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Traffic Still Sucks On The 405, Even With Those New Carpool Lanes

Remember Carmageddon? Its sequel Carmageddon II? Jamzilla? The Rampture?

UGH: 405 Widening Project Will Take a Year Longer and $100M More To Finish

Officials say the 405 widening project is going to take a year longer and $100 million more than planned to finish.

Video: Rollerbladers Glide Down 405 Freeway During Carmageddon II

A group of rollerbladers nabbed on the 405 Freeway finally released a video of their exploits more than two months after Carmageddon II.

How Romantic: Newlyweds Detained After Taking A Stroll On The Empty 405

A newlywed couple ignored officials' warnings and took a stroll on the empty 405 freeway last night.

It's The Triathlon Not Carmageddon II That's Ruining Our Lives

When it comes to dealing with Carmageddon, Angelenos seem to have their routines down pat. A triathlon on the other hand? That is what seems to be doing us in.

So Far Carmageddon II Is Pretty Pretty Pretty Good

So far the sequel to Carmageddon is kind of a snooze. We haven't even seen it trend on Twitter all day! Fortunately, this is the kind of disappointing sequel that turns out to be mostly good news for Angelenos.

Get Out: ARTmageddon, Moon Festival, Cinerama & Fuck That Fest

Get out so you can eat mooncakes, jam in a warehouse on the Eastside or head to the Cinerama.

On Carmageddon II Weekend, A Triathlon Will Shut Down City Streets

Just in case you thought all you had to worry about when it comes to major roadway shutdowns this weekend was the madness of Carmageddon II, you're in for a treat: The Herbalife Triathlon will find streets in L.A. closed between Venice and Downtown on Sunday, September 30.

Pedal Power: Your Guide to Biking Carmageddon II

Carmageddon II is fast approaching, but if the idea of spending a warm and sunny weekend within four walls makes your head spin, never fear. We've put together a guide of biking events taking place around the city, no highways required.

ARTmageddon: Website Provides Guide to Art Events September 29 and 30

The panic surrounding the original Carmageddon turned out to be all for naught -- nobody got caught in traffic for days or sat on the freeway and slowly descended into madness as officials had warned we might.

Carmageddon II: Two Weekends of Partial 405 Freeway Closures Will Preview Blockbuster Traffic Sequel

In classic L.A. style, transit officials are following up last year's Carmageddon with its sequel, Carmageddon II (come on, you know you want to add "Electric Boogaloo"). But for this weekend and next, motorists are in for a little sneak peek at the big event, thanks to partial closures of the 405 Freeway in the Sepulveda Pass.

Warning Signs For "Carmageddon II" Will Go Up Tonight

Signs warning Angelenos of the next possible "Carmageddon" will light up local freeways starting this evening. Officials want to give us plenty of heads-up like they did last time so that it will go off without a hitch.

Will JetBlue Offer BUR-LGB Flights for Carmageddon II? [UPDATED]

Back for the original Carmageddon (which really didn't bring L.A. to its knees as perhaps imagined), JetBlue came up with the nifty idea to help people beat the alternative driving routes, and just fly from Burbank to Long Beach, replacing the valley-to-port commute on the 405 with $4 (each way) flights between the popular small airports. So will the PlanePool be helping Angelenos fly #OverThe405 again?

Is Carmageddon Responsible for a Bunch of New Babies?

NBC Los Angeles and Cedars-Sinai have delved into an issue affecting each and every one of us: did Carmageddon cause a baby boom? The query is explored in an article today, in which hospital employees note a rise in enrollment for prenatal classes and several couples suggest that the free time they had during Carmageddon weekend may have resulted in some Carma-nookie.

Not Quite Carmageddon: More 405 Freeway Closures in the Sepulveda Pass This Weekend

It's nothing as catastrophic as Carmageddon, but drivers beware: There are more overnight closures on the San Diego (405) Freeway planned for this weekend and several nights in the coming weeks in the Sepulveda Pass.

Like Ohmigod, OK?! 405 to 101 Connector Closure Could Make Your Sunday A.M. Drive Through the Valley Totally Hard

It's not Carmageddon, and it's only going to affect those drivers who need to get from the 405 Southbound to the 101 Freeway in either direction. However, Caltrans still wants everyone to be forewarned that the connector from the I-405 south to the 101 in both directions will be closed from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. Sunday September 11th for maintenance.

The 91 Gets Really Jealous of the 405, Rebrands Itself 'Beelzebub Himself' on Twitter

All this summer all that anyone could talk about was the 405 this, Carmageddon that. It was only a matter of time before some of the other freeways in Los Angeles got jealous of all the attention lavished on the 405. There are plenty of hellish commutes in Los Angeles — why should one freeway get all the attention?

Will You Survive 'The Rampture'? Wilshire On & Off Ramps to 405 Will Be Closed For Several Days in November

From the folks who brought you the marvel that was Carmageddon comes The Rampture--no, it's not a traffic-inspired disaster movie, but rather a nickname bestowed upon the several days of closures the eight Wilshire Boulevard on and off ramps to the 405 Freeway will undergo at various times in November.

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One More For the Road: The 405 in 4:05, A Carmageddon Timelapse

The cars come in...and for several hours last weekend they were kept out. For your video lunch today, here's a timelapse look at the 405 Freeway shut down known as Carmageddon...or Carma-Heaven through the footage of a group of photographers, sped up to show the whole ordeal, in--what else?--4:05 minutes.

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We Survived! Carmageddon Is Over! 405 Freeway To Open Today

The end of the world has ended. Approximately 16 hours ahead of schedule, Carmageddon is over, said the mayor during news conference Sunday morning.

Coming Out Of Carmageddon: 405 Freeway Ramp Reopening Schedule

Remember a few minutes ago when Carmageddon officially ended? Wasn't that great?! Here's the re-opening sequence: The Northbound and Southbound lanes will open followed by the onramps.

Ready, Set, Freeway! James Bond Car Chase Montage To Get Your Motor Running

In the spirit of newly opened roads and treacherous villans, today's video lunch is an inspired car chase montage of James Bond getaways and bad guys in twisted metal fireballs. Be sure to wear your seatbelt.

First Person: Conquering Carmageddon With A Drive Into The Abyss

Over the strong objections of my girlfriend, who had asked me to stay at her house on the East Side to miss the traffic this weekend, I was headed for the abyss. What began on Thursday as idle musing—"what if I took on Carmageddon?"—had become my must-do bucket list quest by Sunday

A Challenger Rises: On Foot + Public Transit vs Jet Blue vs Wolfpack Hustle In Carmageddon Race

A new challenger has thrown himself into the intersection of the #flightvsbike Burbank to Long Beach Carmageddon race against gridlock -- @GaryRidesBikes it taking on Jet Blue and Wolfpack hustle... on foot. And public transit. Three cheers to the post-Carmageddon new-style Smokey and the Bandit world.

Sigalert Has Sense Of Humor, Makes A Funny

In these trying automotive times, even has a sense of humor.

Carmageddon Prophecies Are Coming True! Construction Ahead Of Schedule

Buzzkill red alert! Work on the 405 Freeway is progressing "ahead of schedule" Caltrans official report on Saturday morning as the first day of Carmageddon gets going, according to LA Now.

Bikes Win! Wolfpack Hustle Flys Past Jet Blue In Carmageddon Race From Burbank To Long Beach

Perhaps its time to re-think leaving on a jetplane with a rolly suitcase and opt instead for some short pants, a fanny pack and your bicycle. Wolfpack wins! In my country there is problem. And that problem is transport. Re-live the whole exciting Carmageddon race drama on Twitter #flightvsbike.

Tequila Crawlageddon: Park Yourself In Echo Park

Tequila pub crawl? Okay. Twist my effing arm. Saturday in Echo Park is the 1st Real de Mexico Tequila Crawl hosted by "the Echo Park company of the same name" that's been "quietly providing local hot spots with family-produced, 'single estate' tequila," according to Echo Park Patch.

Anderson Cooper Blames Kardashians for Carmageddon

Anderson Cooper doesn't live in LA, but he has something to say about Carmageddon in the following three videos. First, he expresses his concern that anything manmade and bad is now going to be given a nickname that ends with -ageddon.

Like a Dog Without a Bone: Filmmaker Envisions LA With No Cars

Beginning at 7:00 p.m. tonight, ramps on the 405 freeway will be shut down in preparation for the weekend's full closure of the interstate, to allow the Mulholland Drive Bridge to be demolished. Known as Carmageddon, the closure promises to turn the westside and surrounding areas into a clusterfuck for any cars that choose to drive during that time.

Cyclists Vs. Jet Blue: BUR to LGB Carmageddon Race

Something so "only in L.A." became something "only on Twitter" that could go down as one of the most brilliant spins on Carmageddon yet: Wolfpack Hustle, a local cyclists' group, has challenged JetBlue to a race. The riders, on the ground. JetBlue, in the skies. The journey, Burbank to Long Beach.

Carmageddon Buzzkill Alert: 405 Could Re-Open Early if Work Gets Done

We've been so pumped for 53-hours of being unable to drive on the 405 between the 101 and the 10, that to hear they could re-open the normally-busy freeway earlier than scheduled is almost a letdown. However, Carmageddon could screech to a halt before 6 a.m. Monday morning, if the contractor "can finish and clean up the pavement ahead of schedule," reports L.A. Now.

Leave Your Bikes at Home: No Riding on the 405 During Carmageddon

There's no sex in the champagne room, and the LAPD would like you to know that there will also be no bike rides allowed on the 405 during Carmageddon, reports L.A. Now. The blog notes that the good people of L.A. have so far requested permission to hold a block party on the Santa Monica Blvd. ramp...

In Case You Live Under a Rock, Mayor Villaraigosa Wants to Tell You About This 'Carmageddon' Thing Going Down This Weekend

On the off chance you've been out of touch with the news of the free world in the past month or so, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants you to know about this thing called "Carmageddon" going down this weekend. Angelenos, your leader has warned you.

Darlings, Carmageddon Is a Blessing, Will Keep Valley & OC Trash Out of Town

"Carmageddon my ass!" begins the Daily Truffle's, er, opinion piece about the meaning of this weekend's 53-hour shut down of the 405 Freeway between the 101 and the 10. Cause to panic? Mais, non, say the cultured bloggers of DT. This is a reason to celebrate, because for one weekend, the General Public (that's GP, for short, dears) will be kept at bay.

'Planepool' Out of Carmageddon: JetBlue Offering $4 Flights Between Long Beach & Burbank Saturday

One way to get around the traffic mess of Carmageddon: FLY. No, not with your two arms flapping, some pixie dust, and happy thoughts. Try on an airplane. JetBlue has announced they're offering two special nonstop flights #OverThe405, between Long Beach Airport and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank this Saturday during Carmageddon. The flights will be--and this is kind of insane--$4 each way.

Park at Your Own Risk: Cars to be Towed Along Ventura and Sepulveda During Carmageddon

Watch where you leave your car during the closure of the 405 Freeway this weekend -- if it's along certain parts of Ventura or Sepulveda Blvds., you'll risk being towed, reports CBS2. The decision by the city to limit parking around the freeway's closed areas is an attempt to move traffic along major thoroughfares that will likely be used by those poor souls who still have to maneuver their way through the Westside during Carmageddon.

One Westsider Says Carmageddon Proves the 'Pussification' of America

Carmageddon has brought out the resourcefulness of some local agencies, and the inventiveness of some business owners. For many, though, "Carmageddon" is simply an overwrought battle cry of the politically beaten-down. Much ado about nothing, if you will. In fact, it is proof that we've all turn into pussies.

Helicopter Tour of Carmageddon Offers Riders Chance to Point and Laugh

Still don't have plans for Carmageddon? Wondering whether to hightail it out of town or cloister yourself in your apartment with stores of canned goods, water bottles, and your own all-encompassing terror? Well, a local helicopter company would like to propose a third option: face your fears head-on.

Fear Factored: Carmageddon Contractors Will Be Docked $6K for Every 10 Minutes 405 is Closed Past Deadline

Motorists who use the 405 Freeway to get to work weekdays have one serious stress point: What if the 405 isn't re-opened in time for their commute the morning of July 18th, post-Carmageddon? Metro and Caltrans have been firm in saying "don't worry," but now comes word there's a price tag attached for contractors if they aren't done in time.

Your Commute in Graphics, Set to Music

You know what the daily commute looks like from behind the wheel of your car, as you stare down all those hateful red taillights in front of you. Here's what it looks like mapped out using data submitted by users of the traffic mobile app Waze, set to trippy electronic music.

Carmageddon Doesn't Care About Your Botox, Prius, or Audition

It's coming, and it doesn't give a hoot about your busy life. Carmageddon doesn't care about your Toyota Prius, your audition in Burbank, your Les Miz or Shrek the Musical tickets, your meet-up in Runyon Canyon, or your Groupon for Botox.

Carmageddon Dress Rehearsal: Big Rig Catches Fire On 405, Shuts Down Lanes In Sepulveda Pass

Photo by GarySe7en via LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr Southbound lanes of the 405 Freeway were closed through the Sepulveda Pass Tuesday afternoon when a big rig caught fire, officials said, according to LA Now. The California Highway Patrol was notified at 1:17 p.m. that a big rig on the right shoulder of the freeway near Skirball Center Drive was “fully engulfed” in flames. Firefighters and officials responded on the scene closing a...

Get On the Bus! Metro Offers a Few Free Rides During Carmageddon

Metro is beefing up their freebie options on the upcoming Carmageddon weekend of July 16-17 by adding select bus routes to a list of no cost transit rides for the traffic nightmare. In addition to free rides on the Metro Orange, Red and Purple Lines, Metro will make 26 bus lines free for riders.

Plan Your Panic: Maps of Carmageddon Construction, Detours

The Los Angeles Police Department, in partnership with CalTrans and Metro, have released a set of maps showing the closure route of the July 15-18 Mulholland Bridge demolition on the 405 Freeway, aka Carmageddon.

I'm Not A CHP Officer, But I Play One On TV: Erik Estrada Carmageddon PSA

As we mentioned earlier, officials have been traffic courting celebs to help get the word out about the short term end of the world known as Carmageddon. As if our prayers were answered in tight shorts and retro shades, Metro has announced a new Public Service Announcement alerting the public of the July 16-17 I-405 closure with the help of none other than our our hometown CHiP, actor Erik Estrada.

Can Celebri-Twits Save Us From Carmageddon?

If you are gaga over Lady Gaga sufficiently to monitor her 140 characters-or-less Twitter thoughts, would she be who helped you understand that Carmageddon isn't the end of the world? If that sounds as ridiculous as her meat dress, don't laugh just yet: The Los Angeles Police Department has been trying to recruit celebs, including Lady Gaga, to use their Twitter accounts to get the word out about the upcoming three-day 405 Freeway shutdown.

Carmageddon Pre-Game Show: 5-Freeway Closures For Next Week

In what is sure to be a lovely pre-show to the 405 Carmageddom of mid-July, Caltrans officials are planning overnight closures along the Golden State (5) Freeway next week, as "construction continues on a major overhaul of the route, the agency announced today," according to the Daily News.

Hospitals Say Employees' Commute Overlooked in 405 Shutdown Plan

City officials insist that public safety is the number one priority in the complex plan surrounding next month's closure of the 405 but administrators at four area hospitals fear that essential staff will be unable to commute to and from work.

Coping With Carmageddon: 'Host a Farmer' for SaMo Market

Shoppers at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, Oct. 2009 (Lindsay William-Ross/LAist) Life is simply going to have to go on for thousands of people the weekend of Carmageddon, when the 405 Freeway is closed down completely near the Sepulveda Pass to accommodate the demolition of the Mulholland Bridge. One of the most beloved farmers' markets in the nation will be up and running in Santa Monica on Saturday July 16th, but the 405 is...

Photo Postcard Inspired By Impending Carmageddon

Photo by Gamma Infinity via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr Carmageddon is coming, so get ready to get you and your Dodge the heck out of Dodge, or at least as far away from the 405 Freeway near the Sepulveda Pass in the middle of July. While we're still in good spirits about the massive shutdown next month, we're enjoying LAist Featured Photos pool contributor's Gamma Infinity's photo postcard inspired by Carmageddon....

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What's Your Favorite Traffic-Themed Nickname for the Big July 405 Shutdown?

During a press conference held this morning by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other local officials, Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavksy referred to the 53 hours in mid-July when the 405 Freeway will be shut down for the Mulholland Bridge demolition as "car-mageddon." Good one, Mr. Y! Yaroslavsky can also take credit for another nickname for the project, the "mother of all traffic jams," according to CBS2, who note that officials are warning motorists...