4th Street Bridge on 10-10-10 (Photo by A.C. Thamer via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr) Ready to ride the streets of Los Angeles on your two-wheeler without the fear of being mowed down by a motorist? The second CicLAvia event date has been set for Sunday, April 10th, 2011, when 7.5 miles of city streets will be set aside for cyclists to move from East Hollywood to Koreatown to...

Help Pick the Date for CicLAvia 2011

SKD's LA Street Scenes The inaugural CicLAvia event last month was a tremendous success, and now planners are looking to get going on a repeat event for 2011. "The CicLAvia board is looking to host the next CicLAvia event in more-or-less the same 7-mile route as we did on 10-10-10 (more on some possible tweaks - soon!) extending from East Hollywood to Boyle Heights," blogs CicLAvia. They're planning on a Sunday in April 2011,...

The Future of CicLAvia: 4 to 6 Events in 2011?

Last week's car free party on 7.5 miles of Los Angeles streets -- aka CicLAvia! -- was such a success, there are talks of bringing it back at the City Council level -- after all, the route went through five political city districts -- and within the nonprofit that organized the event. "It’s all somewhat up in the air at this time - subject to change - but we decided to plan on 4-6 CicLAvia events in 2011!"

Angelenos 'Say No to Coal and Oil' at CicLAvia Rally

Sunday's CicLAvia event was not just about taking back the streets for people (not cars), but it also for the environment and health. And that provided the perfect backdrop for a rally that urged Los Angeles to rid its dependence on coal and oil for electricity. Currently about 44% of L.A.'s power is derived from the two energy sources that are blamed for pollution. In fact, "the out-of-state coal-fired power plants that power Los Angeles...

Photos: CicLAvia was 7.5 Miles of 100,000 Smiles

By all accounts, Los Angeles experienced something amazing for five hours on Sunday. An estimated 100,000 people took to a stretch of 7.5 miles of streets closed off to cars and open to people. And those people responded with positive zeal. Based on Ciclovia in Bogota, Colombia (and later in U.S. cities like San Francisco and New York City), CicLAvia was an open streets festival that let Angelenos claim public space, usually reserved for vehicles,...

Map: L.A.'s 7+ Mile Car-Free Party will be on 10/10/10

via CicLAvia In July, we brought you a map of the proposed map of CicLAvia event, which back then was scheduled for this month. It's now on for October 10th, the same day Santa Monica is looking to do it, and a new map has been released. If you're not familiar with the Ciclovia concept, which began in Bogota, Columbia, it's a reoccurring event where city officials close down major streets to vehicles and...

Santa Monica Looking to Bring a Ciclovía to Main Street

Los Angeles already has a seven-mile one planned for September, but Santa Monica also wants a car-free street festival. Tentatively planned for October, a 1.3 mile ciclovía -- that's where a city street is closed down to vehicles, allowing for bicycles and pedestrians to take over -- down Main Street will be considered by the city council tonight, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press.

7-Mile Car-Free Street Festival Coming to L.A. in September

A portion of the proposed CicLAvia route | Download the full map here (.pdf) It's been a bicycle month in Los Angeles. From the LAPD getting together with Critical Mass to the installation of sharrows, even if controversial. Last Friday came the news that CicLAvia was really happening, coming to Los Angeles in September. What is it? "For the uninitiated, the city of Bogota put on the first Ciclovia decades ago by closing several...