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Outrage Over Outage: Class Action Lawsuit Against BlackBerry Maker Demands Consumers Get Their Money Back

BlackBerry users were outraged over a recent service outage that left customers out of touch for three days, and now consumers in the U.S. and Canada are filing class action lawsuits against Research in Motion, the telecommunications company that makes the popular smartphones. Are you among the deeply inconvenienced who want their money back?

Extra, Extra

In tonight's Extra, Extra, strippers get the law on their side, Raiders rumors run rampant, and Blackberry customers might be losing their minds. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports.

Oscars Go Interactive with Tweeting Moms, Apps, Live Streams

It may have been a down year at the box office but Oscar organizers plan to take their social media and online fan engagement to the next level this year. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences presents its 83rd annual award show Sunday night. But the festivities have already begun online.

CES 2011: I Want My Touchscreen MTV

Can do what many have tried (and failed) to do over the past decade-and-a-half -- become the MTV of the internet? MTV Networks' head of digital media told us that's exactly what he's set out to do in 2011. We rapped with EVP of Dermot McCormack about iPads, Android tablets, Lady Gaga, and the future of MTV programming and he came at us with a three-pronged proposal to cure the world of Justin Bieber... or... to dominate the entertainment industry like Max Headroom always envisioned, long before Jersey Shore.

'Go Long Beach': Biggest SoCal City to Get Smartphone App

It's all 21st century and shizzle in the LBC! Long Beach residents are now just a tap away from reporting "potholes, graffiti, sidewalk damage, and other service needs to the City," with the launch of the free "Go Long Beach" smartphone app, reports the Press-Telegram. Requests submitted via iPhone or BlackBerry go right to work crews, "who will respond to them faster than requests made by telephone or e-mail." (Android version arrives in December.)...

Living in the City: Black Hole Version

That orange question mark on AT&T's coverage map is asking WHY?!? Why does your wireless voice service still suck so bad?!? When I moved into this neighborhood four years ago after driving out from Chicago, one of my first objectives was to test the various cellular phone (that's what we called them back then) providers. I tried each and every carrier available. There may have been five options at the time. Each mobile service...

Ask the MACist

Welcome to the latest edition of Ask the MACist, the column where I answer your Mac and Mac-related questions with hopefully more clarity and insight than you could ever need. As always, I want to thank those of you who sent in questions this week. They are much appreciated. Keep it up! And remember, if you have a question about anything Mac, Mac-related, or even something about another technology like TiVo, cell phones or...

Ask the MACist

Welcome to the latest edition of "Ask the MACist". The column where I answer your Mac and Mac-related questions with hopefully more clarity and insight than you could ever need. You may have noticed that today is Monday and not Saturday. Well, as of this week "Ask the MACist" will now be appearing every Monday here at LAist instead of Saturday. So, mark your calendars! Plus, my apologies for not having a column last...